George Hill: "I get the feeling that I can be picked in the first round"

George Hill: "I get the feeling that I can be picked in the first round"


George Hill: "I get the feeling that I can be picked in the first round"

Tell us about the workouts you have done.

George Hill: I’ve been through a lot of them, and I think it’s been a wonderful experience. I really feel blessed.

Do you remember any in particular where you felt really good?

GH: I don’t know… I can’t say any in particular. I think that there were a couple of them where I felt really good, but in general I think I did well at all the workouts.

Have you received any feedback from the teams so far?

GH: You know, just to keep my head up. They tell me to keep working hard, playing my game and all will be fine. I feel that I’ve played at a very good level. I can play with the Russell Westbrooks, players like that.

ESPN’s Chad Ford wrote that you are a sleeper in this draft. Some reports say that you could be a late first-round or an early second-round pick.

GH: Well, I think I impressed somebody, but I do get the feeling that I can be picked in the first round.

There was a report that said the Lakers could try to make a move and pick you in the second round.

GH: Everybody knows that the Lakers are a great organization, but I’m not gonna say ‘Hey, I’d love to play with the Lakers’, because as of now I’d love to play for any team. I hope I get the chance to play in the NBA.

What are your best skills?

GH: I try to do everything: playing defense, scoring, passing the ball…

And the ones where you have room to improve?

GH: Every young player has a lot of room to improve, and you have to push yourself everyday to be the best and that’s what I do.

When did you decide to stay in the draft?

GH: Two days before the deadline. I just had a very good workout and I felt it was the right moment so I stayed.

Do you think that your great performance at the Orlando pre-draft camp was a key factor to stay in the draft?

GH: I can say that it helped but I won’t go too far saying that it was the key factor, because at the end of the day it was the workouts that went very well and then I decided to stay in the draft.

Has this workout process been tough?

GH: Well, working out for a lot of teams, going hard at every workout… The travel is not bad, but there’s the time zones and you are wearing your body down at the workouts, giving everything you’ve got. But I have great determination to show my best game to every scout and I hope I’ve done it well.

Reports say that you are a combo guard, others that you are a scoring machine. Who was your favorite player when you were a kid?

GH: I always was a big Michael Jordan fan. I’m from Indianapolis and I saw Mark Jackson playing with the Pacers. I tried to do his thing – posting up, stuff like that. Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett… I love KG’s passion for the game and what he brings to the table everyday. If he’s not scoring, he’s doing something else – like getting rebounds, playing defense…

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