The Top 5 NBA Instagram videos of the week

The Top 5 NBA Instagram videos of the week


The Top 5 NBA Instagram videos of the week

Nate Robinson and JaVale McGee will be playing together this season in Denver.

It was thanks to the Instagram videos the talented but immature couple posted this week that the idea of Robinson and McGee as teammates finally hit us. This should be a great pairing, if not for basketball reasons.

McGee, the Shaqtin a Fool veteran who finished with a 26 percent shooting percentage from outside the paint last year, uploaded a video depicting himself hard at work practicing his hook shot on a 15-foot high basket. Meanwhile Robinson, a man able to turn notoriously laid back Mike D'Antoni crazy, put the moves on random people at the airport, then dunked on a poor Taiwanese reporter a day later. The 5-foot-9 Nuggets guard turns 30 in May, by the way.

Also of note on Instagram: Kobe Bryant's clip running on an anti-gravity treadmill and LeBron James going retro. As usual with LeBron's social media exploits, it feels a little manufactured. But still good for a laugh.

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