Leandro Barbosa has agreed to a deal with the Golden State Warriors, according to ... Lakers work out Michael Beasley and Toney Douglas ...



World Cup

Statistically speaking, Team USA leaps and bounds ahead of the field

Most of the top American players are taking the summer off, but numbers suggest Team USA still pretty superior to the the rest of squads.



LeBron vs MJ: Celebrities weigh in

It's a landslide win for one iconic NBA superstar.



Which players on rookie deals got extensions?

Almost 75 percent of first-round picks finished their rookie contracts with no extensions in the last decade.



Kevin Love a keeper in Cleveland?

All-Star forward Kevin Love talked about making a long-term commitment during his introduction as a Cleveland Cavalier.



Flip Saunders wasn't sure Kevin Love trade would happen

Timberwolves boss Flip Saunders talkd about the uncertainty of trading Kevin Love and the future of Timberwolves.



The Top 50 players in Heat history

With LeBron James leaving for Cleveland, Dwyane Wade's position as the top player in Miami Heat history is no longer under threat.



Meadowlark Lemon: "Michael Jordan wanted to be like me"

Hall of Famer Meadowlark Lemon talks with HoopsHype about his great days with the Harlem Globetrotters, a recent life-threatening experience and his favorite NBA players.



Preview: Los Angeles Lakers

Whether Kobe Bryant is fully recovered or not, this looks like another transition year for the Lakers.



The Top 50 players in Spurs history

Kawhi Leonard skyrockets in the rankings following his brilliant performance in the NBA Finals vs. Miami.



What it's like to play pro basketball overseas

Former Niagara player Pete Strobl tells the tale of the basketball journeyman in foreign lands in his book Backspin.



Who's better: Aaron Gordon or Julius Randle?

Which of the two top power forwards in this year's draft is more ready to contribute? Eddie Johnson opines.



What was the world like when Dick Bavetta entered the NBA?

Dick Bavetta is leaving the NBA after 39 years. Here's a look back at the world when he was a rookie referee.



Why are NBA stars jumping on the Paleo diet bandwagon?

Everybody is doing and it makes total sense, says skills development coach David Nurse.



Who's in and who's out for Spain's World Cup

Almost 50 percent of the foreign NBA players that could compete at the World Cup will not.



The Top 25 players of the century

The best three players of the 21st century combine for 12 NBA titles, seven MVP awards and 40 All-Star appearances.



The five most underpaid players in the NBA

Former NBA player Eddie Johnson says LeBron James doesn't command anywhere near the money he deserves.