Agent statement on client Sean Williams

Agent Bernie Lee has released the following statement to refute a report by KTIV 4 News on his client Sean Williams, currently playing in the D-League for the Texas Legends:

"An NBC Media Entity in Iowa (KTIV) has created a story that describes Sean Williams as a suspected drug dealer and wildly miscategorized an incident involving Sean over the weekend in Sioux Falls, Iowa. For the record, it needs to be stated at no time was Sean believed to be a drug dealer, etcetera, and this entire ordeal has been completely blown out of proportion. Sean's lawyers are currently handling the matter and expect Sean's name to be cleared fully, at which time we will thankfully pursue action against this media entity. For the record, Sean played in the game Saturday night in Sioux Falls, which ended at 11 pm, and traveled with the team the next morning at 7 am from Sioux Falls to McAllen, Texas where is is availible to play tonight."

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