Luis Scola: "There are no locker room issues"

How do you feel about the attention you get from the Chinese media?

Luis Scola: It’s great. I had a lot of fans when I went to China this summer and they treated me really good, so I’m glad to help them with anything they need.

How seriously do you take this Rookie-Sophomore game?

LS: I think it’s serious. I play to win that too. (Aaron Brooks passes by). I wish Aaron Brooks could play a little better (laughs).

Do you feel about being one of the few playing this game two years in a row?

LS: I’m just happy to be here. It’s a good weekend for the basketball fans, so I’ll just try to have fun and help the show.

What’s your team lacking at this point of the season?

LS: (With Aaron Brooks still around) A better point guard, I think we need to improve our point guard play.

Aaron Brooks: What we really need is a power forward. A power forward who can dunk.

How many dunks have you had this season?

LS: Not many. Like two or three. You know I don’t dunk much. I don’t want to talk about that right now (laughs). It’s about scoring, not about how you score.

What’s your outlook on Tracy McGrady?

LS: I see him good, as usual. But I haven’t really spoken to him in depth about things.

You know there have been reports about locker room issues on the team. What can you say about that?

LS: No, nothing like that. I’ve never heard the team talking about any of that.

What would you call a succesful season for the Rockets? Is getting past the first round enough?

LS: That’s hard. It’s too early to tell. We have to play hard, work hard… Then whatever we get, that’s what we deserve.

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