JJ Redick: Dwight Howard told us he was headed to the Nets

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Clipers guard JJ Redick was a guest on Adrian Wojnarowski‘s The Vertical podcast and had juicy stuff to say about Dwightmare, which he lived first hand since he was a teammate of Dwight Howard in Orlando back in those days.

Said Redick: “There was a deal on the table right before the season started, right after the lockout ended, for [Dwight Howard] to go to Brooklyn. I can remember being in the shower after practice, one of the first practices of the season, and him saying ‘I love you guys, I’m headed to Brooklyn, trade is going down later tonight.’ And I’m on Twitter, I’m on HoopsHype, you know for 24 hours, like ‘When this is going down?’ And it didn’t go down. And I think for the rest of the season there was an underlying resentment because of that.”

Howard was linked to the Nets for months and openly mentioned them as his preferred destination, but it was not to be. The All-Star center was famously traded to the Lakers in August 2012. Redick left Orlando in a deal with Milwaukee only six months later.

By the way, Redick, who’s having a career year with the Clippers, will add to his already pretty full plate by hosting a weekly podcast on Wojnarowski’s Vertical Network. Based on his interview with Woj, a lot of potential there.

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