The Top 5 NBA Instagram/Vine videos of the week

At this point of his career, Kobe Bryant can get away with anything.

Remember the outrage when Andrew Bynum was photographed carrying Playboy bunnies on his shoulders a few years ago while dealing with a knee injury? Well, not much criticism from Lakers fans this time around when Kobe, who's still recovering from Achilles tendon surgery, posted a video jumping off a 40-foot high dive into a pool.
Bryant made a splash in more ways than one with this video since it was his first on Vine – Instagram being his preferred platform up to this point.
Always the trendsetter, Kobe probably gave Deron Williams the idea of posting some swimming pool videos of his own. The Nets guard shows splendid form (and doesn't risk injury) in his jumps.
Amir Johnson losing a tug-of-war with an elephant, Matt Barnes grossing us out with a quad injection and Kyrie Irving dancing in Soweto round out our Top 5 videos of the week.

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