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November 16, 2012 | 08:08 PM ET Update

Houston Rockets rookie Royce White says he is prepared to walk away from the NBA. Speaking in an interview with ESPN's Colleen Dominguez, White said he was going to meet with general manager Daryl Morey on Monday to discuss his situation with the team. ESPN.com

Darnell Mayberry: Thunder guard Kevin Martin has received a flopping warning. He becomes the third NBA player to receive a warning and the first on OKC's team Twitter @DarnellMayberry

He has been recovering from a bone bruise on his right knee and his return has been pushed back three times since the beginning of training camp. The Sixers were hoping Bynum would be cleared to return to basketball activities by Dec. 10. That date is now in question because of issues with his left knee. Bynum now said he has swelling and a bone bruise on both knees. "I had a little bit of a setback," Bynum said. "Just working through some issues with the right knee, I kind of have a mirror thing going on with the left knee. I don't know what's going on. The doctors are saying it's a weakened cartilage state, so we kind of wait, I guess. We can't do anything. I just have to wait for the cartilage to get strong." USA Today

Tony DiLeo on Andrew Bynum: From our point of view it’s a situation where we have to continue to be patient. We want to be cautious. We’re looking long term not short term and big picture. We’re going to do what is best for Andrew and best for the organization and try to get him as healthy as he can be and try to get him back on the court when he is ready. His body will be the indicator, when he’s feeling good, when that pain subsides from his knees when he can step up in his rehab and do more strenuous activities, that will be the indicator. A date is very difficult, as you know. We just want to get him healthy and get him out there when he’s ready. We think we have a good team now and when he’s ready to get out there we’ll have a better team. In the end we want to see our complete team with Andrew out there. Philadelphia Inquirer

New Orleans Hornets general manager Dell Demps said Friday night that injured shooting guard Eric Gordon was "doing everything in his power to get back" as he rehabilitates an unspecified right knee ailment away from the team in Los Angeles. "We're getting reports," Demps said. "He's working out. He's doing everything in his power to get back. I know he's eager to get back and play. And we're just supporting him and hoping that his rehab goes well." Asked if he could say what a Chicago physician, who examined Gordon two weeks ago, said was wrong inside Gordon's aching knee, Demps said, "No." New Orleans Times-Picayune

November 16, 2012 | 05:34 PM ET Update

One source with knowledge of the situation told HOOPSWORLD recently that Hibbert’s slow start is not a big surprise, as former Pacers point guard Darren Collison had a lot to do with Hibbert’s success last season, and Collison is now playing for the Mavericks following an offseason trade. “Darren was my good friend,” Hibbert tells HOOPSWORLD. “We talked, sat together on the plane, used to go have dinner on the road, lunch, always watching film together, just talking it through. I’d be frustrated at him at times and he’d be frustrated with me, but we’d talk it through. I used to get a lot of open layups, just him throwing the ball to me and the give-n-go cut. That’s something he’d get once or twice a game, but things change and obviously you have to adjust.” HoopsWorld

For Shaun Livingston, it was like coming home. The 6-foot-7 free-agent point guard was signed by the Wizards on Thursday, and was on the practice court on Friday to start his second stint with the team. The Wizards released Jannero Pargo to make room on the roster. “It feels good,” Livingston said after practice on Friday. “It’s an opportunity to play. I haven’t played yet this year. I’m just anxious to get out there, very anxious. I’ve just got to get my legs back, get my wind up and I’ll be alright.” Washington Times

Rose has spent the past few summers working out in the Santa Monica area, and had informed the team that he had a high comfort level of working with his rehab staff in Los Angeles. While nothing has changed in his progress – he just started cutting on the court – Rose and his surgically repaired torn left ACL could make an appearance at the arena Saturday night. “He may,’’ Thibodeau responded, when asked if a certain former MVP would visit his teammates. “The main focus for him is his rehab. We felt it was best for him to be here in one place, doing his rehab. As I mentioned the other day, he’s started cutting and stuff, so he’s doing fine, everything is going according to plan. He just has to keep doing what he’s doing. Chicago Sun-Times

The San Antonio Spurs today announced that Kawhi Leonard is suffering from quadriceps tendinitis in his left knee. The diagnosis was confirmed in an MRI which was performed earlier today. Leonard is expected to be out of action for 10-14 days. He is not scheduled to travel with the Spurs on the team’s upcoming six-game road trip that begins on Wednesday, Nov. 21 in Boston. NBA.com

It looks like the Sixers management buys into the future of an NBA minor league system as much as we do. Liberty Ballers (with a major assist from Spike Eskin) can exclusively tell you that they're very close to buying an NBA Developmental League Franchise outright. Nothing is quite official yet, so the organization is keeping understandably mum about the whole thing. LibertyBallers.com

November 16, 2012 | 03:56 PM ET Update

Howard will play, after working well after shootaround with some of his new teammates and assistant coach Terry Porter to learn the most basic of the team's plays. He's not sure how much he'll play -- Rick Adelman said Thursday he's use Howard 5-6 minutes a half to spell Kirilenko -- but he's ready to play in the NBA again for the first time since last spring's playoffs with Utah. "The Timberwolves were looking for somebody to step in and fill in until those guys get back," Howard said, referring to the aforementioned three as well as Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio and Chase Budinger. "I'm glad they thought of me. I got tired of working out every day. I was ready to be with a team." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Howard could have been a Timberwolf nine years. In fact, many Wolves fans felt he should have been. Instead, the Wolves took Ndudi Ebi late in the first round in 2009, bypassing Howard who was drafted shortly thereafter. "I remember Ndudi Ebi's name getting called before me," he said. "That was kind of motivation. No disrespect to him, but I just used that as motivation throughout my career and this is another opportunity. Minnesota gave me a shot, so I'll just go out and give it my all." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

In the past 24 hours, White slowed down the Twitter rampage and started to fulfill some of his obligations to the Rockets, sources told Yahoo! Sports. That's something, anyway. This public platform matters to White, and he needs to understand that despite his protests, he is indeed a commodity. When the risk outweighs the reward on him, he's gone – and probably gone forever in the league. The NBA will never be played on his terms. Royce White isn't good enough, and the sooner he realizes it, the sooner he understands only he can save himself right now, the sooner he can maybe salvage a career that's already slipping away. Yahoo! Sports

When meetings with Rockets coaches and officials couldn't get White the minutes he wanted, when a demotion to Rio Grande and the bus trips of the minors had been broached, White stopped showing up to the team's facility for practices and games last week. Maybe it was a coincidence, but White is losing the benefit of the doubt. Metta World Peace and Delonte West had public bouts with mental illness and eventually confronted them in constructive, public ways. They tried to make a difference for people, but they also had proven themselves as NBA players. World Peace has lasted in the league because he understood this is a results business, and he's had to be even better than the next guy to survive so long with the issues that never went away. Right now, White hasn't played a minute in the NBA, and it's fair to wonder if he ever will. Yahoo! Sports

Most teams in the NBA would never give White this kind of special treatment. "He isn't good enough – and I'm not sure anyone would be good enough – to have a completely different set of guidelines for him," one GM told me. "I would've already cut him." There are a lot of NBA owners and GMs who agree, and yet the Rockets think differently on White. In that way, he's fortunate. It is hard to have an NBA career, and it's even harder for him given the obstacles he must overcome. Everyone is rooting for this guy, especially the franchise that's getting ridiculed for drafting him, the general manager, Daryl Morey, who clearly has an angry owner over the entire spectacle. Yahoo! Sports

As Howard touched on a couple other Kareem questions, you couldn't help but notice Abdul-Jabbar's No. 33 jersey hanging up on the wall at the Lakers' practice facility behind him. On their summer meeting: "We haven’t had a chance to really sit down and talk since then. He understands that with the season and everything is going on it’s best to kind of like just wait until we have some more sitdowns." Sulia

On Kareem's support of him: "It’s mean a lot. I just recall sitting down and talking to him and him telling me, ‘All the hard work you put in in the last eight years is going to pay off and just remain the same way. Don’t change for anybody.’" On their heights: "He was 7-5. I’m only 6-9, 6-10 on a good day. Maybe. I try to do a skyhook, but those 7-footers are right there." On Kareem's advice to him: "Just have fun. He liked that I’m out there smiling and I bring a joy to the game." Sulia

Holdsclaw appeared before a judge on Friday morning at the Fulton County Jail and was ordered to wear an ankle monitor and stay away from Jennifer Lacy as conditions for her release. She has a $100,000 bond. Holdsclaw, 35, was still in custody early Friday afternoon while her paperwork was being processed. Tracy Flanagan, spokeswoman for the Fulton County Sheriff's Office, said Holdsclaw likely would not be released before 6 p.m. USA Today

November 16, 2012 | 02:53 PM ET Update

Positions can obviously change between now and the Feb. 21 trade deadline, but sources maintain that Atlanta has not been enticed in the least by the prospect of parting with the 26-year-old Smith -- even as he heads into unrestricted free agency -- for the 32-year-old Gasol. The Hawks, for the record, have also been telling interested teams that they value Smith and what he offers as a hybrid forward in an Eastern Conference that's generally been getting smaller. ESPN.com

Cavs coach Byron Scott on potentially signing a free agent to help bench: "I think if I said I had the right pieces I'd be lying, from the bench's standpoint. "If there's a guy out there that we feel can help us, should we go after him? Yes. I'm not going to sit here and say I'm satisfied with the way our bench has played, because I'm not. "If there's a guy who we feel can come in here and help us, yeah, we definitely should pursue that guy. Because the bottom line for me is to continue to improve, and winning. I want to win." Sulia

According to a league source, Martin's camp reached out to the Wolves a few times, most recently on Monday, but was politely turned down. Bottom-line: the Wolves bypassed Martin in favor of Josh Howard, and the reasoning is simple: their need for a wing far surpasses any other position. You are who you can guard in the NBA and Martin defends bigs. Howard can help out on the perimeter. 1500ESPN.com

It emerged this week, courtesy of Mark Deeks of ShamSports.com, that the last year of Harden's five-year, $79 million contract with the Rockets is only 50 percent guaranteed. That means Harden, who passed on a four-year offer from the Thunder that topped out at $55 million, is guaranteed to earn $69.7 million from Houston during the next five seasons. ESPN.com

Jerry Zgoda: Josh Howard passes physical, Wolves officially announce his signing. He's at shootaround this morning Twitter @JerryZgoda

“The funny thing is, I wish he would be quiet on the floor and not call out your plays,” the Nets coach said in a bemused and complimentary tone Thursday morning prior to his team’s nationally-televised contest against KG’s Celtics. “He’s seen so much. We’ll call a play and he’ll say, ‘Joe is going over here and Deron is going here.’ It’s not funny anymore, OK? “As much as (Rajon) Rondo quarterbacks their offense, (KG) quarterbacks their defense. … I like every now and then when we’ll surprise him with something, and then maybe he’ll look at the bench and curse the other coaches out, not me.” ESPN.com

He has bought into what Mike Woodson has been demanding from him. He has done it in small ways - shedding the dress code that drove Woodson crazy when he first took over and suddenly adhering to team dress codes in the gym and joining the fashion craze with tailored suits off of it. But he’s done it in big ways, too, providing his usual jolt of energy on the court, but doing it with a plan, too. “I approach every day differently now,” Smith said. “Every day I think of it as a positive [to] get into the gym with these guys, try to get the best work as you can. A lot of times previously in my career I’ve had negative energy coming into the gym. Just not wanting to be there, jumping around, goofing off. “This year it’s been more serious, understanding every road trip we take is a work trip, not just a play trip. Come here, working hard, understanding and knowing that if I work hard maybe the next guy will see me working hard and it will push him.” Bergen Record

Yet one of the more interesting changes to the international basketball calendar involves the introduction of six planned qualifying windows for the 2019 World Cup that will be staged in November 2017, February 2018, June 2018, September 2018, November 2018 and February 2019. You'll notice, as you re-read that sentence, that four of those six windows take place at the same time that the NBA schedule calls for NBA players to play NBA games. ESPN.com

How big a deal is that? Not that massive, realistically, when viewed through a strictly American prism. USA Basketball will continue to field teams that qualify for every major tournament even if it has to trot out a pack of All-Stars from the D-League for most of the qualifying games starting in November 2017. As one longtime European coach told ESPN.com this week: "There's no way FIBA would go to a system that hurts the big countries. They want the stars playing in the biggest tournaments." ESPN.com

A day after expressing disappointment over the Lakers' decision to hire Mike D'Antoni as head coach, Magic Johnson changed his tune. "The decision's been made that D'Antoni is the coach so we must support him. I appreciate him reaching out to me & look forward to speaking," Johnson tweeted Thursday. "We also have to remember that not everything is up to the coach, the players also must do their part." Johnson had been feeling much more negative the day before. "The reason I haven't tweeted in 2 days is because I've been mourning Phil Jackson not being hired as the Lakers head coach," he tweeted. "My mother always taught me that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Los Angeles Times

D'Antoni wants to emulate the offense that Johnson made click during what was called the Showtime era, an up-tempo, high-octane style. "I've reached out to him and I will reach out to him," D'Antoni said."No better person to talk to and pick his brain and see where we're going than him." Though D'Antoni claimed he wasn't aware of Johnson's disapproving tweets, he knows he was not the popular choice to succeed Mike Brown. D'Antoni joked that even some of his close friends who are Laker fans were disappointed that he was hired over Phil Jackson, who has won 11 championships with the Lakers and the Bulls. "Phil was a great coach, is a great coach, will be a great coach with all he's done, but the reality today is that I have a great group of guys," D'Antoni said. "I'm looking forward to it. I'm excited." Los Angeles Times

The New Orleans Hornets have signed general manager Dell Demps to a new multi-year contract extension. “Dell has a bright future ahead as the GM of our team and Mr. Benson and I couldn’t be more impressed with the track this team is on and are excited about the future,” said Hornets Executive Vice President Mickey Loomis. “He has helped shape this organization with the current team of young, talented players and we look forward to seeing the growth of the franchise during this exciting time for the franchise.” HoopsWorld

Rudy Gay woke up one day and had a heart-to-heart with himself. He decided it was time to make a change. Gay thought he could give a lot more of himself and become a better teammate. And the soul-searching led Gay to ask his longtime girlfriend, Ecko Wray, for her hand in marriage. "It's time for me to take control of my life," Gay said. "It's not just about basketball. It's about me personally, too." Memphis Commercial Appeal

Singer Bobby Brown, of New Edition fame, has had a hectic couple of months with legal matters, family emergencies and court-ordered rehab, but he's expected to find a way Friday to perform at The Palace of Auburn Hills for a Detroit Pistons halftime show. How Brown pulls this off remains to be seen because he has an 8:30 a.m. arraignment Friday in a Van Nuys, Calif. court due to an arrest last month on suspicion of DUI - reportedly his second offense this year. Palace Sports & Entertainment officials have been assured by Brown's associates that his recent legal matter won't affect his scheduled appearance at the venue. And Brown, according to the Los Angeles Superior Court media relations office, doesn't necessarily have to be present for the arraignment. Booth Newspapers

Jeanie Buss: #Lakers fans - make no mistake, YOU are the true owners of the team. Lakers belong to those who love, cherish, cry & cheer with them. Twitter @JeanieBuss

November 16, 2012 | 10:21 AM ET Update

Hornets officials would not confirm or deny Thursday night if they are working out a buyout of Carroll's contract. Williams wouldn't elaborate on the specifics about the discussions, but the team said it intends to give an update on Carroll's status Friday morning. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Asik, I'm told, is getting $8 million a year for three years, not the $5m-$5m-$14m as written in the offer sheet the Bulls had to match. Or so a confab of two GMs told me in person. Hard to see why every RFA contract here on out won't be constructed with pain-in-the-$%^* terms. Sulia

As is the NBA's standard procedure, the league is investigating Wednesday night's confrontation between Thunder center Kendrick Perkins and Memphis power forward Zach Randolph at Chesapeake Energy Arena. Both players were ejected with 2:05 remaining in the fourth quarter of the Grizzlies' 107-97 victory and had an altercation in a hallway near the Thunder locker room after leaving the court. The players were separated by Oklahoma City police officers patrolling the area. Security officials later said there was no altercation and there would be no investigation, but the league office confirmed Thursday it was looking into the incident to potentially levy fines and/or suspensions for both players. Afterward in the locker room, Randolph downplayed what transpired. “It wasn't nothin',” he said. Oklahoman

Asked what was said on the court, Randolph refused to share details. The game was nationally televised on ESPN and a courtside microphone picked up what was said. Perkins: “I'll meet you by the bus.” Randolph: “I'll beat your (expletive).” Asked Thursday what led to the incident, Perkins said: “Just too much talking. I wasn't frustrated, but at the same time I have a problem with losing. … You do have to see this team three more times and we can't be showing no signs of weakness.” Oklahoman

The Star recently talked to three NBA scouts who have watched the Pacers in person or on film this season to get their take on what has gone wrong. Biggest problem Scout No. 1: "They're searching for who should get the ball at the right time. (Coach Frank) Vogel has condensed his offense to only a handful of plays and runs them all the time. You know what's coming. They're easy to defend because you can play everybody straight up without the concern of getting beat. There's only occasional times where Roy Hibbert is going to go off. You know how he's getting the ball, the plays that are coming. They don't strike fear in anybody." Indianapolis Star

Scout No. 2: "You hate to compare what a guy is making like in Hibbert's case, but the reality is when you pay him all that money you expect him to easily get you double figures in points and rebounds. The shots he's missing are point-blank shots; it's not like he's shooting jumpers. You're talking about jump hooks, two or three feet from the basket. You see his confidence is not there." Scout No. 3: "They're just a careless team. They don't know how to pass the basketball, that's why they're near the top of the league in turnovers. It's simple passes that aren't being made. You can't have an offensive structure if you don't know to feed the ball into the post." Indianapolis Star

It is unchartered waters for the 24-year-old Turner, who has been a superstar at every level since he was 12. "I keep telling people I was better at 12 than I am now, but nobody believes me," says the affable Turner, who often is the funniest player in the locker room. "It's all about what's best for the team at the end of the day. Clearly it's not easy, and what's even rougher is what's going on behind me and what's going on in my head. Like people saying that I was the second pick and all that and maybe they expect more, but if coach asks me to do something, that's what I'm going to do. "I want to get minutes on the court and help the team out. Sometimes people don't think that's something that a guy who was the second pick would do. But here that's what I'm seen as and that's what I'm going to do to the best of my abilities. Philadelphia Inquirer

"I went from standing out to fitting in, and that's the hardest thing. How do you get good at fitting in? It's tough to fit in. You walk around and try to figure things out sometimes and you might look around at other players and say, 'This person did this and that person did that' but you really have to be comfortable with yourself, you know?" Philadelphia Inquirer

Brooks is in the process of plotting that transformation, and he has a plan that could work. It’s an adjustment that has the potential to bring more balance to the bench unit while establishing additional harmony in the star-studded first string. The idea is to sub out Kevin Durant earlier. It’s a strategy Brooks told me following practice today that the coaching staff began kicking around earlier in the day. By sitting Durant earlier, the Thunder can accomplish three things: most importantly a more sensible rotation that relies less on only Eric Maynor and Kevin Martin to create, secondly, an opportunity for Westbrook to run as wild as his heart desires for longer stretches and, lastly, more rest for Durant. Oklahoman

Stuckey, who did not practice Tuesday and did not travel with the team to Philadelphia because of flu-like symptoms, said he would be amenable to becoming a go-to scorer on the second unit if Frank decided on a switch. "I would love doing that," Stuckey said. "I have no problems, man. whatever L wants me to do." Stuckey said he watched parts of the first half of Wednesday's game until his son woke up and wanted to watch a children's show, "Baby Einstein." "When I was watching, I thought Kyle played phenomenal," Stuckey said. "He did an excellent job. I was just happy to see him go out there and play the way he did. Like I said, if I need to come off the bench, I'll do it. Whatever coach wants me to do to help the team, that's what I'll do." Booth Newspapers

Deron Williams finished with 24 points, eight assists in the Nets’ 102-97 win over the Celtics last night at Barclays Center. But the star point guard also suffered an injury to his right leg. “I don’t even know what it is,” he said. “It’s the area in-between my Achilles and my calf. It’ll be all right by Sunday [against Sacramento]. That’s all that matters.” New York Post

Center Andrew Bogut continues to rehab the surgically-repaired left ankle that has him out indefinitely, and USA TODAY Sports has learned that he has been taking yet another measure to get fully healthy on Monday. The Warriors have confirmed that Bogut has received Regenokine injections, a blood-manipulation treatment on his ankle that is similar to the one Lakers star Kobe Bryant had on his right knee during the 2011 offseason and to which he credits his physical revival ever since. The procedure is expected to assist in Bogut's recovery and diminish the inflammation in the ankle. USA Today

Roy said his goal is to play Friday against Golden State, but he didn't seem overly-optimistic. He tried his best to sound positive, but he spoke with the tone and had the body language of someone who knows it isn't good. "I would like to (play Friday)," Roy said. "That's the goal. I don't want to say yeah or no, but I would like to try to get out there Friday." 1500ESPN.com

"Absolutely (we expected bumps in the road)," Kahn said. "We were very clear last summer that we didn't expect everything to be issue-free. We didn't expect the opposite. We went into it not knowing what to expect. So, I don't think that anything that has occurred up to this point could be considered surprising." 1500ESPN.com

As we touched on the other day, FIBA is hoping to get three-on-three basketball in the 2016 Summer Olympics. While this sounds very exciting, it does create a lot of questions that could not be answered until the International Olympic Committee actually makes a decision on the idea. But if you are wondering how “official” three-on-three basketball can look, the FIBA 3×3 World Tour can give you an idea. Dime

Jerry Colangelo's re-election as chairman of the USA national team means Phil Jackson's desire to add that post to his resumè is not likely to be sated. Jerry isn't Jim Buss when it comes to Phil, but it's not the kind of relationship that bears favors. Gregg Popovich and Doc Rivers remain the top candidates to succeed Coach K. Pop's familiarity with all things Europe is a big plus. about 6 hours ago Sulia

So how exactly did the Lakers go from nearly 95% sure Jackson was their man to D'Antoni? "When we relieved Mike [Brown] of his duties, clearly what we anticipated took place, which was a groundswell of support for Phil Jackson," Kupchak said. "To be honest with you, by late Friday night after the game and early Saturday morning, if we had to make a decision at that point ... statistically there was a real good chance that Phil Jackson would be our coach. We just felt there was so much public support, it might be difficult not to hire him." Kupchak was concerned the team was going along with public pressure instead of making the decision based on merits. "We had some time to challenge in our minds the public support," Kupchak said. "We gradually got to the position where we should do what we think is right for the team, not only for the present but going forward." Los Angeles Times

At his first news conference as new Lakers coach Thursday, D'Antoni was all smiles and giggles and awe. "It was an unbelievable feeling of, 'I've got a real shot,' " he said of his surprise hiring. "This is really good, this is fun, the stakes are high, this type of team ... what's not to like?" Meeting the media on a nearby bench, Dwight Howard was all shrugs and sighs and caution. "It's just the first day," he said flatly. "He came in, he talked to us, we ran a couple of offensive plays, that's it." Los Angeles Times

Johnson is presuming that the call was left to Jim Buss and not Jerry Buss, which might be more of an accurate reflection of how the decision was made. "Obviously he's entitled to his opinion. I'm disappointed he feels that way," General Manager Mitch Kupchak said. "I respect his opinion but I don't agree." So how exactly did the Lakers go from nearly 95% sure Jackson was their man to D'Antoni? "When we relieved Mike [Brown] of his duties, clearly what we anticipated took place, which was a groundswell of support for Phil Jackson," Kupchak said. "To be honest with you, by late Friday night after the game and early Saturday morning, if we had to make a decision at that point ... statistically there was a real good chance that Phil Jackson would be our coach. We just felt there was so much public support, it might be difficult not to hire him." Los Angeles Times

Kupchak was concerned the team was going along with public pressure instead of making the decision based on merits. "We had some time to challenge in our minds the public support," Kupchak said. "We gradually got to the position where we should do what we think is right for the team, not only for the present but going forward." Apparently the organization had doubts that Jackson, despite his credentials, was the right coach for the roster. "We did not hire Phil back because we didn't think that the players we have fit the system. There was some uncertainty as to how long he wanted to be a coach," Kupchak said. "We want to have a coach for several years." Should the Lakers be worrying about three years from now given Bryant's contract ends in two? "There is no way to determine now if Phil was the coach we would have won a championship with," Kupchak said. Los Angeles Times

Kevin Love once kept Dylan Witschen's picture in his Timberwolves locker and wrote Dylan's No. 7 on his sneakers before every game. Now, Love says he carries his inspiration's infectious smile with him wherever he goes. The bond between the pro basketball star and former Anoka High School football player continues to burn brightly -- more than two years after Dylan succumbed to a cancerous brain tumor. "I see a lot of Dylan. ... I'm proud to call him my friend," Love said recently of the kid from Andover, who would have turned 19 this coming Monday and remains the driving force behind Saturday's fundraising walk for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital at Target Field. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Last year, Dylan's family was the top fundraising team in the nation, collecting $29,000 during the annual drive for St. Jude, the internationally renowned pediatric cancer research and treatment facility in Memphis, Tenn. In 2011, Love donated to the Dylan Witschen Foundation the Kia Sorento SUV he won for being named the National Basketball Association's most improved player. Love takes his role as ambassador for St. Jude's seriously and isn't bashful when talking about Dylan's influence. "It puts everything into perspective when you meet someone like that," Love said. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Amir Johnson asked the fans to pronounce the name of his new teammate. He uploaded the video for everyone to see on his YouTube channel called Amir TV. And you, do you know how to say "Jonas Valanciunas"? TalkBasket

Former WNBA star Chamique Holdsclaw is in custody after being accused of shooting into a woman's car after using a bat to break its windows. Atlanta police said Thursday that the incident happened Tuesday after the Olympic gold medalist followed 29-year-old Jennifer Lacy to her car. Lacy plays for the Tulsa Shock. No one was injured. Lacy identified the 35-year-old Holdsclaw, one of the biggest stars in women's college basketball history during her career at Tennessee, as an ex-girlfriend. They were teammates with the Atlanta Dream in 2009. Oklahoman

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