Jason Williams: "I'm not rooting for the Heat, I'm rooting for seven games"

Getty ImagesAre you following the NBA Finals, maybe planning on attending some games?

Jason Williams: Yeah, right now I'm only watching the games.

What is your projection?

JW: At first, I thought the Miami Heat would win, but the way they played the other night… Now it's hard to say.

Since you won your ring wearing the Heat jersey, I guess you are rooting for them?

JW: I'm not rooting for anybody. I'm rooting for seven games.

Dwyane Wade was in that 2006 winning team. Can you compare his game now and then?

JW: It's totally different. In 2006, he was averaging like 30 points a game and he had to do that for us in order to win. I don't think he has to do that for them to win now.

But do you think his style has changed a lot?

JW: It has changed a lot because he doesn't have the ball in his hands as much. And he is not being asked to do as much. But I think if he was asked to do the same, he would be abe to do it.

What is happening with LeBron?

JW: Well, his jump shot is not falling. Once it starts falling, everything will be fine.

Recently the Brooklyn Nets hired Jason Kidd as their head coach. What do you think about that?

JW: I was shocked. I think it's an extremely difficult job, and he has no experience at it at all… I think that will make it that much more difficult, but I guess if anybody can do it he's the one.

Would you like to go that road one day?

JW: Well, you never know, you never know. I'm going to keep that door open but I'm not really thinking about that right now.

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