The Grizzlies think they can beat an obscure record they probably didn't want to beat

dave joerger weber

The Grizzlies roster has seen a lot of changes this season with four players shipped out of Memphis, five players acquired via trade and multiple in-season free agent pickups and D-League call-ups, often made to plug up holes caused by injury. As of now, 25 different guys have played for Memphis this year.

Per team’s research, that would turn the 2015-16 Grizzlies into the playoff squad with the most players suiting up in league history.

That’s of course assuming they make playoffs, which somehow is a very likely possibility even though franchise player Marc Gasol has been sidelined since February 8 and many key rotation players have missed time due to injury.

The Sixers also had 25 different players logging minutes last season, but they came nowhere close to making the postseason.

So… Congrats, Grizzlies?


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