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October 13, 2012 | 07:48 PM ET Update

Josh Smith has told the Hawks that he isn't going to sign an extension during the season. He'd rather wait to become a free agent, when he can get a five- year deal. An extension would limit him to a three-year deal, according to the new CBA rules. New GM Danny Ferry has upwards of 10 players who could be free agents at season's end. New York Daily News

Despite the lack of success, Love pushed to get the maximum five-year contract extension last January. So when the Timberwolves wouldn’t budge on their offer of four years and more than US$60-million, he begrudgingly accepted when the team included an opt-out after the third year. The whole negotiation didn’t sit well with Love, who had emerged early in the lockout-shortened season as the new face of the franchise. “That’s because I wanted to be here,” Love said, slapping his hand on the arm of a chair to stress the point. “I wanted them to say, ’When people think Minnesota Timberwolves, they think Kevin Love.’ And I felt with my contract we didn’t really do that.” National Post

After signing his four-year, $16 million contract in July, Novak is loving life as a Knick again. The Miami playoff series — when he scored just 15 points in five games, making five 3-pointers — is in the past. He notched a team-high 21 points Friday. “Jason and Raymond, they just put it in your hands at the right times,’’ Novak said. “Those guys draw so much attention to themselves sometimes, I just stay out and let them give it to me whenever they want.’’ New York Post

On Friday, Stevenson sent out three tweets: -“I Talk 2 My X Teammate 2Day And He Told Me That He Wasn’t Talking About Me And They Mis-Print What He Said” - “So I’m A Real Dude And Want 2 Say Sorry 2 Dwill For Spazzing And A Real Dude Would Say Sorry! So Sorry Dwill” - “Takes Alot 4 A Man 2 Call A Man And Tell Me The Truth!! I Respect That!!” Earlier in the day, when asked about the tweets obviously aimed at Williams, Stevenson told the AJC, “I’m done with it. I’m worried about the Atlanta Hawks right now. This group of guys. What I said is done with. If you know who I’m talking about, you do; if you don’t, you don’t.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Royce White, the Houston rookie who suffers from anxiety problems and can't fly, is going to try to travel by bus for the Rockets' road games. It sounds practically impossible to pull off, considering the distances and time involved. But White can't do it any other way. Several teams, including Atlanta, crossed his name off their draft lists because of his condition. He takes medication to try to help deal with it. Another Rocket first-round pick, Jeremy Lamb, is already drawing comparisons to another former UConn great, Rudy Gay. If Lamb continues to show that kind of promise, look for Houston to deal Kevin Martin. New York Daily News

October 13, 2012 | 02:15 PM ET Update

Novak, out of Brown Deer, Wis., and Marquette, could have wound up with his hometown Bucks. “I knew that, winning the case, I honestly think it was biggest for me of all the guys’ part of it,’’ said Novak. “It affected me the most.’’ The Bucks were in the mix. “We talked,’’ Novak said. “We talked several times when I’ve been a free agent. I never know for sure at what level. But no, I wanted to be back . If I could choose Milwaukee or New York, hands down, New York. It’s the truth.’’ New York Post

Not that he doesn’t wish it would have gone differently with Lin. They still speak, and did so as recently as Thursday. “I definitely was [shocked],’’ Novak said. “I called Jeremy when I was getting close to my deal. And I said, ‘We’re going to be teammates.’ I was sure he was coming back and he didn’t. “As a friend in anything, if you think you’re going to be back on the team with a friend, it’s exciting. And then he was gone. That to me was a bummer.’’ New York Post

Former Toronto Raptors coach Sam Mitchell vehemently denied a story that he had a training room tussle with Vince Carter back when the two were members of the organization. Jalen Rose, who played for Mitchell in Toronto, recently said on Grantland.com that the two were involved in an altercation which eventually ended with Carter picking up Sam Mitchell over shoulders and slamming him onto the training room floor. SportsNet

"You know the media. If Vince Carter and I got into a fight in the lockerroom when I was the coach, how long do you think it would be before the information would have came out?" Micthell asked his hosts. "You think it would have taken six or seven years before it came out? Or do you think it would have come out within a day? "You know guys can't hold water. Do you think they could have held that for six years?" SportsNet

"Consider the source. You know what blows my mind? And I don't attack people because I try to take the high road, but consider where it's coming from," Mitchell pointed out. "Where in this person's history are the things that he said true? You are talking about a person who played at a university whose record has been expunged. And for what? Lying and cheating. Right? "You spent your entire career in the NBA making a lot of money, but you never quite lived up to your potential as a player," Mitchell said of Rose. "Now you're on TV and you get to say these things. First of all, we need to stop believing that everybody on TV is credible and (that) everybody you hear in the media is credible." SportsNet

At 6-foot-11 and 235 pounds, he should have an easier adjustment than his predecessors. The position no longer has bruisers such as Shaquille O'Neal, Patrick Ewing or David Robinson. With the exception of Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum, Bosh will face competitors who are mostly glorified power forwards. Bosh said the move is "over analyzed" because the evolution at center. "The game was different back then," he said. "The game changes every now and then. At that point, it was all about girth. You have to be big, Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley and Patrick Ewing and Vlade Divac. It's different now. The game is a lot faster. If you're big, we're going to run right by you. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

In the games against Alba Berlin and FC Barcelona Regal, Mayo contributed a total of nine points, grabbed five rebounds, handed out six assists, had four steals, committed four turnovers and was just 2-of-13 from the field in 50 minutes. That includes scoring only one point on 0-of-7 shooting in 24 minutes in last Tuesday's contest against FC Barcelona Regal. “He’ll be all right,’’ forward Dirk Nowitzki said. “He’s been working since July when I was here, running in the gym, shooting, so he put in a lot of work in the summer and has just got to put it together with the new teammates. “I’m not worried about him. He’s a hard worker.’’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram

You were overseas the entire year. What was the calculation behind that decision, considering the labor situation the NBA faced at the time? Chris Douglas-Roberts: It was actually great for me, because during the lockout -- I'm was a fairly young player, I (had just finished) my third year -- so it was about basketball for me. It wasn't about money, I just wanted to play basketball. But I went over there, and made that commitment to stay. It definitely made me a better basketball player, and it made me a better person. It made me more appreciative, because some days I didn't have heat. The living conditions were terrible. I had to heat up water to give my daughter a bath, some days. If you had the microwave on and the washer on, the electricity may go out in the whole house. It was very small. The shower at the gym that we practiced at, it was filthy. There was mold everywhere. You couldn't put your feet on the ground, barefoot. Guys were getting staph infections. It was basically back to when I was growing up in Detroit. But when I look at it, it just made me a better person and a player. ESPN.com

The chances of Luc Mbah a Moute being ready for the Milwaukee Bucks’ regular-season opener are becoming increasingly remote. Mbah a Moute, unequivocally the team’s best and most versatile defender, has yet to practice with the team after undergoing offseason knee surgery. The Bucks’ regular-season opener is Nov. 2 against the Celtics in Boston. “I’m coming along; I’m feeling pretty good, feeling better every day,” Mbah a Moute said. “ I feel like I’m making a lot of progress, so I’m excited. Racine Journal-Times

Speaking of good guys, Jason Staudt, who served the Bucks as a coach and video coordinator, has moved on to the Houston Rockets. Staudt, a native of Lamesa, Texas who attended Texas Tech, will be the Rockets’ advanced scout. Staudt spent seven seasons with the Bucks, working under head coaches Terry Stotts, Larry Krystkowiak and Scott Skiles. Racine Journal-Times

October 13, 2012 | 08:33 AM ET Update

Marc Stein: How did Li-Ning swipe D-Wade from Jordan Brand? Says one industry insider: New Chinese shoe deal pays annual base of $10 mil for 10 years Twitter @ESPNSteinLine

Well, I guess we now know that Terrel Harris is going to make the team. Harris and Dexter Pittman were introduced as endorsers of Peak on Saturday in Shanghai during a promotional press conference that included Shane Battier. Peak is a local sponsor of the Heat. Nothing is certain, but it seems unlikely for Heat coach Erik Spoelstra to cut Harris at this point. Harris does not have a guaranteed contract for this season. Miami Herald

At least one other Heat reserve will soon be following Harris and Pittman to Peak. James Jones has agreed to a contract with the shoe compay, according to a source, and is set to sign a contract next month. Jones is currently under contract with Nike. Udonis Haslem is currently in negotiations with Peak and could announce a deal soon. He's also in talks with Nike and Li-Ning, Dwyane Wade's new shoe sponsor. Battier, who has worn Peak shoes for most of his career, was the first player in the NBA to wear the shoes. Miami Herald

The Trail #Blazers have claimed G/F Justin Holiday off waivers. Holiday is expected to join the team on Sunday. He will wear #10. Twitter

Joe Freeman: When asked what he knew about Justin Holiday, whom #Blazers claimed on waivers, coach Terry Stotts quipped: "I know he's Jrue's brother." Twitter @BlazerFreeman

Worried that he could be traded, Sessions opted out of the final year of his contract. Even if he hadn't, Sessions believed the Lakers could have dealt him to get a marquee point guard in free agency like Steve Nash or Deron Williams in a sign-and-trade deal. "It was one of those situations I looked at like, 'If I do come back what if they trade me?' " Sessions said. "There were talks about getting Deron. They always wanted the bigger-named guy. What if I get traded to a team and it's my contract year? It was one of those things that I can't say if I opted in, [Nash] wouldn't have come. They still might have tried to get him. You just never know." Yahoo! Sports

What factors led you to sign with Miami? Rashard Lewis: I’m at a point in my career to want to win a Championship and it’s not all about the accolades, being an All-Star, scoring, none of that. I just felt like this was the best fit team to give me a chance to compete for a title. We haven’t done it yet, so we got our work cut out for us. If you look at the history of guys that defend an NBA Championship, it’s very tough to do that. SLAM

Jared Sullinger is "Sully." Dionte Christmas is "Temple," because that's where he went to college. And Kevin Garnett calls Fab Melo is "Melo" because "I don't like really calling a man 'Fab.'" The Boston Celtics rookies are getting nicknames, compliments of the man himself known as "KG" and "The Big Ticket." Garnett went out of his way on Friday to make it clear that he's doing it to be affectionate and not because, like many veterans throughout basketball and other sports, he can't be troubled to learn their real names. USA Today

The question now is whether he’ll get markedly better in his sophomore campaign. Bets are on that he will, and considering how hard he worked in the offseason, it’s hard to imagine him not experiencing some measure of improvement. “The summer is what makes you in terms of the NBA,” Thompson said. “This summer I wanted to put in a lot of time getting stronger and continuing to work on my craft, especially in the post. Big men really only need two or three shots—the hook shot left and right, the turn-and-face and a counter. I worked on that all summer, and I’m going to be doing it in the game.” HoopsWorld

After close inspection, Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki is very impressed with the speed point guard Darren Collion has displayed thus far in training camp. “He’s one of the fastest guards I’ve ever played with,’’ Nowitzki said of one of his new teammates. “Obviously, he’s got to use that speed to our advantage. “He’s got to push the ball off makes, misses -- it doesn’t really matter. He’s got to fly up the court and get the wings running with him.’’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The staff’s emphasis has been for all sorts of perimeter shots but Beasley admittedly has never been big on his 3-point shot, despite having an efficient 37.6 percent clip from that range last season. He was not so hesitant with it Friday night, missing a 3 to open the game but making his next two tries in a half of eight Suns 3s by seven players. “Every day gets easier,” Beasley said. “They’re telling me to shoot, shoot, shoot. I pass up far more shots than I should. Coach (Alvin Gentry) really encourages me to shoot. Everybody does, even the team. The more I get comfortable, the more old habits will leave. “This is the first time I’ve really been encouraged to shoot even more than I already do, and we all know that I shoot a lot. My last two teams, I’ve been asked to try to be a passer/playmaker.” Arizona Republic

Nowitzki had been shelved since he missed Tuesday's preseason game in Barcelona, Spain, with swelling and soreness in his right knee. After Friday's practice, the Dallas Mavericks' All-Star forward sounded a bit optimistic. "I did the whole practice today and I'll see how it responds over the weekend," Nowitzki said. "We've got a fan scrimmage [today], and then we'll check after the weekend. "If the swelling keeps coming back, I'm not going to play on a swollen knee all season. If it comes back a couple more times, then we definitely have to look at something else." Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Amar’e Stoudemire said not to worry about him — he will have enough time to get adjusted to Carmelo Anthony. Stoudemire said he is “questionable’’ for tonight’s preseason game in Hartford against the Celtics, saying there is no reason “to rush.’’ Stoudemire missed Thursday’s 108-101 victory over the Wizards in the Knicks’ preseason opener with a bruised left knee after knocking knees with Chris Copeland on a drive to the basket at Wednesday’s practice. New York Post

Nearly 600 Chinese coaches have already learned from the NBA. More will get their chance. The NBA-CBA coaching development program will continue to grow, as the two sides announced on Thursday they will extend their partnership for several more years. Since its launch in 2009, more than 580 Chinese coaches have participated, honing their coaching skills in workshops designed to bring the Chinese up to speed. A group of coaches from the national team and the top CBA clubs were sent to the US for training projects and courtside observation, while 15 experts from the NBA have visited China. "We used to concentrate more on the elite group, but now we are planning to build it on a larger and more grassroots basis," CBA vice-chairman Li Jinsheng said before the Miami Heat defeated the Los Angeles Clippers, 94-80, on the Beijing leg of the 2012 NBA China Games. "We will get more coaches from the bottom of the system to get involved this time." China Daily

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