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Power Forward / 6-10 / Louisiana State / Freshman

Simmons comes into the season as the odds on favorite to be the No. 1 pick. He has been rated at or near the top of this class for several years now. He has a star quality and seems to embrace the limelight, as he allowed LSU to use his likeness to market the team’s ticket sales and upcoming season. Comparing him to LeBron is obviously optimistic and aggressive, but there hasn’t been a player in the past 12 years with a package of size, strength and playmaking ability so similar to King James’. He has the size and strength to play the four, and the playmaking ability to facilitate the offense with the ball in his hands like a point guard. Skal Labissiere or Jaylen Brown could potentially make a run at the top pick, but at this point the 2016 draft is Simmons’ world.

Twitter: @BenSimmons25
Comparison: LeBron James
Salary: $4,919,300*
Power Forward / 6-11 / Kentucky / Freshman

Labissiere has made an astonishing improvement in his body and game over the past 12 months. At this time a year ago, he was a rail thin rising senior with decent touch who was generally rated somewhere in the Top 5-10 in his class, but the improvement in his body and game really raised his profile. He improved so much that some scouts, citing his size, favor him to be the top pick over Simmons. At Kentucky, he will benefit by playing under Coach Cal, who has shown an ability to showcase his player’s best qualities, while masking their deficiencies. Skal’s ability to shoot and play in the post make him a no brainer as a Top 5 pick, and the fact that he appears to have the ability to easily add 30 pounds without losing any mobility means he’ll be able to play both post positions.

Twitter: @skallywally
Comparison: LaMarcus Aldridge
Salary: $4,401,400*
Shooting Guard / 6-7 / California / Freshman

Despite losing some of the hype surrounding him heading into the showcase games, Brown remains some scouts pick as the top overall prospect in the entire freshman class. He’s a physical specimen with incredible strength and athleticism. He absolutely wowed a gym full of NBA scouts over three days in Treviso (Italy) in the summer before his senior season of high school playing against European top level 20-21 year olds. He did seem to struggle some with consistency and shooting last season. He made a surprising decision to go to Cal, and, along with Ivan Rabb, figures to make them one of the most intriguing teams to follow this season.

Twitter: @FCHWPO
Comparison: Jason Richardson
Salary: $3,952,500*
Center / 7-0 / Vanderbilt / Junior

Jones is a physical specimen with great size and athleticism. He’s a bit of a late bloomer as he enters his junior season without having completely broken out and performed to his ability. At the Nike Academy, he matched up with Jakob Poeltl and outperformed him in front of numerous scouts. His 7-foot frame and 7-foot-2 wingspan give him ideal center size. He just needs to develop a little more swagger and intensity on the court. Having him this high is certainly going out on a limb, but he has the talent to rise up into the Top 5 if he has the breakout season he’s capable of.

Twitter: @dameology
Comparison: DeAndre Jordan
Salary: $3,563,600*
Small Forward / 6-9 / Duke / Freshman

It will be interesting to see what kind of impact Ingram can make at Duke in his freshman season. He’s an extremely talented wing prospect with incredible length and shooting ability. He’s still got a ways to go in terms of adding strength and becoming consistent. Strength will help him to finish as well as not getting bullied on the defensive end. While he’s not at Durant‘s from a talent standpoint, his game and dimensions are extremely similar.

Twitter: @B_Ingram13
Comparison: Kevin Durant
Salary: $3,227,100*
Point Guard / 6-5 / Kentucky / Freshman

Like Labissiere, Murray had a huge senior season punctuated by his Hoop Summit performance in which he took over for the World Select team along with Simmons and Skal proved himself as one of the elite prospects in the entire class. There are still some questions about his ability to be a full time PG, but with leadership, scoring ability and high level size and athleticism, Murray has the talent to be a Top 5-10 pick.

Twitter: @BeMore27
Comparison: Chauncey Billups
Salary: $2,931,000*
Power Forward / 7-0 / Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel) / 1997

Bender got caught up in shoe wars over the summer and was unable to perform in the U19 and U18 National team events. It was a shame because he appeared primed to be the standout performer in those events and solidify his status as one of the top prospects for the 2016 draft. Instead he’s more of an unknown, but has built up a big reputation in past events in his age group. At the June, 2015 adidas Eurocamp he struggled some to utilize his great speed and scoring ability, but his age was surely a factor facing players 3-4 years older than himself.

Comparison: Toni Kukoc
Salary: $2,675,700*
Power Forward / 6-10 / Gonzaga / Sophomore

Look for Sabonis to have a breakout season at Gonzaga, and possibly even be in the running for a first team All-American spot. He is not an above-the-rim athlete, but he has solid athleticism and a terrific skill set and feel for the game. He only knows one way to play and leaves it all out on the floor every time out. He had an eye-opening performance, getting the upper hand on Jahlil Okafor in their matchup in the NCAA tournament. While his dad is one of the league’s greatest international players, it’s obvious he has a natural love for the game that wasn’t forced upon him.

Twitter: @Dsabonis11
Comparison: Luis Scola
Salary: $2,451,200*
Power Forward / 6-10 / California / Freshman

Long considered one of the top prospects in his class, Rabb even was a near-consensus top player of the class at point during his high school career. Rabb had some injury problems (foot) going into his senior year but finished strong. He’s been working hard in the weight room and added a good deal of strength this offseason. Rabb has nice touch and the ability to create baskets in the post as well as knock down mid-range shots. He could have a big freshman season at Cal.

Twitter: @YoungIvee
Comparison: Chris Bosh
Salary: $2,253,300*
Power Forward / 6-9 / Kansas / Freshman

Diallo is a high-motor kid with tremendous length (7-foot-3 wingspan). He should be an instant contributor on the boards and on defense for Kansas. His offensive game remains remedial, but he’s worked hard at adding a nice hook shot and better finishing ability in the paint. He’s a player that should improve as the season goes along. Whether he’s ready to be a one-and-done lottery pick remains to be seen, but the talent is there.

Comparison: Kenneth Faried
Salary: $2,140,500*
Center / 7-1 / Utah / Sophomore

While Poeltl disappointed scouts, struggling over the summer at the Nike Academy event, look for him to bounce back quickly with a strong season in the Pac 12. He’s good at finishing plays in the open floor as he’s very fluid and has great feet. He still has a ways to go in polishing his offensive game. But his potential as a two-way player and ability to be a rim protector makes him very intriguing.

Comparison: Bill Wennington
Salary: $2,033,500*
Shooting Guard / 6-4 / Mississippi State / Freshman

Newman is a polished scorer and fearless player. He’s proven himself on the international level as one of the premiere players in his age group, winning MVP of the USA U17 Team that won gold in Dubai. With tremendous speed to get by opponents and a polished pull up J, Newman is able to overcome a size disadvantage to be an effective scorer. Word is he will play point guard at Mississippi State, however most view him as a shooting guard for the NBA level.

Comparison: Monta Ellis
Salary: $1,931,900*
Point Guard / 6-4 / Providence / Junior

It was a bit of a surprise that Dunn decided to return to school as a number of scouts had him pegged as a mid-first rounder had he entered the 2015 draft. Dunn led the nation in assists and shows great size and defensive ability at the point guard position. His speed and athleticism are good but may be a little overrated. He also doesn’t seem to be challenged much by the level of backcourt talent in the Big East.

Comparison: Antonio Daniels
Salary: $1,835,200*
Shooting Guard / 6-7 / Michigan / Senior

LeVert enters the season as one of the top senior prospects available. He’ll look to bounce back after missing nearly his entire junior season with a broken foot. LeVert is a solid athlete with good size for the 2 guard position. With quality offensive skills, excels in passing and setting up teammates off the dribble. While not a superstar athlete, his intensity and determination make him highly effective.

Twitter: @CarisLeVert
Comparison: Doug Christie
Salary: $1,743,500*
Center / 7-1 / Le Mans (France) / 1997

Jeanne is still a couple years from being NBA ready from a physical standpoint, but has wiry strength and a willingness to play physical that you don’t normally see from skinny young guys. He’s got elite level size and athleticism and is extremely fluid even drawing some comparisons to a young Tyson Chandler. He is eligible to enter and has an aggressive agent but has stated he will wait until 2017 before entering his name. With lottery level talent, he may be too difficult for teams to pass and may receive a mid-first round promise and enter. Stay tuned.

Comparison: Samuel Dalembert
Salary: $1,656,200*
Power Forward / 6-8 / SPO Rouen (France) / 1995

Yabusele is a late bloomer who impressed scouts at the 2015 adidas Eurocamp. He’s an undersized 4 but shows some combo ability with his ballhandling skills and outside shooting ability. For a player with such tremendous body strength, he’s actually quite nimble. While lacking ideal power forward height, his 7-foot wingspan allows him to play bigger.

Comparison: Gary Trent
Salary: $1,573,500*
Small Forward / 6-8 / Arizona / Freshman

Smith is coming off an ACL injury so it is a bit risky to put him this high this soon. He returned to action in May after missing nearly 10 months and looked impressive. The skill level and talent is there for him to become a one-and-done lottery pick. He just needs to improve his strength and handle the jump to the college game. Arizona doesn’t have a standout talent returning, so it’s possible he could come in and instantly be the man in Tucson.

Twitter: @raysmith2297
Comparison: Sean Elliott
Salary: $1,494,800*
Shooting Guard / 6-7 / Anadolu Efes (Turkey) / 1997

Korkmaz is a wiry guard with an advanced offensive game for his age. He has already begun to prove himself on the senior level at a young age and should be able to add facets to his game as he gets stronger. He’s a good leaper, having won dunk contests and shows solid explosiveness. He’s not incredibly quick, so defense and creating shots against high level athletes could be a challenge.

Comparison: Marco Belinelli
Salary: $1,420,100*
Shooting Guard / 6-4 / Oklahoma / Senior

Hield is a kid with a terrific attitude and a polished skill set. He is a dangerous offensive talent showing the ability to score as well as facilitate. He’s on the small side at 6-foot-4, but has long arms and a strong build. One of the top seniors in the country, Hield could make a run at National Player of the Year honors.

Twitter: @buddyhield
Comparison: Bobby Phills
Salary: $1,356,100*
Point Guard / 6-3 / Kentucky / Freshman

Briscoe and Jamal Murray should form a potent offensive backcourt for the Wildcats. Isaiah is a combo with a bag of tricks offensively and good length and athleticism for a combo guard. He’s very confident and shows solid leadership ability. Proving that he can efficiently play the point guard position will be beneficial for his one-and-done draft hopes.

Twitter: @ZayBriscoe
Comparison: Randy Foye
Salary: $1,301,900*
Shooting Guard / 6-7 / Florida State / Freshman

Bacon is a high flying two-guard with an intriguing skillset. He’s got excellent size for the position and a solid body already. He enters a Florida State program that isn’t known for showcasing one-and-done freshmen. And it will be interesting to see to what kind of opportunity Leonard Hamilton gives Bacon to sizzle.

Comparison: Latrell Sprewell
Salary: $1,249,800*
Point Guard / 6-6 / Louisiana State / Junior

Quarterman has a lot of talent but needs to become more disciplined with his decision making. He’s a legitimate point guard with excellent size and athleticism. He’s very long and fluid in the open floor, he shows a lot of versatility. He’s proven to be a very competitive kid and could really shine with such great talent surrounding him this season.

Comparison: Shaun Livingston
Salary: $1,199,900*
Shooting Guard / 6-5 / California / Senior

Wallace is an intriguing player as he possesses NBA athleticism and the ability to play some at either guard position. A strong defender who proved last season he could run the point position and make good decisions. He biggest flaw right now is his inconsistent outside shot. Although it has shown improvement over his college career, he’ll need to continue to improve upon it in order to maximize his abilities.

Comparison: Nick Young
Salary: $1,151,900*
Power Forward / 6-9 / San Diego State / Sophomore

Pope is an extremely tantalizing prospect due to his size, strength and skill level. He has had injury woes in the past but showed big-time flashes as a freshman. One of his best attributes is his versatility to face the basket and attack the glass with his surprising ballhandling ability. If he can add consistency to his game and become an impact player on a regular basis, he could shoot up draft boards.

Comparison: Bruno Caboclo
Salary: $1,105,800*
Center / 6-10 / Maryland / Freshman

Stone will get plenty of opportunities to impress scouts playing on a Big Ten squad picked by many as the No. 1 team heading into the season. Stone has a good understanding of the game with nice touch and footwork. He’s not the quickest or most athletic big, but he’s got great size and length with a big frame and the ability to move players around in the paint with his strength. His upside isn’t tremendous, but he shows an advanced all-around game for his age and should be able to be an instant impact freshman.

Comparison: Spencer Hawes
Salary: $1,061,600*
Center / 7-0 / Nevada-Las Vegas / Freshman

Zimmerman stayed home to play at UNLV and should have an instant impact for the Runnin’ Rebels. He’s got a solid offensive repertoire and a body that should allow him to continue to get stronger. He needs to become more aggressive and added strength should allow him to handle contact better. He’s got the touch to continue improving as a scorer, and a solid understanding of post play.

Twitter: @BIGG_ZIMM
Comparison: BJ Mullens
Salary: $1,026,300*
Power Forward / 6-8 / Florida / Sophomore

Robinson is a top shelf run/jump athlete and has really developed his mid-range shot. If he has a consistent year shooting the ball, he could find a spot in the first round. Scouts have criticized his ability to defend the wing position and consider him a likely undersized power forward, which neutralizes his intrigue to a degree.

Twitter: @drobbb3
Comparison: Jonas Jerebko
Salary: $996,700*
Point Guard / 6-5 / Rhode Island / Junior

Matthews is a sleeper who hasn’t really played up to his true ability at Rhode Island. He was the breakout performer of the 2014 adidas Nations showing very good ability to attack the rim along with surprising athleticism. His efficiency at Rhode Island has been concerning as he’s not protecting the ball or shooting at an efficient rate from the floor. How much of that can be attributed to defenses being able to collapse on him is up for debate. But Matthews is a first-round talent if he can put things together and play to his abilities.

Comparison: Kirk Hinrich
Salary: $990,700*
Power Forward / 6-10 / Marquette / Freshman

Ellenson is a big with good offensive skills and range on his shot. He’s got a sturdy frame and solid run/jump athleticism. He was a bit of a late bloomer as he burst onto the scene late in his high school career, and some recruiting analysts are extremely high on him. He may in fact need more time before entering the draft but could certainly climb up the draft board if he proves to be ready to be an impact player from the start.

Twitter: @HENBA13
Comparison: Cole Aldrich
Salary: $983,400*
Small Forward / 6-7 / Indiana / Sophomore

Troy Williams is a freakish athlete with a high motor. He still needs to gain better control of his offensive game and cut down on turnovers and wild shots. But his above-the-rim athletic ability and potential make him a first-round possibility. His shot remains in need of major improvement. But his form isn’t a total disaster. He just needs to add better decision making and continue to gain confidence and consistency in it.

Comparison: Matt Barnes
Salary: $976,300*

Key: (*) Standard salary for players selected with that pick in 2016-17.

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