The Toronto Raptors are not trading Terrence Ross, according to Sporting News ... Kings have been shopping Derrick Williams ... Mavericks still confident about landing Jermaine O'Neal ...




Who's better: Tim Duncan or Karl Malone?

The man of the crazy numbers or the one with the multiple championship rings? Eddie Johnson picks one.



The 30 best-paid players in NBA history

We're living in a time when it's great to be good at basketball. Most of the highest-paid players of all time are in the NBA right now.



It's a back-to-back: Manu Ginobili Tweeter of the Year again

You have chosen Spurs guard Manu Ginobili Tweeter of the Year for the second time in a row. He talks with us about his tweeting habits.



Jeff Van Gundy has a history of defending Bulls' head coaches while taking shots at management

Jeff Van Gundy typically sticks up for fellow coaches. With Bulls' Tom Thibodeau, he takes it to another level.



The worst bobblehead fiascos in the NBA

Yes, that's supposedly Steve Nash. If you think that's bad, check the rest here.



Kyle Lowry basks in first All-Star appearance

It looked like a really long shot a few years ago, but Kyle Lowry is an All-Star now and he could not be more ecstatic about it.



Have LeBron and Cavs finally figured it out?

LeBron James looks rejuvenated and the Cavs have won four games in a row. Have they finally turned the corner?



Who's better: Chris Paul or Allen Iverson?

Different styles, but similar size and heart. Who will Eddie Johnson pick?



Pablo Prigioni drawing interest in Europe

Argentinian guard Pablo Prigioni could go back to his old stomping grounds if his time with the Knicks comes to an end.



Who is likely to be snubbed for All-Star?

Eddie Johnson thinks the leader of the Memphis Grizzlies is going to be left out of the All-Star Game again.



NBA salaries by country: French and Spaniards are raking it in

More than 20 percent of the money spent on NBA salaries is going to international players. Who's getting the biggest part of the pie?



Why is Monta Ellis so much better now?

Skills development guru David Nurse explains the transformation of Monta Ellis from high-volume chucker to the smart and efficient scorer we see in Dallas these days.



Winslow moves up, Okafor stays at No. 1

Aran Smith of puts two Dukies in the Top 5 of his latest mock draft for HoopsHype.



George Gervin: "I didn't invent the finger roll, I just made it famous"

NBA legend George Gervin, who's still cool as ice, talks about his signature play, the modern-day player that reminds him of himself the most and more.


Tariq Abdul-Wahad

"It is sometimes tough to have to explain that Muslims are not all indoctrinated fanatics"

The first Muslim French NBA player goes in depth about Islam, terrorism, freedom of speech and the political climate in France.



Charles Barkley's problems with the NBA

NBA analyst Charles Barkley talks about his issues with the league and the media that covers it.