NBA A to Z: How injuries are impacting the NBA postseason

Injuries are starting to again be the story of the NBA playoffs. What has this done to the playoffs? NBA A to Z guys Sam Amick and Jeff Zillgitt talk about that with USA Today’s Kevin Spain. They break down the Clippers now without Chris Paul, discussing how well he has played this season, especially down the stretch without Blake Griffin.

They look at the Warriors and how it changes their attack without Stephen Curry and how this team has adjusted before without him.

Then they take a turn away from injury talk to discuss Mark Cuban’s comments that Russell Westbrook isn’t a superstar and that Kevin Durant is the only one on the OKC Thunder squad. They also discuss how the Cavaliers, who had key injuries in the playoffs last season, are healthy this time around and what it means for them down the line.

A quick look at how LeBron James could put his name in the history books yet again if the Cavs do go to the Finals. They close with where Jeff has been eating on the road, and get Sam to weigh in on his dining as well.

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