The farewell blog

The farewell blog


The farewell blog

Hi everybody!

Just arrived to my beloved Miami. But no, I’m not here for vacation… I’m back to work, getting ready for the preseason which starts on August 26. We got a gym here, total access, 24/7… It’s great. We start the first of August every year and I think this year one we’ll have a lot of guys for training. We call it the ‘Boot Camp’, we train hard for about three weeks. We’ll have NBA guys too.

Being here it’s impossible not to think about the last Finals, where the Mavs won their first championship. But you’ve to give credit to the Miami Heat. They had so much success this season, even though it was a tough year for them. First year they put together a new team they reach the Finals? That’s a big accomplishment. Next year, I think they will take it one step further.

I know Shaquille O’Neal took a shot at Chris Bosh, but he’s taking hits all year and I don’t think it will affect him. He’s a very important player for that team. The players, the organization understand, they believe in him, that’s all. It doesn’t matter what anybody says about you, whether is good or bad. He played great against the Bulls in the East Finals. When you’ve got too many superstars on one team, there’s going be some series where you play the best and then there’s going to be series for the other guys. You have to understand Dwyane Wade and LeBron James got the ball 90 percent of the time. It’s a different game when you play on that team, where you’ve got two guys who score and handle the ball so well. He’s always going to be limited with touches, but he’s very effective with the touches he gets.

On the other hand, seeing Dirk Nowitzki winning the title and becoming the MVP means a lot for the game of basketball. It means that basketball is truly global. Dirk has always been good, a guy who could win the MVP. He could have won the right in 2006, but Wade played unbelievable. It’s great for the league, and also what it’s also great is all those NBA players going to Europe. That’s great for European basketball. Somebody would think Deron Williams going to Turkey is crazy… Those guys who have been playing overseas, we always knew there’s a quality in basketball in Europe. European teams can beat NBA teams. It used to be that you played overseas, there was something wrong with you. You weren’t good enough to play in the NBA. I’ve always told people that’s not true. You have to go where your market is higher. I got two minimum deals in the NBA. Minimum just doesn’t work when you have talent. LeBron took his talents to South Beach and I took my talents to Europe.

I just signed a two-year extension with FC Barcelona and I’m very happy about that. There were other teams interested but I know I made a great decision. Barcelona is a club of champions, from the football team to the handball team. This season we won more cups than any other year in the history of Barcelona. That’s unbelievable.

For next season, the most important thing is that all the big guys are back. We got Fran Vazquez, Boni N’Dong, Kosta Perovic and Erazem Lorbek. Those guys made a lot of sacrifices beacause we’re so deep that it’s difficult to get playing time. Those are the guys that do most of the work on our team. Juan Carlos Navarro, Ricky Rubio, me… We got a lot of attention because we got the ball and score a lot but those players played the defense, they rebounded and did all the dirty work.


Well, Ricky’s gone. He is following his dreams and taking his talents to Minnesota. He’s my little son. He’s a special kid in life, not just in basketball. He’s going to make it. He’s going to do great. My last conversation with him was ‘Call me when you go to Minnesota.’ The more guys that can help him during his first year the better for him. Anyway, I just gave him my number. Anything he needs, I’ve got people that can help him there right away. That’s all.

I just wanted to thank the guys at HoopsHype. Everybody was great with me. They gave me this great opportunity to show my feelings about basketball, about life… They gave me a great voice. There was a lot of controversy with some of the things I wrote, like the one I wrote about Kobe Bryant, the Laker team and things like that. This blog let people get to know how I think, how am I as a person.

Hey guys, there’s a HoopsHype rumor to be confirmed… We’ve got another machine coming in the world: We’re expecting a baby by Christmas Day! The best Christmas present ever. So if we’ve got a regular season game around Christmas, you already know I’m not going to make it!

Take care everybody! See you on the court.


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