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December 30, 2012 | 07:29 PM ET Update

Antawn Jamison: "You’re not going to hear me complaining about it. I want to be a part of a winning organization. That’s what we’re doing now and while we’re doing it I’m not playing, but that’s the task at hand. For me, I’m going to continue to come in here, I’m going to work, make sure that I’m still in shape and when that number is called, I’m going to compete. Even when it’s tough and I’m not playing, I’m still having fun." Sulia

Iman Shumpert went through non-contact drills with the Knicks, which is the most he's done with them since May. Now the next step for Shumpert, who had knee surgery in May, is getting clearance for contact. Sulia

December 30, 2012 | 06:24 PM ET Update

In a quiet conversation Friday following his return from a two-game absence, Cousins, who is complex and often contradictory, addressed a number of topics. He said his mother, Monique, strongly influenced the decision to replace John Greig with the high-profile Dan Fegan as his agent, but denies he wants to be traded. He is consumed by critical stories, blogs and tweets, and bristles when characterized as "immature." He is troubled by the recurring hits to his reputation, yet doesn't understand how his negative body language (frowns, head shakes, etc.) and verbal outbursts alienate teammates and harm his image. Sacramento Bee

"But I can do better," Cousins continued in the near-empty locker room. "The first thing I have to do is keep my mouth shut … even when I'm right. But I'm not depressed. Do I look depressed? I'm rich, I'm healthy. I'm very grateful for the situation I'm in. I'm telling you, it's the stress." Sacramento Bee

"Stack Jack" was recently fined for basically threatening Serge Ibaka using Twitter. And after the Spurs' shoot around Sunday morning, Popovich saw Stephen Jackson using his cell phone and reacted in a very Pop way. Via Dwaine Price: "Jack's a pain in the (butt),'' Popovich said. "Look at him, all he does is twitters. "He's twittering some stuff right now that'll probably get him fined, and then I've got to call the league and talk to the league and say, 'Yeah, I talked to him.' '' Jackson then chimed in and said: "It's not Twitter. It's Instagram.'' CBSSports.com

Derrick Rose has been able to ramp up his activities during practices for the Chicago Bulls, but the point guard is still not close to making his season debut, according to coach Tom Thibodeau. “He’s right where he’s always been,” Thibodeau said following Sunday's practice at the Berto Center in Deerfield. “Each week he’ll do a little bit more. He’s doing more basketball stuff but he’s not anywhere close to playing. He’s got a long way to go for that. He’s doing all the non- contact stuff in practice. He’s doing well overall.” Chicago Tribune

December 30, 2012 | 02:59 PM ET Update

Jonathan Feigen: Rockets could be adding Patrick Beverley too, source said. Obv wld prefer to create roster room in deal but been working on that for awhile. Twitter @Jonathan_Feigen

A day after the Rockets assigned rookie forward Royce White to the NBA Development League affiliate, a move they considered the next step in bringing him back to the team, White has refused to accept the assignment. Houston Chronicle

White issued a statement to explain his position. “We say there is such an unknown element to mental health in this country, due to the number of people who are not diagnosed. This element also makes it a tough demographic to support. I agree. However, it saddens and frightens me to know that in this situation all the decision makers involved have been informed of all the medical dynamics, and yet still refuse to adhere to medical sensibility. In hindsight of the recent tragedies in this country, that had mental illness variables, you would think it would encourage people to act more proactively in that arena. You would think that decision makers who are not well informed about mental health, would take the consultation and recommendation of those who are. You would think we would start to do everything possible to not let the tragic consequences befall us first, before we ask the logical question, “why?”, “who knew?” “how could we have helped?. Why not take a proactive approach of “who knows?” “how can we listen?”, “how can we support now?” Houston Chronicle

Royce White: I do wish to play, but I only intend to do so with the collaboration and recommendation of trained professionals. The purpose of a doctor’s confirmation is to ensure that health decisions are made in the sole interest of health and not conflicted with business. My only hope is that decision makers involved realize that doctors are the only logical source to decide action. Houston Chronicle

Royce White: The information that the Houston Rockets have publicly presented about this situation has been extremely misleading and a lot of times totally inaccurate. An image of support has been presented by the Rockets, but the only logical support here would be listening to the recommendation of the medical professionals involved. That has not totally happened here. I have chosen to not play, because the doctors and I believe it to be unsafe for unqualified Rockets front office personnel to make medical decisions, as they are not mental health professionals.” Houston Chronicle

All-Star point guard Tony Parker became the first Spurs player chastised under the NBA’s new anti-flopping policy, receiving an official warning for what the league deemed an acting job in the first half of Friday’s 122-116 win over Houston. On the play in question, which can be viewed here, Parker is elevating for a defensive rebound when Rockets guard Toney Douglas extends his hand toward Parker’s back. Parker goes sprawling to the ground on the baseline, and no foul is whistled. San Antonio Express-News

Henry Thomas, the agent for Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade, told the Sun Sentinel that he plans to appeal Wade's one-game NBA suspension for Wade's kick to the groin of Charlotte Bobcats guard Ramon Sessions. While Wade was forced to sit out Friday's loss to the Detroit Pistons, with that part of the sanction not subject to appeal, Thomas told the Sun Sentinel that Wade would appeal the lost wages, which are in excess of $150,000 for the missed game. "We are doing it on the basis that I don't think the suspension was warranted," Thomas said. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“To be honest, I would put myself in the same category as D-Wade. I mean, at the end of the day, the only thing that he has that I don’t have is more wins and two championships. That’s it. As far as playing at the same level? Competing every night? Both ends? Shooting inside and outside? Fast break? Transition? Monta Ellis have it all.” – Monta Ellis NBCSports.com

But CSNChicago.com has learned that over the last two days, minus the contact portions, the former league MVP has been a full participant in the team’s practices at the Berto Center. However, that doesn’t mean Rose will return to the court in the near future, as it was always the plan to have him increase his basketball workload in an effort to get familiar with his new teammates, have a comfort level in running the offense and regain a semblance of his timing, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. CSN Chicago

While there is no set timetable for Rose to resume playing, according to multiple sources, the 24-year-old point guard will be back on the court sometime after the NBA All-Star break. CSN Chicago

That same source told CSNChicago.com that Rose’s return will be a “collective decision” made between the player’s representatives, the organization and its medical staff, as well as Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf. But, regardless of medical clearance, Rose will have to be comfortable mentally in order to get the go-ahead to play, making the idea of “coming back early” moot, as his next game will be exactly when the stars align, so to speak. While many observers have cited the case of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, in the midst of a career and potentially record-breaking season, as an example of an explosive athlete who returned from ACL rapidly and at the same, if not higher level, it should be noted that there are vast differences in the two athletes’ body types, nature of their sports and respective recovery processes, as recently detailed by Peterson in Sports Illustrated. CSN Chicago

Another person with knowledge of the situation told CSNChicago.com that it won’t affect the Bulls’ roster moves, particularly in regard to backup point guard Nate Robinson — and his non-guaranteed contract, of which the team must make a decision about by Jan. 10 — who is likely to remain with the squad for the rest of the season. CSN Chicago

December 30, 2012 | 12:38 PM ET Update

Having Hamilton back also means that veteran shooter Marco Belinelli heads back to the bench after an impressive December. Because of Hamilton's limited playing time, Belinelli, who scored 17 on Saturday night, and second-year swingman Jimmy Butler will still see minutes, but Thibodeau still isn't sure just how many each will get it. It's because of Belinelli's solid play and Butler's energy off the bench that Hamilton's name has popped up in a lot of trade speculation throughout the league. "I don't pay attention to it," said, who has a team option at the end of this season. "It happens every year. Every year, if you ain't in a trade rumor, then you ain't doing something right. That's how I always looked at it. That's the way this game goes, you hear about stuff every day because GM's are talking to different players every day. It's nothing that I even get caught up or think about or anything like that." ESPN.com

Ronald Tillery: Pondexter officially diagnosed with grade 2 sprain of MCL in left knee. He could miss a month but no timetable has been set for return Twitter @CAGrizBlog

Trevor Ariza, Trevor Booker, A.J. Price and John Wall all made the short trip to Chicago, where the Wizards lost, 87-77, to the Bulls at United Center. And, while all four are making progress with their respective injuries, Coach Randy Wittman said Ariza is probably closest to returning to full- contact practice, possibly by Monday. “He’s coming along good,” Wittman said of Ariza, who strained his left calf in the third quarter of the Wizards’ stunning 105-101 victory over the Miami Heat on Dec. 4. “We’ll see how the next couple of games, go. He’s still got a little tightness in there.” Washington Post

In the midst of telling Ian O'Connor five times that "P.J. is our coach," Billy King said the Nets have not yet contacted anyone about replacing Avery Johnson on a permanent basis. "We have not contacted anybody, not sat down with anybody. We made the move and we're going to let P.J. coach," King told O'Connor on ESPN Radio Sunday, echoing Mikhail Prokhorov's comments Friday night. He did say, repeatedly, that they will re-evaluate P.J. Carlesimo at some point but wouldn't put a timetable on it. "He is going to be the head coach until we re-evaluate things," he said more than once. When asked when that re-evaluation would come, he was again non-committal. "I don't want to put a timetable on it." NetsDaily

When asked specifically about Phil Jackson, King simply said, "P.J. is our coach." "More than anything, you just need to calm the waters and let guys breathe as a group and try to gel," King told O'Connor. "Because if we're in the middle of a search, the turmoil just continues. We need our guys to just focus on the now and San Antonio." NetsDaily

December 30, 2012 | 08:47 AM ET Update

The Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets and Boston Celtics have been among the teams that have shown interest in the past on gambling with the player who could become the most dominant big man in the game. But will Petrie still be at the helm by the time the Feb. 21 trading deadline arrives? Will he be allowed to make franchise-altering moves such as these if his time in Sacramento is nearing an end? USA Today Sports

While Cousins has insisted publicly that he does not want to be traded, his story has been different privately. The recent hiring of influential agent Dan Fegan has led to the widespread assumption within the organization that Cousins will eventually demand a trade. USA Today Sports

"He's got a reputation that's good and bad," said one Sixers player, speaking anonymously. "His attitude has been an issue for him in certain places. But one thing you know is that he's going to play hard all the time, and he's going to bring emotion. I think he'd help us more than he would hurt." Philadelphia Inquirer

A league source told NetsDaily that the Nets have no immediate plans to fill the spot, but did note the January 10 deadline. Nate Robinson and Samardo Samuels, among others, could be available. The Nets would have had to extend Childress' contract by January 10 as well. The Nets are expected to extend Andray Blatche's contract, also non-guaranteed, prior to the deadline. NetsDaily

The Houston Rockets announced on Saturday that rookie forward Royce White has been "assigned" to the team's NBA Development League affiliate, the Rio Grande Valley Vipers. NBA sources told FOX 26 Sports White worked out this past week at Toyota Center as part of a multi-week plan of getting him ready for the NBA. FOX 26 Sports

But after Cousins' halftime tirade aimed at Smart in a Dec. 21 game at the Los Angeles Clippers led to an indefinite suspension the following day for the center and his reinstatement two days later, not everyone within the organization was happy to have him back. The decision to reinstate Cousins on Dec. 24 was made unilaterally by the team's owners and went against the wishes and planned protocol of the team's front office, according to three people with knowledge of the situation who spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation. USA Today Sports

While the rules of the collective bargaining agreement don't allow players to be forced into mental health counseling, it was strongly suggested that Cousins see a psychologist. It was Cousins' prerogative to decline those services - which he did. But the bare-minimum expectations of the team's front-office executives were that Cousins would come back contrite and apologetic to Smart and his teammates. USA Today Sports

The Thunder's sixth man then responded by knocking down his first two shots, both 3-pointers, before scoring 19 points on 6-for-14 shooting in 24 minutes off the bench in Saturday's 124-94 win. Though it was unclear why Martin was subject to such a reaction, he said his return to the Toyota Center was no big deal. “It's not really on the same level as James (returning to Oklahoma City) because I was only here for a couple of years,” Martin said. “It's more like Sacramento would be it for me. That's where my emotional attachment is. But it's always good just to come back here and play in front of people that supported you the past couple of years.” Oklahoman

Stan Van Gundy still exchanges friendly text messages with the player who he once claimed wanted him fired. Van Gundy will tell Dwight Howard good luck before a game, or inform the star center that he played well after a solid performance for the Lakers. Los Angeles Times

Howard has sent more than thanks to his former coach. He also passed along some thoughts on his new team's primary shortcoming. "The only thing he's really gotten into was," Van Gundy said Friday in a phone interview, "he wants their defense to be better." Los Angeles Times

"I don't think he looks quite as explosive or as quick as he has in the past," said Van Gundy, who coached Howard in Orlando for five seasons before being fired in May. "Now, he's still above almost everyone in the league at that size athletically, but he has not totally looked like himself to me." Los Angeles Times

Howard denied Van Gundy's assertion that he had gone to team management in an attempt to oust his coach, but there is no lingering tension between the duo. "Look, management makes decisions," said Van Gundy, who now works as a college basketball analyst for NBC. "The L.A. Laker management fired Mike Brown. The Orlando Magic management fired me and the Brooklyn Nets management fired Avery Johnson. "Dwight and my time in Orlando, I thought the relationship was good, worked well, produced results and that's what player-coach relationships in this league should be about, are the results that they get and the results here were good, mainly because Dwight's as good as he is. He's a great, great player and I have a great appreciation for what he did for our teams and for me as a coach." Los Angeles Times

Rondo went on to indicate that he’s not panicking and that he’s confident things will improve. But he knows the issues and what will happen if they are not addressed by the players. “I don’t think too much of (the current situation),” he said. “We’re a .500 team right now, but it’s just what it is. We’ll get better. We have to trust more. Once our trust factor goes up and we all get on the same page, we’ll be a better team than what we are right now. But until then, we’ll be pretty inconsistent like we have been. “I think we’ve got to make a change sooner or later, as far as guys’ mentality. If we don’t, then who knows?” Boston Herald

Because the Knicks are short-handed, Woodson said Friday that he needed Stoudemire to be ready for Tuesday’s game. Stoudemire will be re-evaluated by a knee specialist Sunday before he participates in another practice. Woodson said he hoped Stoudemire could practice Sunday and Monday. It will be the first time in weeks that the Knicks have had two straight days of practice. “Those two practices will give us some indication of where he is,” Woodson said of Stoudemire. “I’m going to put him through a full practice in terms of running up and down and banging some with him, too. Hopefully, there will be no setbacks, and he’ll be ready to go New Year’s Day.” New York Times

His right knee still aching, Timberwolves guard Brandon Roy spent the past few days contemplating his future, and whether the NBA would be a part of it. Ultimately, Roy -- after consulting with yet another doctor -- has decided upon a new treatment on his right knee that he hopes will allow him to return to action. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Neither Roy nor the Wolves will know whether the new treatment will work for at least three or four weeks, team President of Basketball Operations David Kahn said before Saturday's game with Phoenix. "Last week while practicing, I suffered a setback in my recovery," Roy said in a statement released by the team. "I've felt better since the recent surgery, but I am not all the way better. The past two days I have been weighing all of my options as I try to continue my basketball career. I have decided to explore additional treatment options and an extensive rehabilitation plan. My goal has been, and continues to be, to return to the basketball." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

P.J. Carlesimo, of course, is in a more tenuous situation as with an interim tag. He admitted before Saturday's victory over the Cavaliers that the lack of stability is an issue, and that a coach such as Phil Jackson would have more "credibility." His comments are worth a read: "I think very few coaches in this league have the … I don’t know what word I’m thinking of … it’s kind of power. I’ll think of it. We got to the point at Seton Hall that I had it; the players knew that I was going to be there no matter what. Pop has that. Phil had it. There are very few guys in the league that have it. If you don’t have that, which very, very few do, it’s infinitely better to have many years on your contract, and hopefully at a good number, because that doesmake you a more efficient coach, no question. At this point, if Phil (Jackson) were coaching, or (Jerry) Sloan when he was in Utah or (Gregg Popovich), they have more credibility and leverage with the players than I do. New York Daily News

"And honestly, it’s not a concern now. This is just the situation and you’ve got to deal with. I just think for any coach – I’ve been in that situation in other places – you just really do not want to go into the last year of your contract ever. There is no coach that can say he wants to do that. Maybe Scottie (Brooks), after you win Coach of the Year and you’ve got one year left and they’re not writing a big enough check. But for the most part, no, you don’t want to go into the last year of your contract ever in this league. But coaches don’t have with very very very very few exceptions the leverage that a player has, because there’s more zeros on their contract than there are on their contract." New York Daily News

Petrie is in the last year of his contract, and people close to him and the Maloofs say it's all but certain that his 19-year run with the Kings will come to an end this summer. Even if the Maloofs surprised all involved and offered Petrie a new deal, one person close to the 64-year-old said they were "99.9% sure he wouldn't take it" because of his desire to retire. Petrie declined a request for an interview. USA Today Sports

Former WFAN host Sid Rosenberg, who has a radio show in South Florida, had Thomas as guest Friday and asked the former Knicks general manager/coach if he would be interested in the Nets’ coaching job. Thomas answered the query in a serious manner, though the fledgling Brooklyn franchise hiring Thomas would go down as among the worst public-relations moves in sports history. Thomas, fired from his Florida International gig last spring, is an NBA TV analyst. “Being in a position where I was president of a team and general manager, their jobs are hard enough,’’ Thomas said. “You don’t interject yourself into that conversation. You understand the sensitivity of what you might say. That’ll be a no comment.’’ New York Post

Former Marquette player and Waukegan native Jerome Whitehead has died. He was 56. Whitehead, who also played 11 seasons in the NBA, was found dead by his sister in his home Dec. 20 near El Cajon, Calif., according to the San Diego County Medical Examiner's Office. Whitehead had apparently been dead for some time, as there were "signs of decomposition," an examiner's office spokesman said. Chicago Tribune

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