NBA Mock Draft 2017: Point Guards

NBA Mock Draft 2017: Point Guards


NBA Mock Draft 2017: Point Guards



Point Guard / 6-5 / University of Washington / Freshman
23.2 ppg, 5.9 apg

There were NBA scouts who said they felt Fultz would be the No. 1 pick going into the season. And while his play throughout the year wasn’t consistent from start to finish, when at his best he stood out as the most impressive prospect on the college level. He has a game tailor-made for succeeding in the NBA as he makes creating quality shots appear effortless with his change of pace dribbles and quick pull up ability. He also has great efficiency with the vision to create easy looks and the creativity to overcome speed or athleticism mismatches. The two main concerns are the fact that he was on a losing team, and that he wasn’t able to stay healthy for the entire year. But no prospect in this draft is perfect, and Fultz remains on top of most scouts boards as the premiere prospect available.

Twitter: @MarkelleF
Comparison: James Harden
Salary: $5,091,500*
Point Guard / 6-6 / UCLA / Freshman
14.6 ppg, 7.7 apg

If anyone supplants Fultz to be the top pick, it figures to be Ball. Ball clearly doesn’t have the pure scoring ability or polished offensive game of Fultz. But he appears to possess more in the way of a team focus and intangibles. He is clearly missing the ability to score in the mid-range. His three-point shot, as effective as it is, requires space in order to get off due to the slow release he has. He actually has a very accurate deep three-point shot that will translate, but the problem is he really needs to cut down on the unnecessary motion in his shot and revamp the form on it in order to be more effective as a shot creator in the mid-range. Regardless, he has that dominate-a-game-without-scoring a la Jason Kidd that will ensure success at the next level. Whether he can be closer to a Kidd than Ricky Rubio will depend on how effectively he can transform his shooting motion.

Twitter: @ZO2_
Comparison: Jason Kidd
Salary: $4,555,500*
Point Guard / 6-3 / Kentucky / Freshman
16.1 ppg, 4.8 apg

Fox has as much raw talent and potential as any player in this year’s draft. But he has one major Achilles to his game and that is his shooting efficiency. However, when you watch him shoot, it’s easy to conclude that he can become a quality shooter over time. The form on his shot actually looks decent, not requiring a lot of time to get it off.  He’s the quickest player in the draft and will instantly become one of the quickest at the next level. Combine that with above-average size for the position and you have an absolute physical specimen capable of locking down opposing points and getting by opponents virtually at will. Fox had some nagging injuries through the season, but has ended conference play on fire and is quickly climbing up draft boards.

Twitter: @Swipathef0x
Comparison: John Wall
Salary: $3,340,000*
Point Guard / 6-5 / Strasbourg IG (France) / 1998
7.1 ppg, 2.1 apg

Ntilikina has struggled some for playing time with his French team Strausbourg, but has been efficient and productive when he’s gotten chances. He made a big impression on scouts at the U18 European Championships, an event that took place in Istanbul, and was delayed a few months over safety concerns. Ntilikina completely took the event over, showing the ability to be a go-to scorer late in games, run a team and be a lock-down defender. His seven-foot wingspan adds intrigue as he will likely be a quality two-way player. His lack of playing time will make him tougher for teams to evaluate, but talent-wise he’s in the mix with the elite points in this draft.

Comparison: Dante Exum
Salary: $2,769,300*
Point Guard / 6-2 / North Carolina State / Freshman
18.1 ppg, 6.2 apg

After a strong start to conference play, Smith had a rough end to the season. He had one absolutely sensational game leading NC State to a win over Duke at Cameron Indoor. But for all his heroics, he left scouts wondering about his dedication and desire. Granted he was forced to play out the season with a team going nowhere and a coach that had already been fired. While it’s clear he’s an immensely talented prospect, capable of being one of the dynamic point guards at the next level for years to come, the fears about his focus and dedication could drop him into the mid-lottery range.

Twitter: @Dennis4Smith
Comparison: Baron Davis
Salary: $2,537,000*

Key: (*) Standard salary for players selected with that pick in 2017-18.

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