Michael Beasley shot the ball every time against the Celtics

Michael Beasley once famously said he majored in Bucketology. “You don’t know about that,” Beasley said prior to his sophomore season. “I mastered in getting buckets.”

And buckets he gets. You can’t say a lot of things about Beasley, but not that he’s shy about shooting the ball. We had another proof Friday night when he finished with 19 shots in 15 minutes against the Celtics for a grand total of 18 points.

Per Basketball Reference, those 19 field goal attempts are the most by a player playing 15 minutes or less since 1983-84.

Beasley has shot the ball 27 times in 28 minutes played since he joined the Rockets. That’s an even better shooting pace than he had in China, where he averaged 24.05 attempts in 36.5 minutes per game.

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