What we're clicking: Kings' turmoil continues, Derek Fisher explains himself, Hidayet Turkoglu's new job...

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* Things continue to unravel in Sacramento, where DeMarcus Cousins has now been suspended by his team. What a season/decade for the Kings.

* The Celtics feel optimistic about their chances of landing Al Horford in free agency. He would be a very good fit for what they are doing there. What if the Celtics defy convention and compete for the NBA title without a superstar like the Detroit Pistons did a decade ago?

* Nice: Chris Bosh thinks he could return this season.

* Larry Sanders talks with Alex Kennedy about the possibility of a comeback.

* Mario Chalmers is done for the season. From starting for an NBA champion to coming off the bench for a lottery team to reviving his career in Memphis to getting injured and waived. What a rollercoaster ride for Chalmers.

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* Derek Fisher on his tenure with the Knicks and the Matt Barnes situation.

* Perhaps things are not so bad in Chicago, writes Ken Berger.

* Scottie Pippen digs the Kawhi Leonard comparisons.

* Luis Scola would make a great basketball analyst. Read the article if only for his quotes.

* Nate Robinson is mulling a move to the NFL.

* Amare Stoudemire isn’t taking any garbage from Giannis Antetokounmpo.

* Hidayet Turkoglu is now an adviser for authoritarian Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

* Hassan Whiteside says he told DJ Khaled it would be cool for him to be on Snapchat. The rest is history.


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