Fran Vazquez: "I will jump to the NBA only when I feel ready"

Fran Vazquez: "I will jump to the NBA only when I feel ready"


Fran Vazquez: "I will jump to the NBA only when I feel ready"

Are you aware Magic fans are very upset with for your decision to stay in Spain?

Fran Vazquez: I clearly understand what people think. Executives from Orlando came to Spain to talk with me and express their total support for my decision. They asked me if I wanted to play in the NBA and I said, “Yes, indeed.” But I didn’t know exactly when. I’ve decided to stay here in Spain in order to improve my game and go to the NBA being a better player.

On the other hand, it seems like the media and fans in Orlando are tired with the mistakes the franchise has made…

FV: I understand why people got angry because of my decision. I’m sorry for all this because a lot of people don’t understand why I stayed in Spain. But I’ve planned my future for the next four years (Vazquez recently signed a four-year contract with Akasvayu Girona).

Are you going to be in touch with the Magic?

FV: Of course I will. I think they are going to travel to Spain to see me play a couple of games. When I feel it is the time to jump, I will jump to the NBA. But not before I am ready to go. My goal right now is to do things right in Girona the next four years. But who knows? Maybe I will be ready to play in the NBA before my contract ends.

When you went to the United States, was there anything in particular that you didn’t like?

FV: I don’t know… When I was in Orlando, I didn’t see a lot because I stayed only a couple of days. I remember New York and I really didn’t like their way of living. They are always in a hurry. By the way, I know Orlando is different from New York and I’m sure that I could tell you a lot of interesting things about the city had I stayed in Orlando more time.

What do you think about the Spanish National Team?

FV: In my opinion, our team is very quick on the floor. Many players like running the floor and I think that we must run whenever we can. We also have a very good defense and some players can shut down the star of the other team.

Pau Gasol will not be in the European Championship this time… Are you the one that’s going to step up?

FV: I don’t like the idea of being the next Gasol, although I like the fact that people believe in me. But I’m not scared about the idea, though. Last year I played very well in crunch time with Unicaja, and sometimes we won and others we lost.

What are your expectations with your new club Akasvayu Girona this season?

FV: Big! I like the city of Girona and we have a very strong team with great players like Raul Lopez. The weather will be different compared to Malaga, but I think I will be OK in Girona and I hope we will do things right.

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