TweetBag: Kevin Love deserves max deal

TweetBag: Kevin Love deserves max deal


TweetBag: Kevin Love deserves max deal

Q: Should Kevin Love get max money? – Solafer

A: I don't believe Love is a No. 1 guy on a great team, but I think he deserves it. There's little question that Kevin Love is a Top 15 player in the NBA right now. For the Timberwolves, this is a decision where the franchise's credibility is at stake. Love is the best player to hit Minnesota since Kevin Garnett left and he has helped put the team on the map again. Why would they start penny pinching now and risk aleniating Love? They overpaid to keep Darko Milicic, no?

A: Which rookie has impressed you the most thus far? – mmm9731
A: This is yet another year where the rookie class is better than advertised. Players like Kyrie Irving, Marshon Brooks and Iman Shumpert are making a much bigger impact than I thought… But I have to go with Ricky Rubio. Not only because he's been good, but also because he was so bad the last time we saw him. Rubio's performance at the Eurobasket was so lackluster that his play with the Wolves is incredibly surprising to me. It's been a very impressive turnaround. Hope Rubio keeps it up because he's very entertaining to watch when he's at his best.
Q: Will Baron Davis make the difference needed for the Knicks – UptownMC
A: I'm skeptic here. How often has Davis been good the last few years? He should be an upgrade over Toney Douglas, who's not a starter type point guard, or Shumpert, who's really not a point guard, but I don't think Davis is an elite playmaker anymore. He has to get healthy, he has to get in shape and he has to care. That's a lot of ifs. Even if he plays well, I don't see New York in a position to compete with Miami and Chicago, anyway.
Q: After all the drama recently, will anyone in the NBA even want JR Smith on their roster? – Bulls_Fan_Bob
A: There's been a good trend in the NBA since the Detroit brawl: Teams don't put up with the antics of troubled players as much, unless they are really delivering on the court. With Smith, even with all the drama, you have to admit he has delivered… so he should draw a lot of interest when he's free to sign with an NBA team. Bad decision-making and all, Smith brings great scoring punch off the bench. He's worth a short-term gamble for a team looking to make a deep playoff run.
Q: Do you think Lebron for Dwight straight up is a good deal? – TheRealManget
A: Otis Smith would take that deal before Pat Riley says "-Bron." It's a dream scenario that's never going to happen for Orlando. Just because he hasn't been clutch lately doesn't mean LeBron James is not the player in the game. You don't trade those.
Q: Do you think a Paul Pierce trade is likely? – muertedeatenas

A: Boston is still a playoff team as currently assembled. But what Danny Ainge made clear when he joined the Celtics is he wouldn't settle for playoffs and would do what he needed to do to contend for a championship down the road, even if that involved painful moves and a lot of losing. I believe that's where Boston is headed. Ainge is more than likely going to blow up the team at some point. Don't know if that's going to involve Pierce. Some people will say Pierce should never wear another jersey. If you're a Celtic fan that loves Pierce, though, do you want him to spend his last seasons in the NBA on a lottery team?

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