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January 10, 2013 | 08:24 PM ET Update

The family that owns the Sacramento Kings wants to maintain a say in how the team is run if they sell it to Chris Hansen, creating a possible snag in the sale negotiation, an NBA source told The Seattle Times. The Maloof family has owned the team since 1998, and brothers Joe and Gavin have been particularly involved and visible presences in the franchise since day one. Seattle Times

An initial Yahoo! Sports report on the sale, since confirmed by others, is that the family would retain a small percentage in the team. But the question now, according to the source, is whether that percentage also would allow the Maloofs some say in how the team is run. The source said it goes beyond dollars and cents and stressed how important being involved in the NBA has been to the family. Seattle Times

Right or wrong, Buss is a primary decision-maker along with owner Jerry Buss and General Manager Mitch Kupchak. The future of the organization relies on how he perceives the Lakers' prospects. "I'm still excited about the team but injuries have played such a huge part in this. I'm not frustrated with the players at all," Buss said. "Am I upset that we might not make the playoffs? Of course." "To panic?" asked Buss. "No, we're not going to panic." Los Angeles Times

"Greg Oden will be playing in the NBA next season, I'm 100 percent sure of that," Conley said of his client, who turns 25 on Jan. 22 and hasn't played in an NBA game since December 2009. "But I haven't had any talks with the Heat. I have talked to several teams (that Conley wouldn't name). I would call (rumors Oden could end up in Miami this season) extreme." FOXSports Florida

The best-case scenario for injured Lehigh guard C.J. McCollum is for the preseason All-American to return in two-plus months, just in time for the Patriot League tournament. But his potentially lucrative future in the NBA may take precedence over a speedy recovery. There's more to life, after all, then helping the Mountain Hawks in the conference tourney. Several factors need to be considered. Either way, Lehigh coach Brett Reed is preparing for life without the senior who helped the Mountain Hawks stun powerhouse Duke in the NCAA tournament last season. Reed is trying to be realistic, and said there was a distinct possibility McCollum may have played his last game at Lehigh. "We have to progress," he said, "and move on." ESPN.com

Mike Mazzeo: P.J. "almost certain" to remain #Nets coach for the rest of the season, source says. Players like how he lets them play thru mistakes. Twitter @MazzESPN

Jeff Zillgitt: At Smithsonian Associates event in D.C., NBA Commissioner David Stern said his greatest failure has been work stoppages. Twitter @JeffZillgitt

January 10, 2013 | 06:12 PM ET Update

New ownership, whether it's formally in place or in de facto control of the team, will want a say in any big decision — whether to trade DeMarcus Cousins, add long-term contracts, or cut as much salary as possible. Executives around the league agree the Kings are at least open for business right now — taking calls, engaging in exploratory talks, etc. There's some wariness that the ownership transition, should it actually start soon, would complicate things, but there remains optimism the Kings won’t just disconnect the phones regardless. (Note: They might do that if the Maloofs can no longer afford the phone bill before the sale is final.) Grantland

They are also pretty much unanimous that Cousins, despite his three suspensions just this season and occasionally toxic personality, is off-limits right now, barring a blow-your-mind offer that isn’t coming — and can’t really come, anyway, since Cousins makes only $3.88 million this season. Teams over the cap wishing to take in Cousins’s salary would have to send out a similar amount, and a salary at that level on its own will not bring a fair talent return for Sacramento. It’s possible for Sacramento to add another player to a Cousins package to beef up the outgoing salary, but going that route entails either taking on considerable long-term money, dumping everything for a big expiring contract, or building a three- or four-team deal to send some of that salary elsewhere — all things that require ownership input. Grantland

While Anderson’s name was mentioned in trade rumors earlier this season, none of those trade talks were initiated by the Hornets’ front office. It’s true that teams have been calling New Orleans and expressing interest in Anderson, but the Hornets have no intention of trading Anderson, according to sources close to the situation. Anderson is part of the team’s long-term plan, which is why they were willing to commit $36 million to him, and they’ve been very happy with his contributions. HoopsWorld

At first, sources blamed Martin’s unwillingness to sign for the veteran’s minimum as the reason why he wasn’t signed, but even since Martin has backed off of that stance he hasn’t been picked up. Some reports have even indicated that Martin would even be willing to sign a 10-day contract in an effort to prove that he can still bring something to the table for an NBA team. HoopsWorld

Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers said Thursday morning that forward Kevin Garnett did not include Carmelo Anthony's wife in trash talking during Monday's victory over the New York Knicks, as has been rumored. "Well, No. 1, I know what's been reported did not happen," Rivers said adamantly during his weekly interview on Boston sports radio station WEEI. "I know that as a fact." Pressed further on Garnett's rumored remarks, Rivers said: "That did not happen." ESPN.com

Celtics coach Doc Rivers called it “sour grapes” that Hawks general manager Danny Ferry gave officials a DVD believed to show guard Rajon Rondo bumping a referee during a loss last week. Rondo was subsequently suspended by the NBA for one game for bumping referee Rodney Mott while arguing a charging call in Saturday’s game and failure to cooperate with a league investigation. Rondo was not penalized at the time. The NBA also fined Ferry $15,000 for “inappropriate interaction” with officials after the game. Although the league did not elaborate on the reason for the fine, it was the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that reported Ferry gave the officiating crew a DVD believed to contain footage of the play. Video of the incident was also played by NBA TV. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

You know, I've noticed something strange regarding you this season. I've watched you for a long time and have seen the way you've always played, but for some reason this season... Jamal Crawford: (laughs) I know what you're about to say, but go ahead. GQ: Well, to me it's funny because it seems like now all of a sudden everyone's talking about your ball-handling and your style of play. Jamal Crawford: (laughs) It's like I just started playing this year. You know, I've been doing these things for years, but it really shows you the difference between winning and losing. When you're losing it's like you're not really on the map, and people don't even pay attention to it. But being in L.A. and winning, people really start to take notice. It's weird that it happens like that, because all of a sudden your name becomes larger. You know, I'm in my 13th season. I can't think of anybody whose name has gotten bigger at that point, because by then you're pretty much established. But it's been fun. It's been a wild ride. And I still think the best is yet to come. GQ.com

To me the most amazing stat—and this kind of speaks to what a wild ride it's been for you—is that you've had a different head coach every year of your career. Jamal Crawford: Actually, I've had sixteen head coaches. That's, like, unbelievable, right? GQ: It's incredible. Jamal Crawford: And you've got to figure, every coach has a different way they see you fitting on their team, a different way they want to use you. I'm glad that I'm here with Coach Del Negro, and we'll get him locked up long-term and keep this group together for a while. GQ.com

There’s also a chance forward Trevor Booker makes it back for Saturday night’s game. Booker sprained his right knee during the preseason and has not played since aggregating the injury in a loss to the Indiana Pacers on Nov. 19. Washington Post

Brooklyn Nets backup center Andray Blatche says he's "not worried at all" about his involvement in an alleged sexual assault that occurred in his Philadelphia hotel suite early Tuesday morning. Blatche was questioned by Philadelphia police, but not charged, according to Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey. An investigation remains ongoing. "I'm not worried at all, because when the truth comes out, then everybody will realize what happened," Blatche told reporters Thursday. ESPN.com

The 21-year-old woman who filed a sexual assault complaint with police after a night in Brooklyn Nets player Andray Blatche's Four Seasons hotel suite has told a Philadelphia TV station that he witnessed the alleged assault but did not participate. A. Charles Peruto Jr., Blatche's Philadelphia-based attorney, told USA TODAY Sports that Blatche "has cooperated every step of the way. He voluntarily surrendered DNA. They will find nothing because he did nothing," Peruto said in a phone interview. While the investigation remains ongoing, in Peruto's view, "This case is closed (for Blatche)," he said. USA Today Sports

Andray Blatche said he doesn't have to re-evaluate who he hangs out with "No. Like I said, no. Y’all going to hear the truth sooner or later. It’s just a bad situation what somebody would say. But trust me, when the time comes and I can talk about it, everybody will realize it’s not what you think." Sulia

January 10, 2013 | 01:39 PM ET Update

But even after the Suns fell to 12-25 following an 87-79 loss to the Celtics on Wednesday, Gortat said he is not looking to force his way off his struggling team. "Basically I just don't want to feel like a loser and escape," he told CSNNE.com. "The team needs you and then all of a sudden you escape because you said you wanted to be traded or you asked for a trade? It's not like that. "If someone's going to decide to trade me, it is a business. I'll understand that. But now I'm on the Phoenix Suns and I'm going to help." CSNNE.com

"Right now I feel like it's hard to leave this sinking boat, you know what I mean, just go to a different team and escape from everything," he said. "I started with this team in training camp. I've been here for three years right now. This is my third year and basically I'm trying to help this team, help this team as much as I can. That's the main goal, but I learned also that this is business. Whatever's going to happen is going to happen." CSNNE.com

“Ultimately, my goal was always to finish my career in Dallas,” Nowitzki told ESPN in an interview taped before Wednesday’s Mavs-Clippers game. “The only way if I was going to leave was if we won a championship and I would have been chasing my last two years or whatever like (Gary) Payton and (Karl) Malone did when they went (to the Lakers) with Kobe and Shaq. Something like that, maybe I could have seen myself doing at the end. “But since I got that ring now, I think I’m going to finish my career in Dallas, but I obviously do want to be competitive my last couple of years and I do want to play not for the eight seed. Saying all that, I’ve got this year left and next year (on his contract), so hopefully we can still make a push here this season and get something going this summer and be competitive again.” ESPN.com

A franchise executive predicts that few teams will be seeking to trade for DeMarcus Cousins. "The league has really changed in the way we look at players. I think there would have been 10 to 15 teams that would have been interested in him a decade ago. I bet it's half that many teams -- or less -- that would be willing to take him on now. We do all of this research and background work on players now before we draft them. I think half of the consideration when we look at players now is trying to understand who these guys are as people. I really do think that most teams are going to say they don't want any part of him.'' SI.com

Nearly a year removed from his latest knee surgery, former No. 1 overall pick Greg Oden has decided to resume his playing career but is not planning to return to the NBA before the 2013- 14 season, according to sources close to the situation. Sources told ESPN.com that multiple teams have already expressed interest in signing Oden to a multi-year deal before the end of this season that would allow him to continue his rehab until he can get back on the court in training camp next fall. ESPN.com

NBA disciplinarian Stu Jackson nailed Anthony, who will miss his seventh game and will be docked 1/110th of his $19.5 million salary — $176,000. According to a source, Anthony’s reps are contemplating asking the players association about filing an appeal, but nothing has been decided. New York Post

"They should give me a reward for how many calls I think are good," Durant said. "But they penalize me for the ones I think aren't. That's part of the game. I have to calm down sometimes. I get too excited and too emotional in the game and it takes over for the bad when I get those techs. "They have a rule about 'For the Love of the Game.' You can't clap at them. You can't throw your fist at them or anything like that or scream. I've just got to calm down a little bit because the refs are doing a great job. … USA Today Sports

Watching Blake Griffin spin by turnstile Chris Kaman reminded what Kaman said about his former teammate last month Kaman, whose time with Blake in L.A. was brief, is no less a big, big fan. “Let me tell you something, that guy works harder than anybody I’ve ever met — I’m talking about anybody I’ve ever met. He works harder than any of them,” Kaman said. “He comes back to the gym two and three times a day, he works the weights, he runs, the guy’s a freak. I don’t know how he can endure all that on his body, but he’s able to and he still comes out and he plays as hard as anybody I’ve ever seen for the 35 to 40 minutes he’s in the game.” Sulia

(Dragic) stopped playing soccer when a tackle opened up a deep three-inch gash along his leg. "I went straight to the hospital, I even passed out because I saw blood. I was 9 or 10, I was recovering maybe a month, and after that my mom and dad said no more soccer for you. That's how I started basketball -- my friends in the neighborhood were basketball players and one day I went to see a practice. "Basketball was difficult the first couple months I tried it, but then when we started to play games it was really fun. I started waking up 2 a.m., 3 a.m., just to watch some NBA games. I had some trouble with that, especially the next day at school -- I fell asleep. When my mom found out, she let me watch NBA when it was Friday or Saturday and I didn't have any education the next day. SI.com

Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard wasn't happy when reporters asked about the torn labrum in his right shoulder. "I don't know what story came out and said I tore my labrum," he said at practice. Well, the story that came from an official Lakers news release saying, "an MRI exam revealed that he has a torn labrum and will be out indefinitely." USA Today Sports

"If there is indeed a labral tear and if you can manage the symptoms and use the arm well enough, a course of non-operative treatment can quiet the shoulder and get rid of any inflammation that's causing pain," Dr. Bradford Parsons, an Orthopaedic surgeon at Mount Sinai School of Medicine Department of Orthopaedics, told USA TODAY Sports. "Then, see if a course of non- operative treatment allows Mr. Howard to resume playing after a brief period of rest and doing some therapy." USA Today Sports

The Minnesota Timberwolves say coach Rick Adelman will remain away from the team while he tends to his wife, who has been in the hospital. The Timberwolves made the announcement Thursday, one day after Adelman missed his second straight game. They say that his status remains day-to-day and he will return to coaching "as soon as he is able." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

After saying for years they would never sell their basketball team, members of the Maloof family now appear close to unloading the Sacramento Kings to an out-of-town group for what could be a record price. Sources told The Bee on Wednesday that the family has been talking with a deep-pocketed Seattle investment group about a sale and team move to that city. One report pegged the sales price at an NBA record of $500 million or more. Sacramento Bee

According to a source with knowledge of family finances, but who was not authorized to speak publicly, the Maloofs may have been forced into the decision to consider a sale. The team is $200 million in debt, and could lose between $6 million and $7 million during the current NBA season. That loss was largely a result of the team's increased payroll this year after the NBA's new collective bargaining agreement mandated teams must carry payrolls of at least $49 million, the source said. The Kings' payroll reportedly is $57.9 million for the current season, about $13 million more than last year. Sacramento Bee

January 10, 2013 | 08:39 AM ET Update

There is still the possibility that Fernandez, a passionate music fan who has dreams of becoming a DJ, will have another go at cracking the NBA -- if his body can withstand the strain. "Who knows in two years, three years, I could back to the NBA if I start to feel better about my back." CNN.com

A source said the Knicks have made a recent inquiry about the free-agent Martin but nothing is serious until they figure out if Wallace will be able to resume his season next week. Ironically, Wallace’s $1.4 million veteran minimum’s contract is officially guaranteed as the Knicks would have had to waive him by last night. New York Post

The Denver coach, who had Andersen with the Nuggets from 2008-12 until he was an amnesty victim last summer, said it would be a good move for Miami to sign Andersen. The Heat, desperate for rebounding help, worked Andersen out earlier this week. "Oh, yeah, he has enough," Karl said in an interview Wednesday with FOX Sports Florida when asked if Andersen, who got the nickname "Birdman" for his high-flying antics, still has much athleticism left at 34. "He's not as spectacular as he once was. But I think there's plenty there. I think if they're looking for a 15- to 25-minute player, then they would have no problem." FOXSports Florida

The investigation is still ongoing. A lawyer for Andersen, Colin Bresee, said last year the family of a young woman from California who had said she was of legal age tried to extort Andersen for money after he spurned her advances following a visit to Colorado. Bresee had said Andersen had received letters and photos showing the young woman "scantily clad." "All I can say is I think ‘Birdman' is a classy guy. He's different," Karl said of the player known for his numerous tattoos. "I think he's very responsible. I think what happened last year, I think it can go clear itself up." FOXSports Florida

Someone asked in my Comcast/NBC chat yesterday about Greg Oden and whether he'd ever play again. I'm told by Mike Conley, his college teammate at Ohio State, that Greg is back in Columbus, taking classes and trying to get into playing shape and that he hopes to be available to hit the free-agent market and join a team before the end of this season. If he can't get his body right by then or there isn't sufficient interest, he intends to take another shot at it next fall. The takeaway: Oden hasn't given up on resuming his -- or, perhaps more accurately, having a -- NBA career. Sulia

Did the trade catch up by surprise? Marvin Williams: I can’t necessarily say I was expecting it. I think anytime anybody is traded they are always surprised. It was just one of those things where I was working out and a couple of buddies of mine had told me they heard I got traded. During the summer time there are always rumors going around so I really didn’t pay too much attention. When I got done working out I had a couple voice mails from Rick Sund, my agent. I called Rick Sund back and he expressed to me that I may see it on TV or on Twitter but that I was going to be traded so he wanted to let me know firsthand. I greatly appreciated that. They did everything first class. They were awesome about the whole situation. When I got back to my house, I saw across the bottom of the (TV) screen that I got traded to Utah. Q. It was Rick Sund who called you? Not Danny Ferry? Marvin Williams: Actually Danny was on the line as well. I figured Rick reached out to me because he already knew me. I had never met Danny Ferry personally. I didn’t get a chance to speak to him when he got the job. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Dirk Nowitzki: Well, I took some heat from the owner (...) If we don't get Dwight Howard or Chris Paul next summer are we gonna sign eight one-year deals and basically going another year of waiting for the next summer? That's really all I meant. How long are we gonna do this thing and keep hoping for somebody to sign in Dallas. The good thing is that we have cap space, so you can actually turn a franchise around pretty quick. ESPN.com

It all stemmed from a play with 15.6 seconds left and the Raptors with the ball, up 16. It certainly would appear to be a time when Toronto would hold the ball and run out the clock. Instead, guard Jose Calderon threw an alley-oop pass to Landry Fields, who threw down a dunk. Sixers coach Doug Collins stared down at the Raptors' bench, where, when the game ended, coach Dwane Casey waved at Collins. The Sixers coach didn't respond and a couple of minutes later, as the Sixers approached their locker room, words were exchanged. In the Raptors' locker room, both Calderon and Casey said they wanted to apologize, saying they didn't know how much time was left. Perhaps the fire that Collins' players showed after the late-game incident will carry over to the next game, which is Saturday at home against Houston. Right now, they need to look anywhere and everywhere for some answers. Philadelphia Inquirer

The Timberwolves played on without coach Rick Adelman Wednesday night in Oklahoma City for the second consecutive game while he tends to a personal matter believed to involve the health of a family member. Top assistant Terry Porter again coached the team, one night after the Wolves beat Atlanta 108-103 at Target Center. Adelman's son, David, has remained with the team, working daily in his job as player development coach while his father remains in Minneapolis. Father and son talk regularly and Porter said he has talked daily with Adelman as well. "Every day, pre-game, post-game, how the game went, how the meetings went," Porter said. "He's still very much in contact with what's going on. He's gotten multiple views on how everything is going." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Two league executives said they believe Kidd, a future Hall of Famer, will be pursued in some capacity once he retires as a player. One said Thomas—who has played for San Antonio's Gregg Popovich, Miami's Pat Riley, Chicago's Tom Thibodeau and former Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy—would get looks, too, given his pedigree and reputation. Wall Street Journal

That Kidd and Thomas would be attractive as coaching prospects illustrates the chasm in thinking when it comes to hiring ex-players. Despite the name recognition a star like Kidd could bring, teams usually opt for ex-players who are more like Thomas: journeymen. Wall Street Journal

MLSE president and chief operating officer Tom Anselmi wasn't exactly falling over himself to brush away the theory that more changes are coming: "Bryan Colangelo is in the last year of his contract so we're going to have to make a decision at some point in the next few months," he said. SportsNet

Ahead of Wednesday’s press conference, Tom Anselmi gave Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo the head’s up – there would be a second house cleaning in as many days at an MLSE franchise. “I was surprised, but I think I was surprised in the same way everybody else was surprised, the same way Dave Nonis and Brian Burke were surprised,” Colangelo said before Wednesday night’s game against Philadelphia. Toronto Star

According to sources, several of the team's minority owners were stunned (and ticked off) to hear that talks about a sale/relocation between the Maloofs and the Chris Hansen-led Seattle group reportedly have intensified. And one day after Virginia Beach removes itself as an NBA player? Hmmm. I also heard that high-ranking Kings employees were shocked by the reports that first surfaced early Wednesday on Yahoo! Sacramento Bee

Of the Maloofs, Gavin has long been most adamantly opposed to selling. The second of five Maloof siblings, he jokingly has said that he would chop off one of his legs before agreeing to a sale of the franchise. As for the investors Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson said he has spoken with about purchasing the Kings? Let's just say, the brothers like Ron Burkle about as much as they like the Lakers, which is to say, they will never get over it .. Sacramento Bee

Chris Hansen, founder of a San Francisco hedge fund, has a tentative deal in place to build a $490 million arena south of downtown Seattle. The city and King County would put up $200 million, and Hansen would contribute the rest. Hansen is surely good for his share. He has told Seattle officials he has a net worth of at least $300 million, and his arena proposal has the backing of the Nordstrom family and Microsoft executive Steve Ballmer. His hedge fund, Valiant Capital, controls $2.5 billion in assets and was an early investor in Facebook. Sacramento Bee

(Kevin) Johnson reminded reporters of the three scenarios he mapped out involving the team’s future in Sacramento – same team, same owners, same team, new owners and new team, new owners. Because the deal in Seattle is not yet final, Johnson is optimistic he can find an ownership group to put in a bid on behalf of Sacramento. ”Right now, what appears to be in play is scenario two – same team, new owner. And we’re going to do everything possible to be in the driver seat and to participate.” Cowbell Kingdom

Johnson wouldn’t speculate on the reported sale price of $500 million, but he believes it would be more cost-efficient to keep the team in Sacramento. ”From our standpoint in Sacramento, we believe it’s cheaper to stay here in Sacramento. It won’t cost as much. We’re a proven market. Our fans and our community have done everything that was asked of us over the last two years and more. In fact, we’ve exceeded the expectations in a down economy.” Cowbell Kingdom

Forty-one years of NBA history was over. The source of some of the league’s biggest names and most entertaining teams — and the only Seattle franchise to claim a championship in major professional sports — was gone. “Destroyed,” was the word chosen by Boston’s Jason Terry, who grew up in Seattle and starred at Frankin High, which is about 5 miles from the Sonics’ old haunt, Key Arena. “There [were] all kind of ‘Save the Sonics’ shirts, signs and blogs.” NBA.com

Referee Billy Kennedy was caught on a hot mic telling Spurs coach Gregg Popovich and Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni that he was “stalling” the game so that the television broadcast could air more commercials. The unusual sequence took place with 5:09 remaining in the fourth quarter with the Spurs leading 103-91 at the AT&T Center. “You called a full and then you wanted a 20,” Kennedy explained to D’Antoni. “You didn’t have one. You called one in the third quarter. TV went to a 20, thought it was going to be a 20. So what I’m doing right now is I’m stalling, I’m stalling for commercial time. That’s why I’m doing this right now. I need your help. … I can’t let your teams go to the huddle, you know what I’m saying?” SI.com

The victim of an alleged rape that happened in Brooklyn Nets' forward Andray Blatche's Center City hotel room spoke only with Action News Wednesday with the promise her identity would not be revealed. The 21-year-old student says she knew a member of the basketball star's entourage who invited her to meet them at Delilah's in Spring Garden. "I think I was already. I had to be already. Because it was like slowly...I was, I felt strange," the student said. They then went back to Blatche's suite at the Four Seasons where the alleged victim, who admits to drinking, says she passed out on the bed. "It was like I was asleep, but I was still conscious. I heard everything that was around me, but I couldn't, I couldn't move ...and not long after that that was when the first guy came in. It was like he rolled me over and had his way," the student said. abc.com

But she says, the player did nothing to stop the alleged assault. "He was not oblivious. He was aware the whole time," she said of Blatche. Several hours later, Blatche was back on the basketball court. When asked at a Tuesday morning practice why the 21-year-old was taken to the hospital, he replied, "I couldn't even tell you why. Maybe, she was sick. I don't know." Police sources confirm she told them Blatche was in the suite, but did not take part in the alleged rape. abc.com

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