What we're clicking: Kyrie Irving not happy in Cleveland?


* Here we go again: Stephen A. Smith says Kyrie Irving is not happy in Cleveland. Irving tries to dispel that talk (which may never stop).

* Is Ty Lawson finally getting a buyout? Yes, according to David Pick.

* One of my favorite rags-to-riches stories lately: Jonathon Simmons was borrowing money to buy diapers and food one year ago, now he’s a rotation player for the 50-9 Spurs.

* Steven Adams does Steven Adams things and DeMarcus Cousins has to restrain himself. Adams gets a kick out of the whole thing.

* No difference between you and Dell Curry: He’s also speechless with Stephen’s play.

* J.A. Adande explains why Oscar Robertson took a shot at Curry.

Bill Simmons has an interesting take on the matter.

* Bold: ESPN The Magazine will dedicate an entire issue to the mighty Warriors.

* Dirk Nowitzki. MVP: Check. NBA title: Check. Hamburger named after him: Check.

* Isaiah Canaan shows off the Wizards and it comes back to bite him. How many times does acting arrogant work to your advantage in life?

* Writer calls the NBA a snoozefest. He’s not paying attention this season. The league has never been less of a snoozefest than it is now.

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