NBA Mock Draft 2016: Shooting Guards


Shooting Guard / 6-7 / California / Freshman
14.6 ppg, 5.4 rpg

Brown has a little more of a track record than fellow freshman phenom Marquese Chriss, and while the Suns are in greater need of a 4, it's unlikely the team would draft for need this high in the draft. Brown would pair well with sweet shooting Devin Booker as an ultra athletic 3. 

Twitter: @FCHWPO
Comparison: Jason Richardson
Salary: $3,563,600*
Shooting Guard / 6-4 / Oklahoma / Senior
25.0 ppg, 5.7 rpg

Minnesota seems to be actively trying to move this pick to surround their young core with a veteran, which could launch them more quickly into a playoff contender in the West. Group think seems to favor Murray over Hield due to his age. But does Murray really have much upside left to develop?

Twitter: @buddyhield
Comparison: Brandon Roy
Salary: $3,227,100*
Shooting Guard / 6-5 / Washington / Freshman
16.1 ppg, 4.4 apg

Like Orlando, rumors are swirling that Utah will move out of this pick for a veteran or look to move down a few spots to target a shooting guard such as Malachi Richardson or Malik Beasley. Dejounte has a green room invite and has been one of the prospects the Jazz have been enamored with according to contacts.

Comparison: Shaun Livingston
Salary: $1,931,900*
Shooting Guard / 6-5 / Florida State / Freshman
15.6 ppg, 5.3 rpg

There are rumors here that the Bulls will look for Derrick Rose's replacement and opt for someone like Wade Baldwin. But word is the Bulls really like Beasley and will be willing to look past the tibia issue and select him on upside. He offers insurance in the event that Jimmy Butler has to be moved.

Comparison: Devin Booker
Salary: $1,743,500*
Shooting Guard / 6-7 / Anadolu Efes (Turkey) / 1997
2.6 ppg, 0.9 rpg

The Nuggets could go in a number of directions with this pick and a trade is always possible. Don't put it past them to go International with all three of their first-round picks. Korkmaz needs strength but could ultimately develop into a starting SG in the league.

Comparison: Evan Fournier
Salary: $1,656,200*
Shooting Guard / 6-6 / Syracuse / Freshman
13.4 ppg, 4.3 rpg

Malachi has a green room invite and could end up going higher. He's been very solid in workouts shooting the ball and could offer a replacement for Monta Ellis down the road.

Comparison: Rashad Vaughn
Salary: $1,301,900*
Shooting Guard / 6-5 / Saint Joseph’s / Junior
17.4 ppg, 7.8 rpg

Bembry is well liked for his toughness and versatility. While he doesn't add shooting, which is what they really need, he is a solid value pick in this range. There's also a good chance Philly's 24th and 26th picks get moved.

Comparison: Archie Goodwin
Salary: $1,105,800*

Key: (*) Standard salary for players selected with that pick in 2016-17.

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