Jordan Farmar: "Seeing Derek Fisher, now I have somebody to model myself after"

Jordan Farmar: "Seeing Derek Fisher, now I have somebody to model myself after"


Jordan Farmar: "Seeing Derek Fisher, now I have somebody to model myself after"

Kobe Bryant bypassed the surgery recommendation to try to play through the pinkie injury. What do you think about that?

Jordan Farmar: I haven’t talked to him personally. I don’t know if he finally will have sugery or if he will keep playing, but anyway we have a good team. We can still play well and win games.

Maybe he is risking too much…

JF: Without him it would be much harder for us, but I believe he would be ready for the playoffs. We don’t want anybody to have injuries, to be hurt in any way. Whatever is best for him, I say handle it first and then when he comes back we’ll be ready.

But now with Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum hopefully coming back in March, maybe Kobe doesn’t need to play hurt.

JF: It’s his decision and I support him. It’s true that with Bynum and Gasol we have if not the best one of the most powerful frontcourts in the game, but we still need Kobe on the court.

You’re having a very good season. How much has helped you playing with an experienced point guard like Derek Fisher?

JF: He’s been great. He’s a true professional. He always does his job, says the right things, practices every day, plays hard… Those are the things you need to see out of a guy who has been playing in the league for 12 years, who has already won three championships, who still does the little things to make this team win. It’s been great to me to see that first hand, have something to model myself after.

What has been the key for your improvement this season?

JF: I’m just playing confident, having fun. I know what I can do so I’m just going out there and doing it when my number it’s called, when my opportuntity is given. Everybody in this league can bring something different to the table, so just bring what you have and help your team.

What does the tattoo of your left arm mean?

JF: In that tattoo it’s me and my little sister, Shoshana Kolani. Above the tattoo, it says ‘Just the two of us’. She is spinning a basketball and my arm is over her shoulder. This is how it’s going to be, she’s my little girl and it’s just the two of us.

Do you have Israeli roots?

JF: My stepfather is from Israel.

Would you consider down the road to play for the Israeli National Team?

JF: I don’t know, I think it’s too early to think about that. Playing there would be a different story. Hopefully I’ll play there in 15 years. I’m only 21 years old now, we’ll see what happens. I’ll definitely do some stuff there though. My stepfahter’s family is still over there, my little sister as my half sister…

Have you been there?

JF: Yeah, a few times. I think I’m gonna do a camp there with the president. We’ll see.

How about the dog that Luke Walton adopted?

JF: Finally we ended our big road trip and when we arrive to L.A. I think he will give him a name after considering a lot of them.

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