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Trending stories of August 30: The NBA articles you should read this morning

These are the articles the top NBA reporters have been sharing on Twitter the last 12 hours. Enjoy!

August 29 04:01 PM
Friday night, in a league whose business is Americana, Colin Kaepernick took a stand rarely seen in pro sports. It wasn’t from his seat on the sideline, where he paid no regard for the national ant…


Summer rewind: San Antonio Spurs – via

August 29 08:20 PM
The Spurs created cap space to get veteran Pau Gasol, but they will have some youth as well.


Get to Know Knicks Center Kyle O’Quinn – via

August 29 01:24 PM
Kyle O’Quinn doesn’t get much attention doing the Knicks’ dirty work, but he’s a hilarious and intriguing person.


August 29 09:59 AM
A group of first-year players sure to become fan base favorites


August 29 08:14 PM
Chris Bosh wants to play basketball this season. Of that, there is no doubt. The question is will the Heat let him after he missed the end of the last two seasons due to potentially life-threatenin…



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