NBA 2K14: It's Almost Too Real

It's a fact of gaming life in our age of technological marvels: it's not enough for sports video games to be fun anymore. They have to be hyper-realistic, too. Virtual LeBron has to really look like LeBron, move like LeBron, drive to the basket in that unstoppable freight-train way that only he can. Virtual Kobe has to be that same force of nature you either love or hate (depending on team allegiance) in real life. And Virtual James Harden? He better still have that beard.

And that's where NBA 2K14's eco-motion engine comes in. – 2K14’s ground-breaking, dynamic gameplay engine marries real-life physics, player emotion and deep controls to deliver a seemingly endless variation of actions and reactions that can only be achieved with next-generation technology. But don't just take our word for it: below, see photos of 10 NBAers, next to their 2K14 counterparts for comparison. After you're done browsing, we think you'll agree: NBA 2K14 is almost too real. Almost.

LeBron James


We all know the details of LeBron's journey to conquering the basketball world – 2K14's MyCAREER mode lets you write your own story. You create a MyPLAYER, then hone their skills through an immersive branching story mode. Can your creation rival the King? 2K14 will let you find out, and experience the NBA life like never before both on and off the court.

And if that's not enough, you can take your custom  MyPLAYER to THE PARK, 2K14's all-new, massive-multiplayer playground mode where up to 100 MyPLAYERs in a single Park can play street ball, socialize, watch games in progress, and more. It's the ultimate test of your player-creation skills.

Dwight Howard


Howard's move to Houston over the off season combined with last season's blockbuster deal for James Harden means one thing for Rockets GM Daryl Morey: it's championship contention, and soon, or bust. Think you can build a better squad than Morey? Here's your chance: 2K14's MyGM is a re-imagined franchise mode that takes grabbing the reins of team management to the next level. Create a GM, craft your management style through attributes, manage relationships with players and staff, meet goals set by owners and more in an attempt to earn a championship under your watch.

John Wall


Just as ready in 2K14 as he is in real life to make a play that lives up to his team's name.

James Harden


Playing 2K14: probably the closest you'll ever get to having that glorious face-mound.

Anthony Davis


…Or the most famous unibrow in sports.

Kendrick Perkins


Do not make this man angry. Even when he's not real.

Marc Gasol


Because Harden doesn't have the NBA's only notable facial hair.

Serge Ibaka


Don't call him a third banana.

Paul George


It's like he's right there, playing suffocating defense in your living room.

Kobe Bryant


Here in the real world we're waiting for Kobe to make a comeback, but in 2K14, he never left. Virtual Kobe is eternal.


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