Kobe is great, but get me LeBron

Kobe is great, but get me LeBron


Kobe is great, but get me LeBron

Kobe or LeBron… At this point of their careers, who’s the better player?

Devin Harris: You can’t go wrong either way. They are different players that can do different things. They take over games in different ways. Kobe will score, can hit shots from all over the court. LeBron can get you more rebounds, he’s more of a forward. It’s hard to choose either way… I grew up a Kobe fan, so I’ll say Kobe.

Thaddeus Young: Do I have to pick one?  That’s kind of hard. I’d guess I’d have to go with LeBron because he’s a walking triple-double. He can score 40 points and still get you 11 rebounds. With Kobe, you know he’s definitely going to score, but sometimes he’s going to have nights where he gets just one or two rebounds. Kobe is a great player. He’s one of the best players ever, but at this point of time I’d have to go with LeBron.

Al Thornton: I’d say Kobe. I’ve guarded both of them and they are hard. They are both great players. But as far as all-around skills, all-around feel for the game… I say Kobe.

Al Horford: They are at different points in their career. LeBron is rising and Kobe, you know, is up there. It’s hard to say because they have not had many battles against each  other, but if I have to figure this thing out, I’d probably say LeBron.

Leandro Barbosa: Man, it’s a tough question. I would say both players are incredible, you know. I love the way Kobe plays, I love the way LeBron plays… But it looks to me like  Kobe has more experience and, although LeBron is rising, I’d say Kobe.

Arron Afflalo: Kobe is probably the best player as far as skill level while LeBron is superior to almost every player athletic-wise. But just from a basketball standpoint, I think  Kobe has the lead.

Derrick Rose: Both are very good players, great players. It’s really tough to choose only one of them.

Who do you think is closer to winning the championship this year?

DH: I say Kobe. LeBron and his team can make progress, can make improvements… But the Lakers had a taste of it last season, so I think they have a little bit of an edge.

TY: I’d probably have to say Kobe. He has a better team and has more experience. He’s a great player, he makes his teammates better and he has been there before. They  know how to get things done and I think the Lakers are a better team right now.

AT: Kobe. The guys that are with him are good and they have been there. Yeah, they lost to Boston last year. But had they won one more away, it may have changed.

AH: I’d have to say Kobe because they are on the other side and if we play Cleveland in the playoffs, I’d like to think that we might be able to beat them (laughs).

LB: The two teams are up there. They have been doing really well. Both have been doing a great job. Cleveland is doing a great job, but Los Angeles too. So I guess we’ll have to  wait and see.

AA: They’re both very close. The Lakers are playing very well, Cleveland is playing very well… They are the leaders and they are hungry for a championship. It’s a tie on that one.

If you had to pick only one of them as your teammate, who do you go with?

DH: I think LeBron should be better. Just because he draws defenders and opens up the game for you, he can play several positions… And also he’s a great guy. From what I hear, he’s a great teammate.

TY: First, I’m going to tell you what kind of player I would always look for… It would be a great point guard that can get you rebounds and can get you the ball, kind of like Jason Kidd. Now if I have to choose between those two, I’d say LeBron.

AT: I think LeBron is a better teammate than Kobe, so I’d have to say LeBron.

AH: LeBron. He’s an all-around player and he’s going to score, but he’s algo going to defend and he’s going to distribute the ball.

LB: What if I say both? It would be a dream for me if I could play with them. I sit on my couch in my house and wait for their games to come up on TV so I can watch them. I’m  happy just to have them in the NBA and it would be even better to have them on my team.

AA: Since I am a two guard and I want to be on the court, I’d have to pick LeBron so that I can play. I don’t think I’m getting much playing time if I’m with Kobe. I’d have to go with  LeBron for that reason.

DR: I would have to say LeBron. From the times I’ve played against him, you can see he’s a good teammate and he’s a good guy.

If you have to pick one thing from Kobe and another one from LeBron so you could add that to your game, what would you choose?

DH: LeBron’s physical abilities. He’s 6-foot-8 and, what? 250 pounds? 260 pounds? He’s one of the best athletes out there. He’s so powerful, yet he can be graceful… From Kobe, his toughness. His ability to go over guys and get to the hole.

TY: From LeBron, I’d say his passing ability. From LeBron, I’d probably say his shooting ability. He can definitely score from anywhere on the court! He’s going to knock it down.  So yeah, Kobe’s shooting and LeBron’s passing.

AT: Kobe has an all-around consistency and is dedicated to the game. LeBron, I’d have to say his physical impact on the game.

AH: I would ask for Kobe’s shooting and probably from LeBron… His dunk repertoire (laughs).

LB: Their defense. They do a very good job on defense. LeBron, he is the man on the defense. And Kobe is very good too.

AA: From LeBron, you’d have to say his natural physical gifts. With Kobe, I’d say his overall skill level. He’s the most complete player in the game. Just his overall game.

DR: Kobe, being an all-around player. With Kobe, his driving.

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