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[ F R E E . A G E N C Y ]
Finley not done
by Jorge Sierra / December 31, 2011
Former Mavericks and Spurs guard Michael Finley is shooting for a return to pro basketball – in the NBA or other league . Read more

[ F R E E . A G E N C Y ]
Nachbar meets with Knicks, waits for his turn
by Jorge Sierra / December 6, 2011
Former Nets forward Bostjan Nachbar wants back in the NBA, but will be patient as the free agency picture clears up.
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[ M A V E R I C K S ]
Rudy staying in Spain for now
by Raul Barrigon / December 6, 2011
Visa issues keep Mavs guard Rudy Fernandez in Spain. Read more

[ L O C K O U T ]
How to make the CBA better
by Matt Tolnick / December 3, 2011
Matt Tolnick runs down a Top 10 of items that could improve the CBA. Read more

[ L O C K O U T ]
Potential amnesty options for NBA teams
by Marc Narducci / November 28, 2011
Teams will have interesting decisions to make concerning the amnesty clause in the CBA.
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[ M A V E R I C K S ]
Dallas still Plan A for Rudy
by Jorge Sierra / November 28, 2011
Source shoots down Spanish reports: Dallas will not be asked for a buyout at this point.
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[ J A Z Z ]
Kanter in wait-and-see mode
by Jorge Sierra / November 15, 2011
Jazz draftee Enes Kanter is drawing interest from overseas teams, but he's still not ready to commit. Read more

[ T H U N D E R ]
Barça takes a pass on Durant
by Raul Barrigon / November 13, 2011
FC Barcelona would be at the top of Kevin Durant's overseas list, but the Spanish team is not interested in players with NBA outs. Read more

[ L A B O R . T A L K S ]
Stern right in seeking more parity
by Matt Tolnick / October 15, 2011
The small-market teams had nary a chance to win with the previous system, according to Matt Tolnick, so it makes sense to change it big-time. Read more

[ R A P T O R S ]
Valanciunas' game needs no translation
by Jorge Sierra / August 17, 2011
Jonas Valanciunas' strong summer performance is making the Raptors look smart. Read more

[ O L D . S C H O O L ]
White's life should not be forgotten
by Charley Rosen / August 6, 2011
Sherman White, who was banned from the NBA for a betting scandal, died Thursday. He was one of the best players you've never heard of, according to Charley Rosen. Read more

[ L I B Y A ]
Alex Owumi: The story of a player in the middle of the Libyan Civil War
by Jorge Sierra / July 21, 2011
Alcorn State product Alex Owumi was playing in Libya when the war between opposition and pro-Gadaffi forces erupted. Quite an ordeal followed for the Nigerian-American guard. Read more

[ M A R K E T ]
Greece is a non-starter
by Peter May / July 19, 2011
With Panathinaikos and Olympiakos throwing money at players, Greece was able to attract top-notch talent, even from the NBA, for the last 15 years. Those days are now over. Read more

[ N U G G E T S ]
Remember my name?
by Jorge Sierra / July 12, 2011
Nigerian forward Chukwudiebere Maduabum heard his name called in the last draft. Well, kind of. Read more

[ M A G I C ]
Howard critical of coach's use of Arenas
by Jorge Sierra / June 19, 2011
Magic center Dwight Howard dished on a variety of topics during the latest stop of his European tour. Read more

[ D R A F T ]
Bias not the only sad story in cursed '86 draft
by Chris Tomasson / June 15, 2011
Many of the 1986 NBA draftees ended up in tragic circumstances. One of them, Chris Washburn, got his life back on track and is trying to help others do the same.
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[ F I N A L S ]
LeBron shoots down Miami
by Marc Narducci / June 1, 2011
When LeBron James shoots the way he did in the opener of the Finals, there is little answer for any opponent, including Dallas.
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[ D R A F T ]
Unknown at home, Vesely looks to make mark in the NBA
by Jorge Sierra / May 30, 2011
The Czech Republic doesn't care much about basketball, but draft prospect Jan Vesely cares deeply about the NBA.
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[ B U L L S ]
Rose is the new nice-guy superstar
by Chris Tomasson / May 12, 2011
Bulls guard Derrick Rose is getting comparisons with Steve Nash or Tim Duncan because of the humble way he conducts himself in the face of superstardom.
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[ R U S S E L L . W E S T B R O O K ]
A barometer to Thunder forecast
by Tracy Graven / May 10, 2011
Thunder guard Russell Westbrook has moved from hero to zero and back again in these playoffs. Never mind the critics, Oklahoma City will go as Westbrook goes. Read more

[ G R I Z Z L I E S ]
Memphis not surprised about postseason success
by Chris Tomasson / May 3, 2011
Nobody expected the Grizzlies to play like this - except themselves. Read more

[ T H U N D E R ]
Durant's under-the-radar season
by Chris Tomasson / April 7, 2011
Kevin Durant got most of the attention at the World Championship, with Derrick Rose taking a backseat to the Thunder forward. The tables have turned during this regular season. Read more

[ W I Z A R D S ]
Rose a model to follow for Wall
by Chris Tomasson / March 29, 2011
Wizards guard John Wall hopes to come back next season with a much improved jump shot. Read more

[ B O B C A T S ]
MJ the owner, one year later
by Roland Lazenby / March 26, 2011
Don’t look now, but Michael Jordan is taking the tough steps to revive pro basketball in Charlotte. Read more

[ P I S T O N S ]
Talking about practice
by Chris Tomasson / March 16, 2011
Jeff Van Gundy questioned Tracy McGrady's practice habits earlier this month at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. T-Mac responds to the criticism. Read more

[ N U G G E T S ]
Post-Melo era working just fine
by Chris Tomasson / March 14, 2011
With no stars, a much improved defense and balanced offense, the Nuggets have become one of the most intriguing teams in the NBA after the Carmelo Anthony trade. Read more

[ A N A L Y T I C S ]
Walk like a GM, talk like a GM
by Ben Golliver / March 10, 2011
NBA executives and wannabe NBA executives gathered last week at the annual Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. GM jargon was at full display.
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[ K E V I N .L O V E ]
A true double-double machine
by Marc Narducci / March 6, 2011
Despite being saddled on a losing team, Minnesota’s Kevin Love maintains an intensity level that’s hard to match in the NBA. Read more

[ S P U R S ]
Who saw this coming?
by Chris Tomasson / March 3, 2011
San Antonio has often played above everybody else's expectations, but this time the Spurs are even surpassing their own. Read more

[ J E R R Y .W E S T ]
The life and legend of a basketball icon
by Roland Lazenby / February 17, 2011
Jerry West will be honored during the All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles. Roland Lazenby reminisces on his career.
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[ R A Y .A L L E N ]
Commitment pays off for Allen
by Peter May / February 11, 2011
Ray Allen finally beating Reggie Miller's three-point record is a product of years of enormous dedication to his craft.
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[ A L L - S T A R ]
Love, Aldridge jockeying for a spot in L.A.
by Ben Golliver / February 2, 2011
The Timberwolves and Blazers are using every trick in the book (or not) to have Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge selected to the All-Star Game. Read more

[ C O N T R A C T I O N ]
What NBA teams will disappear?
by Roland Lazenby / January 27, 2011
Is the NBA quietly moving toward contraction?
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[ J A Z Z ]
Utah remains solid, but not spectacular
by Marc Narducci / January 24, 2011
The Utah Jazz have fielded another strong team, but one apparently not yet ready to seriously challenge in the Western Conference.
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[ L A B O R   T A L K S ]
Owners' mixed lot: Doing their part via revenue sharing
by Matt Tolnick / January 21, 2011
Matt Tolnick of Kauffman Sports explores how changes to the luxury tax might enhance parity and make teams more.
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[ A N T O I N E . W A L K E R ]
NBA return a long shot, but Walker still trying
by Peter May / January 10, 2011
Antoine Walker wants to be an NBA player again and not just the highest profile D-Leaguer ever.
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[ K O B E . B R Y A N T ]
The curious case of the Los Angeles Lakers
by Roland Lazenby / January 7, 2011
Who would have ever thought that Kobe Bryant’s approach to practice could be a problem in Los Angeles?
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[ L A B O R   T A L K S ]
A harder soft cap: Exploring the possibilities
by Matt Tolnick / January 6, 2011
The Larry Bird Exception has made the soft cap softer and the strongest teams stronger. It's time to change that, says Matt Tolnick of Kauffman Sports.
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[ H E A T ]
Spo in control
by Ethan J. Skolnick / December 28, 2010
Things are taking a turn for the better for Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra after a tough month of November.
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[ 7 6 E R S ]
Turner can't find his game
by Peter May / December 27, 2010
Sixers rookie swingman Evan Turner is off to a very rocky start in the NBA.
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[ M A G I C ]
Looking to recapture the Magic
by Marc Narducci / December 19, 2010
The Orlando Magic reshaped their team with two blockbuster trades, but does that make them a viable Eastern Conference threat?
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[ L A B O R   T A L K S ]
Splitting the pie that is BRI
by Matt Tolnick / December 18, 2010
Matt Tolnick of Kauffman Sports continues with his blog series about labor talks and how to avoid a lockout next year.
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[ H O R N E T S ]
Unsettling times in New Orleans
by Marc Narducci / December 14, 2010
The New Orleans Hornets wouldn’t be human if they weren’t affected by the unsettled ownership situation.
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[ K N I C K S ]
No fluke?
by Peter May / December 12, 2010
Easy schedule and all, the New York Knicks are still one of the feel-good stories of the season.
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[ L A B O R   T A L K S ]
The CBA discussions: A background
by Matt Tolnick / December 4, 2010
Matt Tolnick of Kauffman Sports gives us some insight into the economic landscape of the NBA during a key season that could lead to a lockout.
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[ L A K E R S ]
Chill out, dogs
by Mark Heisler / December 2, 2010
If it’s December, it must be time to (yawn) panic in Lakerdom...
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[ C O N T R A C T S ]
Examining NBA salaries
by Nima Zarrabi / November 13, 2010
The NBA salary marketplace is chock full of inconsistencies.
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[ W O R L D . C H A M P I O N S H I P ]
If knowledge is power, U.S. in trouble
by Raul Barrigon / August 22, 2010
Once again, a talented American team heads to a big international tournament showing little knowledge of its rivals. Read more

[ T R A I L . B L A Z E R S ]
Rudy, Portland on collision course?
by Jorge Sierra / August 18, 2010
Rudy Fernandez and the Blazers could be headed for a nasty divorce, according to his agent. Read more

[ K I N G S ]
Hope is back in Sacto
by Raul Barrigon / August 1, 2010
After four tough seasons, things are starting to look up for the Kings thanks to their young talent.
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[ F R E E . A G E N C Y ]
Big Sofo does Vegas
by Jorge Sierra / July 13, 2010
Greek center Sofoklis Schortsanitis, aka Baby Shaq, is finally giving the NBA a try – in Vegas and with the Clippers. Read more

[ C A V A L I E R S ]
Parker a believer in LeBron's return
by Jorge Sierra / June 29, 2010
Veteran swingman Anthony Parker thinks the Cavs will be able retain LeBron James' services – even after bombing against the Celtics in the playoffs. Read more

[ L A B O R . T A L K S ]
Lockout? Send them all back to The Nuthouse
by Roland Lazenby / June 19, 2010
Maybe, just maybe, there would be no labor lockout in 2012 - if today's owners and players had to operate under the conditions faced by the game's pioneers. Read more

[ D R A F T ]
Caracter on redemption road
by Jorge Sierra / May 16, 2010
UTEP forward Derrick Caracter has a lot to prove in the weeks leading up to the draft. Read more

[ K N I C K S ]
More Spanish Chocolate for the Big Apple?
by Jorge Sierra / May 6, 2010
Sergio Rodriguez would like to stay in New York. Given the circumstances, that might be easier said than done.
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[ H E A T ]
Miami sizzling down the stretch
by Marc Narducci / April 9, 2010
Nobody is playing better basketball as the playoffs near than the Miami Heat.
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[ S P U R S ]
At it again?
by Peter May / March 29, 2010
The Spurs refuse to go away. Led by an impressive Manu Ginobili, they appear to be rounding into form just in time for a playoff push.
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[ H A W K S ]
Slight fuels Smith
by Gery Woelfel / March 23, 2010
Hawks forward Josh Smith has been on fire since being snubbed from the All-Star Game. And that's no coincidence.
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[ D A R K O . M I L I C I C ]
On the comeback (to Europe) trail?
by Jorge Sierra / March 21, 2010
After seven mostly frustrating years in the NBA, Serbian center Darko Milicic is likely heading back to Europe. Read more

[ F R E E . A G E N C Y ]
LeBron a Laker?
by Roland Lazenby / February 28, 2010
The intrigue grows in Los Angeles as Lakers owner Jerry Buss and anointed son Jim engage Phil Jackson in parlor games. Read more

[ B U L L S ]
Rebounding from difficult start
by Marc Narducci / February 6, 2010
After a difficult start that created rumor’s about the coach's job security, Chicago Bulls are making a run at a playoff spot.
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[ R I C K Y . R U B I O ]
Unselfish to a fault?
by Jorge Sierra / February 1, 2010
Ricky Rubio's first post-draft season has been filled with big wins and disappointing scoring. Read more

[ C H I N A ]
What awaits Marbury?
by Jorge Sierra / January 20, 2010
Stephon Marbury is up for an eye-opening experience if he finally goes to play in the the Chinese League.
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[ C O N F E R E N C E S ]
West is best once again
by Peter May / January 19, 2010
After a summer of great moves on paper, the Eastern Conference teams are still struggling against the West.
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[ M I C H A E L . D I C K E R S O N ]
New role: Small town hero?
by Jorge Sierra / January 14, 2010
Former Grizzlies guard Michael Dickerson has returned to basketball activity in, of all places, a small town in Northern Spain. Read more

[ G U N S ]
Where have you gone, Reggie Harding?
by Roland Lazenby / January 11, 2010
The Gilbert Arenas case is not the first one involving guns and basketball. There has been much, much worse.
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[ D E R E K . F I S H E R ]
The pro's pro
by Gery Woelfel / December 19, 2009
He has no flash, but Derek Fisher does have the respect of players and coaches alike around the NBA. Read more

[ P I S T O N S ]
Jerebko another Dumars' steal
by Peter May / December 17, 2009
What looked like just another obscure second-round draft pick has become one of the shining spots this season for the Pistons. Read more

[ S O C I A L . M E D I A ]
Most Valuable Tweeters
by Jorge Sierra / December 6, 2009
Shaquille O'Neal made it trendy and Charlie Villanueva made it a must-have. But who are the best NBA players on Twitter these days? Read more

[ B U L L S ]
Rose's game does the talking
by Gery Woelfel / December 3, 2009
In the usually flamboyant world of NBA stars, Derrick Rose is a rarity with his quiet demeanor. The Bulls guard just lets his game speak for himself. Read more

[ S U N S ]
Nash still defying age
by Peter May / November 14, 2009
Steve Nash is showing no signs of slowing down, making the Suns become one of the feel-good stories in the NBA early in the season. Read more

[ C E L T I C S ]
Rondo key with or without extension
by Peter May / October 28, 2009
Rajon Rondo says he's not distracted by the contract extension talk. Either way, he's vital to the Celtics' championship hopes. Read more

[ W I Z A R D S ]
Year of the rebound?
by Sam Amico / October 17, 2009
Last season's 19-win debacle is giving the Wizards all the inspiration they need to prove themselves this year.
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[ F R E E . A G E N C Y ]
Stack not ready to retire
by Jorge Sierra / October 5, 2009
Two-time All-Star Jerry Stackhouse is hoping a contending team gives him one final shot at the title.
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[ 7 6 E R S ]
Brand looking for a comeback
by Marc Narducci / September 24, 2009
After being limited to 37 games over the past two years, Sixers forward Elton Brand appears intent on reviving his career. Read more

[ E U R O B A S K E T ]
The hidden gems
by David Sardinero / September 22, 2009
Lakers forward Pau Gasol was the big star at the European Championship in Poland, but there were lesser-known players that you should probably keep an eye on. Read more

[ N U G G E T S ]
Billups giving Smith an assist

by Chris Tomasson / August 8, 2009
Nuggets guard Chauncey Billups will spend time in Las Vegas with JR Smith trying to knock some sense into his head. Read more

[ O F F S E A S O N ]
Spurs are summer champions

by Chris Tomasson / July 21, 2009
The general consensus around the league is that San Antonio is having the best offseason of any NBA team.
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[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E S ]
McGee comes up big

by Yannis Koutroupis / July 20, 2009
The Wizards' issues at center may not be that important if Javale McGee continues to show progress.
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[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E S ]
Thabeet dud of the week?

by Bill Ingram / July 19, 2009
Among the big names in Vegas, Grizzlies center Hasheem Thabeet has probably been the biggest disappointment. Read more

[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E S ]
Lawson finally delivers

by Travis Heath / July 18, 2009
Nuggets guard Ty Lawson had his first impressive game in Vegas after two underwhelming performances. Read more

[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E S ]
Morrow explodes for 47

by Joel Brigham / July 17, 2009
Warriors guard Anthony Morrow couldn't miss a shot Thursday. No surprise he ended up beating the Vegas Summer League scoring record. Read more

[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E S ]
Jennings a true playmaker

by Joel Brigham / July 16, 2009
In a summer league where selfish play is the rule, Brandon Jennings is one of the exceptions.
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[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E S ]
Randolph is next

by Joel Brigham / July 15, 2009
Anthony Randolph, who tied the record for most points scored in a game at the Vegas Summer League, looks primed for a breakout season with the Warriors. Read more

[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E S ]
Flynn shines, Dragic bombs

by Bill Ingram / July 14, 2009
Timberwolves guard Jonny Flynn is already proving he belongs. One year later, Goran Dragic still has not. Read more

[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E S ]
The Griffin show

by Chris Tomasson / July 14, 2009
Clippers forward Blake Griffin looked every bit like a No. 1 pick in his pro debut at the Vegas Summer League.
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[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E S ]
Blair another Spur steal?

by Dave McMenamin / July 13, 2009
The Spurs have a great track record of landing good players with low picks. DeJuan Blair may be their latest get. Read more

[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E S ]
All Daye

by Dave McMenamin / July 12, 2009
Pistons forward Austin Daye was amonth the most impressive players in Day 2 at the Vegas Summer League.
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[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E S ]
Rough start for Curry

by Yannis Koutroupis / July 11, 2009
Warriors guard Stephen Curry had a ho-hum pro debut in the Vegas Summer League. Read more

[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E S ]
Harden impresses

by John Denton / July 10, 2009
Although not the most athletic player, James Harden started to show in Orlando why the Thunder took a gamble on him. Read more

[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E S ]
Kruger upsets Ewing

by John Denton / July 10, 2009
You can have a 21-point lead in the fourth quarter and still lose the game. Patrick Ewing's Orlando Magic proved that Thursday. Read more

[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E S ]
OKC has a gem in Westbrook

by John Denton / July 9, 2009
Thunder guard Russell Westbrook has been the most impressive player so far in Orlando. Read more

[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E S ]
Anderson the star of the day

by John Denton / July 8, 2009
Newly acquired Magic forward Ryan Anderson may end up proving he was more than just a throw-in in the Vince Carter trade. Read more

[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E S ]
Hansbrough's debut a hit

by John Denton / July 7, 2009
Former Tar Heel Tyler Hansbrough excelled in his first game with the Pacers at the Orlando Pro Summer League. Plus, he didn't have to hear the boos. Read more

[ D R A F T ]
Divided opinion on Rubio's impact

by Marc Narducci / June 23, 2009
Ricky Rubio won’t lack hype entering the NBA, but does he have the game to live up to his advanced billing?
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[ P H I L . J A C K S O N ]
Shooting for 10

by Chris Tomasson / June 2, 2009
While not in the best shape of his life, Phil Jackson is back in the Finals with a chance of surpassing Red Auerbach as the winningest NBA coach ever. Read more

[ N U G G E T S ]
Martin-Cuban feud continues

by Chris Tomasson / May 17, 2009
The Nuggets-Mavericks series is over, but Keyon Martin and Mark Cuban keep taking shots at each other.
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[ C H R I S . A N D E R S E N ]
Flying high

by Chris Tomasson / May 3, 2009
A song turned the switch on for Chris Andersen, now back excelling with the successful Nuggets. Read more

[ N U G G E T S ]
Melo getting it

by Chris Tomasson / April 14, 2009
Finally, there's been more talk of on-court success than controversies when discussing Carmelo Anthony this season. Read more

[ M O N E Y ]
The power of 'no'

by Peter May / April 6, 2009
It's hard for NBA players, especially the young ones, to deny help to friends and relatives when they ask for it. Soon enough they will realize that's the best choice. Read more

[ N A T E . R O B I N S O N ]
The little man that could

by Chris Tomasson / April 3, 2009
Diminutive Knicks guard Nate Robinson has jumped his way to borderline stardom this NBA season.
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[ C O A C H E S ]
The season of the interim coach

by Chris Tomasson / March 21, 2009
Interim coaches are usually in the tough position of trying to make bad teams look good. But that sometimes leads to nice head coaching careers. Read more

[ A L L -. S T A R ]
Kobe is great, but get me LeBron

by Jorge Sierra / February 14, 2009
Kobe Bryant is just as good as LeBron James, according to several players. But when the question comes to who would you rather have as a teammate, it's a landslide win for for the Cavs forward. Read more

[ C E L T I C S ]
Return of the Scal

by Peter May / January 29, 2009
Fan favorite Brian Scalabrine was an afterthought in the Celtics' championship run last year, but he's back playing a decent role this season. Read more

[ L A K E R S ]
Kobe, team approach the crossroads

by Roland Lazenby / December 23, 2008
The Lakers have struggled of late, which has some longtime observers wondering if Kobe Bryant's career, as well as the team's hopes, aren't at a crossroads. Read more

[ C E L T I C S ]
How much is too much?

by Peter May / December 15, 2008
Have the Celtics gone too far with their on-the-court antics or are people just paying too much attention?
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[ C E L T I C S ]
Top of the world
by Peter May / November 7, 2008
Peter May chronicles the Celtics' remarkable 2008 championship run in his new book, Top of the World.
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[ J E R R Y . K R A U S E ]
Big Nuts
by Roland Lazenby / October 9, 2008
It’s been a decade since the Bulls won their last title. Don’t expect a reunion.
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[ E C O N O M Y ]
League not immune to crisis
by Sam Smith / September 29, 2008

With national economy a shambles, how long till the crisis really hits the NBA? Read more

[ K O B E . B R Y A N T ]
In sickness and in health
by Roland Lazenby / September 17, 2008

Some people don’t understand why Kobe Bryant would bypass surgery on his finger, but that’s what alpha males do. Read more

[ F R E E . A G E N C Y ]
Slim pickings left
by Marc Narducci / September 12, 2008

Most of the elite free agents have been signed, but for the most part, some potential role players still exist for interested teams. Read more

[ T R A I L . B L A Z E R S ]
An up and coming team

by Marc Narducci / September 2, 2008

With some of the best young talent in the NBA, Portland should make a serious playoff push in the Western Conference. Read more

[ O L Y M P I C S ]
U.S. regain gold

by Marc Narducci / August 24, 2008

The United States has assumed its accustomed position on top of the basketball world. The U.S. finished 8-0 after defeating Spain 118-107 in the gold medal game. Read more

[ O L Y M P I C S ]
A strong opening act for the United States

by Marc Narducci / August 10, 2008

While far from flawless, the U.S. was impressive in many areas during its opening Olympic win over China. Read more

[ O L Y M P I C S ]
James, Bryant draw spotlight on and off the court in Beijing

by Marc Narducci / August 8, 2008

Should America's two biggest stars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant be expected to become social activists at the Olympics? Read more

[ F R E E . A G E N C Y ]
A whole new ball game?

by Jorge Sierra / July 25, 2008
Josh Childress' decision to sign with a Greek team may change the future of free agency. How do agents evaluate the new situation?
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[ L A K E R S ]
Kwame back?

by Roland Lazenby / July 24, 2008
The Lakers could have used Kwame Brown in the Finals against Boston. Is that why they are thinking of bringing him back?
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[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
Good news for Hickson

by Bill Ingram / July 21, 2008
The Cavaliers didn't win a game but JJ Hickson finished with averages of 19.4 points and 53% shooting.
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[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
He did it again

by Bill Ingram / July 20, 2008
Jerryd Bayless almost single-handedly took out the Suns, scoring 17 points in the fourth quarter in Portland’s 74-73 win.
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[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
Fighting for a spot

by Preetom Bhattacharya / July 19, 2008
NBA journeyman Dahntay Jones is proving he belongs in the league. Friday, he led the Nuggets with 29 points against the Rockets.
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[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
The best so far

by Preetom Bhattacharya / July 18, 2008
Jerryd Bayless is the best player in Vegas. He was impressive again Thursday scoring 29 points in a loss to the Wolves.
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[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
Learning quickly

by Preetom Bhattacharya / July 17, 2008
Kevin Love had a great game with 18 points and 17 rebounds but the Timberwolves came up short against the Lakers.
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[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
Big shot Bayless

by Preetom Bhattacharya / July 16, 2008
Jerryd Bayless is not afraid of taking the winning shot. He tied the game with 9 seconds to go and missed the buzzer beater.
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[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
Finishing strong

by Preetom Bhattacharya / July 15, 2008
Danilo Gallinari started slow in his summer league debut, but turned it around at the end.
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[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
Jordan, Wright looking very solid

by Preetom Bhattacharya / July 14, 2008
On Day 3, Brandan Wright did his thing scoring 15 points and DeAndre Jordan notched a double-double.
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[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
Mayo still money

by Preetom Bhattacharya / July 13, 2008
Grizzlies guard OJ Mayo was once again brilliant on the second day of the Vegas Summer League.
Read more

[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
Randolph show

by Preetom Bhattacharya / July 12, 2008
Warriors' rookie Anthony Randolph was the man of the day in Vegas.
Read more

[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
Brook looking much better

by Steve Kyler / July 9, 2008
Heat forward Michael Beasley had a bad day and Nets center Brook Lopez looked much better in Game 2, but the Heat still won. Is Mario Chalmers their PG of the future? Read more

[ S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
Beasley rocks

by Steve Kyler / July 7, 2008
Heat forward Michael Beasley looked every bit like the best player in the draft in his first summer league against Derrick Rose and the Bulls.
Read more

[ D R A F T ]
How the 1984 NBA draft changed basketball forever

by Filip Bondy / June 25, 2008
The 1984 draft was the best one in history. But how was the night when Portland passed on Michael Jordan.
Read more

[ G R I Z Z L I E S ]
Navarro's strange trip back

by Jorge Sierra / June 19, 2008
One of the finest rookies in the NBA last season, Juan Carlos Navarro has decided to return to Europe. Why would he do such thing? Navarro's agent tries to explain his point view. Read more

[ D.R A F T ]
Big guns show up
by Matthew Kamalsky / May 31, 2008
NBA executives finally got the chance to see Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley and the rest of the projected lottery picks in action.
Read more

[ D.R A F T ]
Boosting the stock
by Matthew Kamalsky / May 30, 2008
Gary Forbes, Wayne Ellington and Richard Hendrix, among others, helped themselves a lot on the third day of the Orlando camp.
Read more

[ D.R A F T ]
Day Two in Orlando
by Matthew Kamalsky / May 29, 2008
Ty Lawson, DeVon Hardin and Joey Dorsey are looking to solidify their status late in the first round.
Read more

[ D.R A F T ]
NBA pre-Draft camp review: day one
by Matthew Kamalsky / May 28, 2008
Though there aren’t any lottery picks in attendance, the pre-Draft camp always provides some intrigue, like Lester Hudson's buzzer-beater.
Read more

[ P L A Y O F F S ]
Billups, Iguodala finally join series
by Marc Narducci / May 1, 2008
Philadelphia’s Andre Iguodala and Detroit’s Chauncey Billups had disappeared for long stretches of their playoff series until Game 5.
Read more

[ D E L L . C U R R Y ]
Stephen's dad was a great sharpshooter too
by David Friedman / April 22, 2008
Better known now as Stephen’s father, Dell Curry was a great sharpshooter in his own right, first at Virginia Tech and then during a 16-year NBA career.
Read more

[ J E F F . B O W E R ]
The best unknown GM
by Sam Smith / April 16, 2008
Jeff Bower's moves have been key to the Hornets' recent success, yet he doesn't get much credit for it.
Read more

[ R I C K Y . R U B I O ]
A sure shot... in 2011?
by Raul Barrigon / April 7, 2008
Spanish prodigy Ricky Rubio could have a long way to go before playing his first NBA game because of his current contract buyout.
Read more

[ M A G I C ]
My 30-minute Dwight Howard free-throw fix
by Dennis Hans / April 5, 2008
Superman can immediately leap from a 60-percent free-throw shooter to a 70 percenter, simply by re-learning his rookie rhythm and form. Read more

[ D E N N I S . J O H N S O N ]
'Airplane' flew to three NBA titles
by David Friedman / March 18, 2008
Dennis Johnson, perhaps the best defensive guard of his era, played on three NBA championship teams. Larry Bird called him the best teammate he ever had. Read more

[ M A N U . G I N O B I L I ]
Reaching a new level
by Marc Narducci / March 16, 2008
Despite earning three NBA titles in his first five seasons, Manu Ginobili may be having his best year for San Antonio.
Read more

[ S U N S ]
Shaq, Phoenix looking to find common ground
by Marc Narducci / March 2, 2008
The early results haven’t been encouraging, but it’s too early to suggest the Shaq experiment in Phoenix is headed toward failure.
Read more

[ B U Y O U T S ]
Worth the fuss?
by Jorge Sierra / March 1, 2008
Several vetera
ns got buyouts and made headlines this week for the interest they are drawing among playoff squads. But are these in-season additions paying off for contending teams? Read more

[ J A C K . S I K M A ]
Dependable and durable
by David Friedman / February 26, 2008
Some great players never make it to the NBA Finals, but Jack Sikma played a key role on two finalists (including one champion) in his first two NBA seasons. Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
James' jam punctuates East's win
by David Friedman / February 19, 2008
LeBron James punctuated his All-Star MVP performance with a nasty slam dunk that drew raves from fans, players and coaches alike. Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
Superman takes over New Orleans
by David Friedman / February 17, 2008
Dwight Howard revealed his powerful alter ego in the Slam Dunk Contest and stole the show on All-Star Saturday night.
Read more

[ T R A D E S ]
State of the West
by Jorge Sierra / February 16, 2008
So how do the NBA players feel about the recent player movement in the Western Conference? Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
Gibson shoots down rookies
by David Friedman / February 16, 2008
Cavaliers Daniel Gibson stole the show in the Rookie-Sophomore Game by draining 11 three-pointers. Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
Learning about the French Quarter
by David Friedman / February 15, 2008
Those who are willing to go a bit off of the beaten path can discover some of the things that give New Orleans its unique charm. Read more

[ H A W K S ]
Smith, team showing similar improvement

by Marc Narducci / February 5, 2007
Atlanta’s Josh Smith is emerging as one of the NBA’s more versatile players. Read more

[ L A K E R S ]
Kobe still the king

by Todd Dybas / January 22, 2008
If there was lingering doubt, shove it aside. Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA. Read more

[ L E G E N D S ]
Paul Westhead: Never slowing down
by David Friedman / January 15, 2008
Paul Westhead is the only person to coach championship teams in the NBA (1980 L.A. Lakers) and WNBA (2007 Phoenix Mercury).
Read more

[ J A I L . B A S K E T B A L L ]
Lorton Ball
by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / January 8, 2007

Playing basketball at FCI Lorton can be really tough. But it also has some perks. Read more

[ C E L T I C S ]
Gang green
by Todd Dybas / January 3, 2008
The Celtics used the offseason to assemble players known for their offense, but it has been defense and togetherness that has led to the league's best record.
Read more

[ P A C E R S ]
A surprise only to outsiders
by Marc Narducci / December 25, 2007
The Indiana Pacers are among the most improved NBA teams. Just don’t tell the coaches and players that they are a surprise.
Read more

[ D A N . M A J E R L E ]
Evolving to survive

by David Friedman / December 17, 2007
Dan Majerle evolved from the high-flying “Thunder Dan” to a great three point shooter during his 14 year NBA career.
Read more

[ D W I G H T . H O W A R D ]
Magic in the middle

by Todd Dybas / December 6, 2007
Orlando center Dwight Howard is an early-season MVP candidate, shoving around everyone else in the league. But if you ask him, there's still a lot of work to be done on his game.
Read more

[ J A I L . B A S K E T B A L L ]
Harlem raised

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / September 23, 2007

Jermaine White has been one of the top players at FCI Loretto for a while. Seth Ferranti tells his story.
Read more

[ B U C K S ]
New expectations for Milwaukee

by Marc Narducci / November 28, 2007
Injuries contributed to a disappointing 2006-07 season for the Milwaukee Bucks, but now they appear to be an Eastern Conference playoff contender.
Read more

[ P A U L . W E S T P H A L ]
Celtic sub shined brightly as a Sun

by David Friedman / November 20, 2007
Paul Westphal spent three seasons as a bench player in Boston but after being traded to Phoenix he emerged as one of the top guards in the NBA.
Read more

[ H O R N E T S ]
Chandler looking to make that next step

by Marc Narducci / November 16, 2007
After a difficult beginning to his NBA career in Chicago, center Tyson Chandler has seen his career revived with the Hornets. Read more.
Read more

[ L A K E R S ]
Tex praise

by Roland Lazenby / November 12, 2007
All trouble aside, triangle guru Tex Winter is commending Kobe Bryant for his play early in the season.
Read more

[ O L L I E . T A Y L O R ]
Battling giants at 6-2

by David Friedman / October 9, 2007
Ollie Taylor rode the bench in high school before jumping center against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in college and playing against Julius Erving and Rick Barry in the ABA.
Read more

[ T I M B E R W O L V E S ]
Davis is an assist leader off the court

by Marc Narducci / October 3, 2007
Contrary to his flamboyant reputation, guard Ricky Davis is always ready to lend a helping hand.
Read more

[ J A I L . B A S K E T B A L L ]

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / September 23, 2007

The best player at FCI Loretto might remind you of a certain Western Conference point guard.
Read more

[ M I K E . G A L E ]
A journey from Elizabeth City State to the ABA Finals

by David Friedman / September 16, 2007
An excellent defender and a solid playmaker, Mike Gale enjoyed an 11 season ABA/NBA career playing alongside the likes of Artis Gilmore, Julius Erving and George Gervin.
Read more

[ H A L L . O F . F A M E ]
Called for traveling

by Marc Narducci / September 8, 2007
The Basketball Hall of Fame goes on the road for the first time in its history, beginning the 30-city tour November 2 in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Read more

[ H I S T O R Y ]
One game passes time test for Dominique Wilkins

by Marc Narducci / September 7, 2007
Former Hawks Hall of Famer vividly recalls epic playoff battle nearly two decades ago with Larry Bird.
Read more

[ J O E . C A L D W E L L ]
Banned from basketball

by David Friedman / August 15, 2007
Joe Caldwell earned recognition as an All-Star in the NBA and the ABA before his pro career abruptly ended. Three decades later, he still seeks the money and respect that he believes he is owed.
Read more

[ R O L E . P L A Y E R S ]
Difference makers

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / August 14, 2007

Who are the best supporting cast players in the NBA nowadays? Seth Ferranti puts down a list.
Read more

[ J . .B O O G I E ]
All-around game

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / July 24, 2007

J. Boogie is known as the King of Cali streetball. But his impact goes well beyond basketball.
Read more

[ C E L T I C S ]
Gomes dedicated to charitable endeavor

by Marc Narducci / July 19, 2007
Boston’s Ryan Gomes is lending much more than his name to spread the word about Sudden Cardiac Arrest.
Read more

[ J O H N . M A C L E O D ]
The man behind Suns rise

by David Friedman / July 18, 2007
John MacLeod had the Suns running and gunning three decades ago and his 1976 squad made an improbable run to the NBA Finals.
Read more

[ J A I L . B A S K E T B A L L ]
Slam dunk machine

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / July 11, 2007
Ali Tatum is definitely no angel, but that doesn’t stop him from soaring like one on the court.
Read more

[ P I S T O N S ]
Webber playing waiting game

by Marc Narducci / June 27, 2007
Chris Webber isn’t ready to commit to another season, although the game, just like his charitable endeavors, still tugs at his heart.
Read more

[ L E G E N D S ]
Cowens helped restore Celtics pride

by David Friedman / June 21, 2007
Following in Bill Russell’s footsteps was a daunting task, but Dave Cowens led the Celtics to two championships and earned recognition as one of the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players.
Read more

[ O R L A N D O . C A M P ]
Jordan passes the test

by Marc Narducci / June 2, 2007
Marist PG Jared Jordan made a point while playing the point at the pre-draft camp.
Read more

[ O R L A N D O . C A M P ]
Dudley out to disprove skeptics

by Marc Narducci / June 1, 2007
Boston College forward Jared Dudley has received many accolades, but he’s still looking to win over NBA scouts. Read more.
Read more

[ O R L A N D O . C A M P ]
Karl enjoys impressive debut

by Marc Narducci / May 31, 2007
Boise State guard Coby Karl was among the many players who enjoyed great debuts at the NBA pre-draft camp. Nobody was more inspiring.
Read more

[ O R L A N D O . C A M P ]
Despite no-shows, pre-draft camp still beneficial

by Marc Narducci / May 30, 2007
It seems an even larger number of players have bypassed the NBA's pre-draft camp this year, but some draft prospects such as Florida's Taurean Green could see their stock rise.
Read more

[ P A U L . S H I R L E Y ]
Can I keep my jersey?

by Paul Shirley / May 18, 2007
Paul Shirley achieved Internet stardom thanks to his writing on NBA.com and ESPN.com. Now his work is on paper too.
Read more

[ S T E V E . K E R R ]
"I just got by with what I had"

by David Friedman / May 14, 2007
Most of Steve Kerr’s opponents were quicker and stronger than he was, but Kerr carved out a 15-year NBA career based on intelligence, determination and the ability to consistently make outside shots.
Read more

[ B I L L Y . K N I G H T ]
The quiet assassin

by David Friedman / April 9, 2007
Atlanta Hawks GM Billy Knight does not like to boast about his playing skills, but his game spoke volumes during an 11-year ABA-NBA career.
Read more

[ S T E V E . B L A K E ]
Golden as Nugget

by Sam Amico / March 26, 2007
Steve Blake has always been known as a distributor, a point guard who is at his best when setting up teammates to score. That is why he has been such a good fit alongside Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony in Denver. Read more

[ K N I C K S ]
Franchise's roller-coaster ride continues

by Brad Gagnon / March 18, 2007
It seems Jamal Crawford’s season-ending ankle injury produced a minor-miracle for Steve Francis’s knee. Now, only days after talking retirement, The Franchise is back in a starter’s role, and leading the Knicks in a fight for the playoffs.
Read more

[ K E N N Y . S M I T H ]
Always ahead of the game

by David Friedman / March 16, 2007
Kenny Smith has made a smooth transition from playing basketball to talking about the game on TNT. His next move may involve coaching or running an NBA franchise.
Read more

[ A W A R D S ]
Nash should three-peat as NBA MVP

by Marc Narducci / March 9, 2007
Phoenix’s point guard Steve Nash has won the previous two MVP awards and now is playing even better this season.
Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
Kobe show

by David Friedman / February 19, 2007
Kobe Bryant capped off a busy weekend by winning his second All-Star Game MVP. Unlike the last time he won, this time his triumph was greeted with cheers.
Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
Veteran Shaq still the class clown

by David Friedman / February 18, 2007
Shaq breakdanced, DWade showed off his skills, Jason Kapono nearly broke the Three-Point Shootout record, Gerald Green dunked over Nate Robinson and Bill Laimbeer still loves being hated.
Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
Potential Pip comeback creates extra buzz

by David Friedman / February 17, 2007
Scottie Pippen ponders a comeback, the Hall of Fame announces its 15 Finalists and the rookies are MIA from the Rookie-Sophomore Challenge.
Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
No time to sleep

by David Friedman / February 16, 2007
Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman promised to “dwarf” the efforts of previous All-Star Weekend host cities and Vegas is off to a good start toward doing just that.
Read more

[ M A R K . A G U I R R E ]
Dropping knowledge

by David Friedman / February 14, 2007
Mark Aguirre was unstoppable on the block despite standing just 6-6. Now he is teaching the tricks of the trade to a young corps of Knicks’ post players.
Read more

[ M I K E . H E L M ]
Scoring machine

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / January 29, 2007
Seth Ferranti met a new guy when moving to his new prison – and he's one of the finest jail basketball players he's seen so far. And he's seen a few. Read more

[ B R A D . D A U G H E R T Y ]
From the court to the race track

by David Friedman / January 26, 2007
Brad Daugherty made his name playing basketball, but he never lost interest in another fast-paced sport: NASCAR.
Read more

[ C H A R L I E . H U R T ]
Repping B-More

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / January 6, 2007
Locked down for over a decade now, former Dunbar HS player Charlie Hurt has kept showcasing his basketball skills away from the spotlight.
Read more

[ L A K E R S ]
Fisher has always understood the simple truths

by Roland Lazenby / December 28, 2006
If Kobe Bryant needs some advice in guiding the Lakers through a rough stretch of the season, he can always turn to an old friend. Read more

[ R I C A R D O . E L E Y ]
The legend speaks

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / December 25, 2006
Ricardo Eley, aka Purple, is considered one of the best prison basketball players ever. HoopsHype's Seth Ferranti got a chance to speak with him.
Read more

[ W O R L D . B . . F R E E ]
From Rucker Park to the NBA Finals

by David Friedman / December 23, 2006
World B. Free never met a shot he didn’t like or couldn’t make, whether he was playing in the streets or on an NBA court.
Read more

[ L A K E R S ]
Where the dinosaurs roam

by Roland Lazenby / December 14, 2006
Phil Jackson knows how to lead Kwame Brown away from ridicule because he's been there himself.
Read more

[ P E T E . M A R A V I C H ]
The Pistol

by Wayne Federman and Marshall Terrill, in collaboration with Jackie Maravich / November 12, 2006
A little known fact about Pete Maravich is that he and Julius Erving were once teammates. But the magnificent duo was not to last long. Read more

[ P H I L . H U B B A R D ]
Playing within limits

by David Friedman / November 8, 2006
Phil Hubbard might have become an NBA star if not for a serious knee injury. Instead, he persevered, accepted his limitations and had a solid 10-year NBA career. Read more

[ R U L E S ]
The death of defense?

by Roland Lazenby / October 20, 2006
The NBA’s new interpretation of its rules has souped up the game offensively, but it radically limits defenders.
Read more

[ D E R R I C K . B A D Y ]
Lil D
by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / October 18, 2006
Small in size but big in heart, Derrick Bady has been dominating competition at FCI Memphis and FCC Forrest City for the last five years. Read more

[ C E L T I C S ]
The liberation of Gerald Green
by Alex Labidou / October 13, 2006
With each trial thrown his way, Celtics swingman Gerald Green continues to prove why he is one of the NBA's most driven young players. Read more

[ S A T C H . S A N D E R S ]
Unsung Celtic hero
by David Friedman / October 12, 2006
Tom “Satch” Sanders entered the NBA nearly a decade before the league began selecting All-Defensive Teams, but he deserves to be considered one of the premier defensive forwards of his time. Read more

[ T R A I N I N G . C A M P ]
The battles
by Sam Amico / October 1, 2006
There's a lot at stake for many NBA players in training camp. Which of them have more to win or lose this month? Read more

[ C E L T I C S ]
The revolution wasn't televised
by Roland Lazenby / September 18, 2006
The upcoming NBA season marks the 50th anniversary of the Boston Celtics’ first title, won by an amazing mix of rookies and grizzled veterans. A look back reveals how times have changed. Read more

[ G R E G . O D E N ]
by David Krider, JR Shelt and Scott Freeman / September 14, 2006
Greg Oden could have been the No. 1 pick in the 2006 NBA Draft if high school players were still allowed to go straight into the league. Uncaged tells the inside story of his high school team, which garnered almost unprecedented attention on a national level. Read more

[ E R V I N . M I T C H E L L ]
The Gift
by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / September 10, 2006
Ervin Mitchell, aka The Gift, claims he would be playing in minor leagues now if he wasn't in jail. When he gets out, Mitchell will try to use basketball to stay out of trouble. Read more

[ P H I L . C H E N I E R ]
A straight shooter

by David Friedman / September 4, 2006
Phil Chenier was one of the best guards in the NBA in the mid-1970s before beginning a 20-plus year career as a color commentator for the Washington Wizards
Read more

[ L A K E R S ]
McKie providing a solid foundation for youngsters

by Marc Narducci / August 26, 2006
NBA veteran Aaron McKie has made many clutch plays, but he’s now dealing the biggest assist of his life.
Read more

[ W I L T . C H A M B E R L A I N ]
Big Norman

by Roland Lazenby / August 24, 2006
In honor of Wilt Chamberlain's 70th birthday this month, the following excerpt is from Roland Lazenby's book The Show. It talks about Chamberlain's upbringing and his rocking introduction to the Lakers.
Read more

[ L E N . E L M O R E ]
Athlete, attorney and advocate for social change

by David Friedman / August 2, 2006
Len Elmore had a solid 10-year ABA/NBA career, but he never lost sight of his goal of becoming an attorney and urging athletes to develop self-reliance and community responsibility.
Read more

[ H I S T O R Y ]
Why don't we see the skyhook?

by Eric Stitt / July 29 2006
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s skyhook is the most incredible shot in basketball history, but it's no longer used today. Will it ever comeback, and how?
Read more

[ P H I L . J A C K S O N ]
Where the bodies are buried

by Roland Lazenby / July 22, 2006
Caught up in their worship of Phil Jackson, Laker fans have a hard time accepting that he has a dark side.
Read more

[ G R A Y S O N . B O U C H E R ]
The Professor

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / July 20, 2006
Grayson Boucher, aka The Professor, does things we hadn't seen since the Skip to My Lou days. No wonder why he has become the face of the And1 Tour.
Read more

[ L A K E R S ]
Tex's to-do list

by Roland Lazenby / July 10, 2006
Tex Winter has some thoughts on what the Lakers will need to make the playoffs in the new and very improved Western Conference.
Read more

[ L A K E R S ]
Will L.A.'s hip lifestyle allow Jackson to keep coaching?

by Roland Lazenby / July 6, 2006
Phil Jackson’s health remains the biggest of the Lakers’ many challenges for the upcoming season.
Read more

[ J O H N . H A V L I C E K ]
The ultimate complete player

by David Friedman / July 3, 2006
John Havlicek won eight championships as a Boston Celtic. He inherited the sixth man role from Frank Ramsey before becoming a perennial member of the All-NBA Team.
Read more

[ P R I S O N . B A S K E T B A L L ]
Wild Bamma

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / July 1, 2006
Raymond Dukes, aka Wild Bamma, plays real hard in prison basketball games. And he takes a lot of pride in that.
Read more

[ T E X . W I N T E R ]
Triangle basketball

by Ann Parr / June 23, 2006
At the age of 10, Tex Winter experienced the death of his father. What resulted was an awakening of a belief in the coordinated efforts of family members to work together as a team.
Read more

[ D R A F T ]
NBA camping trip worthwhile
by Gery Woelfel / June 11, 2006
This year's NBA pre-draft camp may have lacked the luster of previous camps, but there were nevertheless some intriguing prospects who enhanced their draft status. Read more

[ A L E X . E N G L I S H ]
A true basketball artist
by David Friedman / June 9, 2006
When Alex English played, he considered basketball his art and the court was his canvas. Read more

[ J A I L . B A S K E T B A L L ]
Blacktop Bob
by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / May 27, 2006
Imagine a criminally-minded Charles Barkley. That's how DC native Warren Cunningham, aka Blacktop Bob, plays the game of basketball in prison. Read more

[ L A K E R S ]
Tex on Kobe: He's not why we lost
by Roland Lazenby / May 13, 2006
If you want to look for the reason why the Lakers lost to the Phoenix Suns in the playoffs, Tex Winter says you need to look beyond Kobe Bryant’s offense. Read more

[ O F F . T H E . C O U R T ]
The sixth man
by Chris Palmer / May 3, 2006
Have you ever wondered what NBA players talk about in the locker room? What they say to their rivals on the court? Where they spend all that money? Read more

[ D A V I D . L E E ]
Hope for the future
by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / April 15, 2006
The play of 6-foot-9 rookie forward David Lee has been one of the few bright spots in another terrible season for the New York Knicks. Read more

[ P A T R I C K . E W I N G ]
From "Hoya Destroya" to Yao's mentor
by David Friedman / April 3, 2006
Patrick Ewing, once a devastating center in the NBA, is now a teacher for Yao Ming, who may very well be the game’s next dominant five.
Read more

[ R A Y M O N D . L E W I S ]
L.A.'s ultimate basketball player
by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / March 29, 2006
Whenever people discuss the best players to never make it to the NBA, Raymond Lewis' name is brought up. And with good reason. Read more

[ J E R O M E . W I L L I A M S ]
A Dog's tale
by Brad Gagnon / March 20, 2006
Despite interest from several teams, former NBA defensive-hound Jerome Williams packed up his gym shorts and sneakers after the 2004-05 season. After nine years in the league, JYD had a higher calling.
Read more

[ C H R I S . K A M A N ]
Country boy
by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / March 16, 2006
Sam Cassell and Elton Brand have received much of the credit for the Clippers' success this season. But what about third-year center Chris Kaman?
Read more

[ L E G E N D S ]
Carr's records stand test of time
by David Friedman / March 7, 2006
Austin Carr drove his way to March Madness immortality with a 61-point game in 1970 and a record 41.3 ppg career NCAA Tournament scoring average. His records remain unbeaten.
Read more

[ R A F E R . A L S T O N ]
From the playground to the pros
by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / February 21, 2006
Success on streetball courts has not usually translated into success in the NBA. Rockets guard Rafer Alston is one of the few exceptions.
Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
King James reigns in Houston
by David Friedman / February 20, 2006
The final day of All-Star Weekend began with words of wisdom from Marques Haynes and ended with the crowning of LeBron James as the youngest All-Star MVP ever.
Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
Spud helps Nate steal the show

by David Friedman / February 19, 2006
Kobe faces the media horde again, Spud Webb returns to the Slam Dunk Contest and Ollie Taylor reminds us about the 20-year-old superstar who paved the way for Bryant and many other underclassmen to join the NBA.
Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
Honoring the Past, Anticipating the Future

by David Friedman / February 18, 2006
Friday’s activities included a Hall of Fame press conference honoring basketball’s past and a Rookie Challenge Game offering a glimpse of basketball’s future
plus a host of parties. Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
Observations from Barkley and Naismith

by David Friedman / February 17, 2006
Charles Barkley and Ian Naismith, Dr. James Naismith’s grandson, offer their thoughts in the first of David Friedman’s daily behind-the-scenes reports from All-Star Weekend in Houston.
Read more

[ B O B . M C A D O O ]
The numbers don't lie

by David Friedman / February 6, 2006
The NBA’s 50 Greatest Players List from 1996 included every regular season NBA MVP except one Bob McAdoo, who Bill Russell once called “the greatest shooter of all time, period.”
Read more

[ T H E . G A M E ]
Rap and basketball

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / February 5, 2006
Jayceon Taylor, aka The Game, would rather make a living playing basketball than rapping. It's probably not going to happen anytime soon, but the guy can really can play.
Read more

[ J A I L . B A S K E T B A L L ]
The rivalry

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / February 4, 2006
Darryl “DJ” Hairston and Antonio “Monkee” Rogers are the two top players at FCI Gilmer. But who's the best? Not an easy question to answer.
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[ S U N S ]
Stoudemire hopeful, but cautious in comeback

by Marc Narducci / February 1, 2006
Suns forward Amare Stoudemire is moving along on schedule in his rehabilitation from knee surgery, but it's too early to be pinned down on a definitive return date.
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[ S U P E R S O N I C S ]
Not yet booming

by Marc Narducci / January 11, 2006
The Seattle SuperSonics are looking to adjust on the fly to a coaching change, while attempting not to fall out of playoff contention in the Western Conference.
Read more

[ L A K E R S ]
The Show

by Roland Lazenby / January 8, 2006
The Los Angeles Lakers have long been one of the NBA's most exciting teams. In The Show, sportswriter Roland Lazenby brings the story of this charismatic team to life.
Read more

[ L E G E N D S ]
Lanier's impact felt on and off the court

by David Friedman / January 4, 2006
Bob Lanier’s basketball accomplishments earned him the induction in the Hall of Fame, but he does not measure his success in life merely by tallying his points, rebounds and blocked shots.
Read more

[ M A R Q U E S . J O H N S O N ]
Original point forward

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / December 9, 2005
Before Scottie Pippen, Anfernee Hardaway, Grant Hill or Antoine Walker, there was Marques Johnson
Read more

[ S U P E R S O N I C S ]
Slick Watts's tales

by Slick Watts and Frank Hughes / December 4, 2005
Slick Watts arrived in Seattle with nothing but his name, shiny head, headband, and his personality. He remains there to this day
one of the most memorable and likable icons of Seattle sports history. Read more

[ D A R K O . M I L I C I C ]
Turning point

by Nikola Olic / November 22, 2005
Life is much better for Pistons forward Darko Milicic with Larry Brown no longer in Detroit. Ant it should keep getting better.
Read more

[ K I N G S ]
Reynolds remembers

by Jerry Reynolds and Don Drysdale / November 15, 2005
Jerry Reynolds has been part of the Sacramento Kings for two decades
. On Reynolds Remembers, he has put on paper some of the memories of his time with the franchise. Read more

[ W I L T . C H A M B E R L A I N ]
Larger than life

by Robert Allen Cherry / November 11, 2005
Everyone knows Wilt Chamberlain was a physical marvel who was proud of his body and his athletic (and sexual) feats. Few athletes could command the stage with a more dominating presence. But Wilt: Larger Than Life pulls the curtain back on the private Chamberlain, revealing new details.
Read more

[ B U C K S ]
Big step forward

by Gery Woelfel / October 28, 2005
With the Bucks' backcourt in good hands, GM Larry Harris solidified the team's shaky front line by acquiring Jamaal Magloire. The deal, Bucks and NBA officials concur, should catapult Milwaukee into a viable playoff participant in the East.
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[ D E N N I S . R O D M A N ]
I should be dead now

by Dennis Rodman and Jack Isenhour / October 26, 2005
Five-time NBA champion Dennis Rodman has had an eventful life on and off the basketball court. He talks about all that in his new book.
Read more

[ A N T H O N Y . G R A H A M ]
Pro dreams

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / October 23, 2005
Anthony Allen Graham believes he could have played in the NBA like his former teammate Latrell Sprewell given the right
circumstances. It was not meant to happen. Read more

[ B O B B Y . J O N E S ]
The ultimate team player

by David Friedman / October 19, 2005
Bobby Jones filled whatever role his team needed without regard to his statistics. He earned eight consecutive selections to the NBA All-Defensive 1st Team, cementing his legacy as a legendary team player.
Read more

[ J A I L . B A S K E T B A L L ]
The myth of Purple

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / September 18, 2005
Prison basketball star Purple may no longer be alive, but his legend certainly is. Read more

[ S K I P . W I S E ]
The greatest who never made it

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / September 3, 2005
Not Carmelo Anthony. Not even Sam Cassell. According to many, the best player to come out of Baltimore is one that never played a game in the NBA. Read more

[ L E G E N D S ]
Warren Jabali in his own words

by David Friedman / August 31, 2005
You may have never heard of four-time ABA All-Star Warren Jabali. And you almost certainly have never heard from him in his own words. He let his game do his talking. Read more

[ K E V I N . D R E W ]
Pure Vanilla

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / August 12, 2005
Flashy shooting guard Kevin Drew could very well make a living off his basketball skills once he leaves prison next year. Just watch out. Read more

[ R O N . P A U L ]
The streets are watching

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / August 1, 2005
Jail basketball legend Ron Paul will soon be released from prison. Will he be able to live up to the hype he generated behind bars? Read more

[ R O C K Y . M O U N T A I N . R E V U E ]
Here to stay

by Gerald Narciso / July 23, 2005
The Vegas Summer League may have taken some of the teams, but it didn't take any of the fan support. Thanks to players like Deron Williams or Sean May, the Rocky Mountain Revue was once again a success.
Read more

[ L A R R Y . W A L K E R ]
The truth

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / July 19, 2005
Larry Walker Jr. played against some of the best ballers in Michigan and dreamed of making it in the NBA one day. That was before the streets got in his way.
Read more

[ A R T I S . G I L M O R E ]
Still waiting for Hall of Fame call

by David Friedman / July 5, 2005
Artis Gilmore is one of the leading scorers, rebounders and shot blockers in pro basketball history. Why has the A-Train not arrived at the Basketball Hall of Fame?
Read more

[ D R A F T ]
Winners and losers become evident

by George Rodecker / June 30, 2005
The 2005 NBA Draft is in the books now and it may always be regarded as one of the most bizarre in history.
Read more

[ D R A F T ]
NBA draftees dressed for success

by Marc Narducci / June 29, 2005
Draft night provided a glimpse of potential future stars of the NBA and these youngsters certainly proved that they could dress for success.
Read more

[ D R A F T ]
Bogut looks like the man

by Gery Woelfel / June 20, 2005
Andrew Bogut was determined to prove to the Bucks that he was a better athlete than most people perceived. Mission accomplished.
Read more

[ R O B E R T . R O T H B A R T ]
A difficult journey

by Amir Bogen / June 18, 2005
NBA hopeful Robert Rothbart could write a book about his life. From the horrors of war in Bosnia to the death of his brother, the 7-foot-1 center has certainly been through a lot.
Read more

[ P R E D R A G . S T O J A K O V I C ]
King for life?

by Nebojsa Petrovacki / June 16, 2005
Remember Predrag Stojakovic asking for a trade and saying he was no longer happy playing with the Sacramento Kings? Well, forget about the whole thing.
Read more

[ F I N A L S . D I A R Y ]
Pistons not media friendly

by David Carro / June 15, 2005
If you thought it was hard to face Ben and Rasheed Wallace on a basketball court, try asking them questions in the locker room.
Read more

[ P R E - D R A F T . C A M P ]
The final recap

by George Rodecker / June 13, 2005
A few select players really helped their cause in the Chicago camp while another group may have dashed their draft hopes. Most simply performed as expected and did little to change any minds.
Read more

[ D R A F T ]
Andriuskevicius seized the moment

by Gery Woelfel / June 12, 2005
Lithuanian center Martynas Andriuskevicius drew mixed reviews from scouts after his workout Thursday afternoon in Chicago.
Read more

[ F I N A L S . D I A R Y ]
The Manu

by David Carro / June 10, 2005
Spurs guard Emanuel Ginobili played his heart out and dropped 26 points on the Pistons in Game 1 of the Finals. No wonder why he has become the favorite player of San Antonio's fans.
Read more

[ P L A Y O F F S ]
The view from the inside

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / May 16, 2005
Inmates at FCI Gilmer are following the NBA playoffs closely and putting their money of the Miami Heat to win it all this year.
Read more

[ L A B O R . T A L K S ]
What agents think

by Jorge Sierra / May 12, 2005
We asked several NBA agents about their thoughts on the labor talks and the possibility of another lockout. Pessimism is the prevailing feeling at this point.
Read more

[ W I L T . C H A M B E R L A I N ]
The Dipper in Harlem

by Gary M. Pomerantz / April 28, 2005
March 2, 1962, presented the awesome sight of Wilt Chamberlain imposing himself on a world that would diminish him. Wilt, 1962 is not only the story of a basketball game but a meditation on small towns, midcentury America, and one of the most intriguing figures in the pantheon of sports heroes.
Read more

[ J A I L . B A S K E T B A L L ]
White Chocolate

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / April 12, 2005
When the expectations are great and the bar gets raised too high, it's hard to handle all the pressure. Just ask Rhode Island's White Chocolate.
Read more

[ P O R T S M O U T H ]
Few true draft prospects

by George Rodecker / April 11, 2005
The 53rd edition of the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament offered few NBA prospects and no first-rounders. But more than a few of those in camp did indeed distinguish themselves.
Read more

[ C E L T I C S ]
Jefferson exceeding early expectations

by Marc Narducci / April 4, 2005
Boston's Al Jefferson entered the league with a relatively low profile, but has made a smoother than expected transition from high school to the NBA.
Read more

[ J A I L . B A S K E T B A L L ]
The Ohio mob

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / March 12, 2005
FCI Gilmer has many talented basketball players from the East Coast –
from New York to Baltimore to Washington. But Ohio is also well represented with Demetrius Parker, Keylan Martin and Clavin Moore.
Read more

[ A B A . R E U N I O N ]
We are family

by David Friedman / March 2, 2005
Sister Sledge's "We Are Family" was released a few years after the NBA-ABA merger, but it is the perfect theme song to represent how ABA players feel about each other.
Read more

[ 7 6 E R S ]
Chris Webber: The game I'll never forget

by Chris Webber, as told to Brett Ballantini / February 26, 2005
Chris Webber shared his Game I’ll Never Forget one week before being traded from a Sacramento Kings team he raised from also-ran to almost-champ. Not surprisingly, his most memorable moments come in a Sacto uni.
Read more

[ C H R I S . M U L L I N ]
The underdog

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / February 23, 2005
The Chris Mullin of FCI Fairton has nothing in common with the Chris Mullin of the Golden State Warriors. Except some really outstanding basketball skills, that is.
Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
Stars show admiration for one another

by Marc Narducci / February 21, 2005
A greeting between two of the game's top superstars was just one of many memorable moments behind the scenes at the All-Star Game.
Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
Perfect attendance by All-Stars well before the game

by Marc Narducci / February 20, 2005
The players are making a big statement both on and off the court during the All-Star Weekend in Denver.
Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
No sophomore jinx for second-year players

by Marc Narducci / February 19, 2005
The Sophomores had a dominating performance during the Rookie game and LeBron James was just as impressive on the court as he was off.
Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
Party about to start in Denver

by Marc Narducci / February 18, 2005
Denver is gearing up for the All-Star Weekend, where both the city and the NBA will be in the national and international spotlight.
Read more

[ C A R M E L O . A N T H O N Y ]
Keeping it real

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / January 24, 2005
Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony has taken a lot of heat for his cameo appearance in an underground DVD filmed in his native city of Baltimore. Maybe just too much.
Read more

[ C A V A L I E R S ]
Protecting the Gund

by Bruce Meyer / January 14, 2005
For the Cavaliers to become a championship team, they first must take some baby steps. In the second year of the LeBron James era, that means taking care of business at home.
Read more

[ T R A I L . B L A Z E R S ]
Woods dealing with an uncertain future

by Andy Jasner / January 11, 2005
Blazers forward Qyntel Woods remains sidelined while under investigation for alleged dogfighting, but he has not been forgotten by his teammates.
Read more

[ T A I W A N . A U S T I N ]
Harlem World

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / January 9, 2005
Taiwan Austin has the flash and dash of an And1 baller. Too bad nobody can't see that outside the walls of his prison in West Virginia.
Read more

[ Z A Z A . P A C H U L I A ]
Family man

by Gery Woelfel / January 3, 2005
Bucks power forward Zaza Pachulia had his share of drama before arriving in the NBA. Luckily, his mother was with him all along the way.
Read more

[ R O G E R . B R O W N ]
Ankle breaker and shot maker

by David Friedman / December 27, 2004
Roger Brown overcame unjust banishments from the NCAA and the NBA to lead the Indiana Pacers to three ABA titles. His peerless skills and amazing ability to deliver in the clutch inspired basketball legends like Julius Erving and George Gervin.
Read more

[ D A R Y L . C A R P E N T E R ]
A true BOP legend

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / December 18, 2004
There might have not been a better player in prison basketball than Daryl Carpenter, aka Silk, in the last two decades. This is his story.
Read more

[ N U G G E T S ]
Anthony rebounding well

by Andy Jasner / December 15, 2004
Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony says he feels at peace when the games start. After a tough summer and fall, he appears to be back on track.
Read more

[ S U P E R S O N I C S ]
Sonics off to super start

by Chris Ekstrand / December 12, 2004
How does a Seattle team featuring the same head coach and virtually the same cast of players who went 37-45 a year ago combine to produce the second-best record in the NBA over the first quarter of the regular season?
Read more

[ M A G I C ]
Jameer's story
by Floyd "Pete" Nelson and Elaine Whelan / December 4, 2004
Jameer Nelson made a tough journey from the ghetto of Chester, Pennsylvania to the NBA. His father, Floyd Nelson, was there with him all along and now tells the whole story in the new book Jameer.
Read more

[ W I Z A R D S ]
Jamison adds life to Washington
by Marc Narducci / November 29, 2004
After one season coming off the bench for the Dallas Mavericks, 6-foot-9 forward Antawn Jamison is back in his accustomed starting spot and sparking a resurgence in Washington.
Read more

[ B R A W L ]
No love for Ron
by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / November 27, 2004
The incidents in the game between Pacers and Pistons stirred a debate among basketball fans across the country. The "basketbrawl" was a subject of discussion at FCI Gilmer too. And surprisingly, most inmates didn't support Ron Artest's actions.
Read more

[ W A R R I O R S ]
Andris the Giant
by AJ Hayes / November 26, 2004
The Golden State Warriors believe they have a future starter in 6-foot-11 forward Andris Biedrins, the team's first-round pick in the last NBA Draft.
Read more

[ K N I C K S ]
Many still doubting Thomas

by Marc Narducci / November 14, 2004
After the worst start of his career, New York Knicks forward Tim Thomas hopes that better days lie ahead following an encouraging performance.
Read more

[ B A L T I M O R E ]
The Dome

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti and Darryl Hairston / November 4, 2004
Baltimore's Dome has garnered a reputation only second to New York's Rucker Park in the streetball world. And the legend keeps growing.
Read more

[ B U L L S ]
Tales from the hardwood

by Bill Wennington and Kent McDill / October 31, 2004
In the late '90s, the Bulls had the greatest team in NBA history. Bill Wennington’s Tales from the Bulls Hardwood tells some of the inside stories from that team, the one that won three NBA titles from 1996 through 1998.
Read more

[ E L E C T I O N S ]
Presidential race intrigues foreign players

by Gery Woelfel / October 29, 2004
The presidential election is set for Tuesday and seemingly everybody has an opinion on which candidate should be elected. American citizens aren't the only ones who have a keen interest in the presidential race, though. So do many foreign NBA players.
Read more

[ J A Z Z ]
Boozer excited for a fresh start

by Andy Jasner / October 27, 2004
After two seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers and a very tumultuous summer, third-year forward Carlos Boozer is anxious to help lead the Utah Jazz back to the playoffs.
Read more

[ P O L O ]
Little big man
by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / October 18, 2004
Jade Best, aka Polo, may be much smaller than the average basketball player, but he's got enough skills and heart to dominate on the courts of FCI Fairton.
Read more

[ H E A T ]
A shot at the title
by Marc Narducci / October 7, 2004
They are talking title in Miami with the addition of Shaquille O'Neal. But do the Heat have the outside shooting to challenge the elite of the NBA?
Read more

[ S T E P H I N E . S T O K E S ]
The Matrix
by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / October 1, 2004
Suns forward Shawn Marion is called The Matrix in the NBA. FCI Gilmer has its own version of Matrix in prison basketball star Stephine Stokes.
Read more

[ S E R G I O . R O D R I G U E Z ]
Spanish Chocolate
by Enrique Peinado / September 24, 2004
Sergio Rodriguez admires Jason Williams and has modeled his game after him. If nothing strange happens, the 18-year-old Spanish point guard will soon join his idol in the NBA.
Read more

[ C L Y D E . D R E X L E R ]
Honoring the Glide
by Andy Jasner / September 10, 2004
After 15 NBA seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers and Houston Rockets, Clyde Drexler received the ultimate honor Friday night by being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.
Read more

[ Y O U N G . P A U L ]
The white shadow
by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / September 6, 2004
Getting respect behind the walls can be a difficult task
especially if you are a white basketball player from Maine with a soft reputation.
Read more

[ D R A F T ]
An early look
by George Rodecker / August 30, 2004
While November and the first NCAA Division I contests seem light years away, it’s never too early to begin to look at college players who excel at their game enough to get very serious attention from NBA scouts.
Read more

[ O L Y M P I C . G A M E S ]
Athens stars
by Jorge Sierra / August 29, 2004
San Antonio Spurs guard Emanuel Ginobili was the official MVP of the Olympic basketball tournament, but several other players deserved the honor nearly as much as Manu.
Read more

[ J O H N . S T A R K S ]
Life of a Knick

by John Starks and Dan Markowitz / August 18, 2004
Former NBA player John Starks went through a lot before becoming a star in the league with the New York Knicks in the '90s. He talks about those experiences in John Starks: My Life.
Read more

[ C L Y D E . D R E X L E R ]
Clyde the Glide

by Clyde Drexler and Kerry Eggers / August 12, 2004
Five years beyond his retirement as a player, Clyde Drexler is ready to talk. For the first time,
the former Rocket and Blazer sounds off on a variety of subjects in the new book, Clyde the Glide
Read more

[ J O E . B L A C K ]
A Bronx tale

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / August 9, 2004
Back in the day, Joe Black was known to many as Air Black, the kid from the Bronx that had crazy hops, hangtime and would fiercely penetrate to the rack like MO. That was in 1994. Now Joe Black is still in the system doing his thing.
Read more

[ S U M M E R . P R O . L E A G U E ]
Igniting some careers, ending others

by Morris O'Kelly / July 26, 2004
The 35th annual Summer Pro League is now history. After the flurry of dunks and unbelievably spirited play, all that remains are the memories of those who helped themselves.
Read more

[ S P U R S ]
A summer in San Antonio

by Aleksandar Dzikic / July 22, 2004
Europeans are still a rarity on NBA coaching staffs, but some get a chance to learn during summer league action. One of them is Partizan Belgrade assistant Aleksander Dzikic. He tells us about his experience with the Spurs.
Read more

[ V E G A S . S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
Good week for Ainge

by Jordi Vila / July 20, 2004
With pretty impressive performances in the Vegas Summer League, Celtics' first-round picks Al Jefferson, Tony Allen, Delonte West and Marcus Banks made Boston GM Danny Ainge looked good last week.
Read more

[ B U C K S ]
Harris' work never finished

by Gery Woelfel / July 19, 2004
Larry Harris has a reputation of being one of the hardest workers in the NBA. During this month's all important free-agency period, he has done nothing to tarnish that reputation.
Read more

[ J A I L . B A S K E T B A L L ]
Always balling

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / July 18, 2004
From the dangerous streets of Washington to the infamous Lorton prison to FCI Gilmer in West Virginia, Laruan, Big Sid and Tone have never stopped balling.
Read more

[ L A K E R S ]
Talking trade

by Morris O'Kelly / July 16, 2004
Mitch Kupchak, Chris Mullin, Mike Montgomery, Geoff Petrie and Pete Carril were all in attendance for the Summer Pro League in Long Beach. We ask them about their opinion on the Shaquille O'Neal trade.
Read more

[ A B C D . C A M P ]
Underclassmen capture attention

by Jordi Vila / July 13, 2004
The seniors-to-be were better than advertised, but it was underclassmen like Greg Oden, Derrick Caracter and OJ Mayo who made the biggest impression at the ABCD Camp.
Read more

[ O R L A N D O . S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
Howard a defensive star

by Mike Tuck / July 12, 2004
It was a very hot and sunny week in Central Florida as a number of rookies and second-year NBA players tried to shine while older players just tried to keep the fire lit.
Read more

[ M I N N E S O T A . S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
Bobcats' first success

by Marc Narducci / July 11, 2004
The Charlotte Bobcats got off on the right foot in the Minnesota Summer League. Sixers guard Willie Green showed he could be among the most improved NBA players. Others in the league caught scouts' eyes.
Read more

[ V I N C E . C A R T E R ]
Choose your course

by Vince Carter / June 5, 2004
From a music-filled childhood to winning an Olympic gold medal, Raptors superstar Vince Carter emphasizes the importance of knowing where you are going and working to get there.
Read more

[ D R A F T ]
Draft night in prison

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / July 3, 2004
"Who are you?" was the theme of the NBA Draft on Thursday night, June 24. Just like the spectators, players and family members at Madison Square Garden, dudes at FCI Gilmer were glued to the proceedings. In the prison's TV room, that is.
Read more

[ J A I L . B A S K E T B A L L ]

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / June 29, 2004
When he was a free man, DJ played against the likes of Carmelo Anthony, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, Elton Brand and Baron Davis. Now in jail, he plays with his homeboy T-Y.
Read more

[ D R A F T ]
The backstage

by Marc Narducci / June 26, 2004
Connecticut's Emeka Okafor was most dressed for success at the NBA Draft, while former Hornet and new Charlotte Bobcats executive Dell Curry remained calm amidst the chaos.
Read more

[ D R A F T ]
A night of surprises

by George Rodecker / June 25, 2004
After months of speculation, early entry candidates in and out, pre-draft camps, individual and team workouts
not to mention trade rumors galore it all finally came down to one night in The Big Apple.
Read more

[ D R A F T ]
The final countdown

by George Rodecker / June 23, 2004
With the draft finally coming this Thursday, the final hours leading up to it will be anything but calm.
Read more

[ F I N A L S . D I A R Y ]
Not much hodown in Motown

by Michael Eaves / June 16, 2004
Having spurned such smooth steppers as The Temptations and The Jackson Five, you would think Detroit would have better cheerleaders. Read more

[ F I N A L S . D I A R Y ]
Birmingham is bringing it and then some

by Michael Eaves / June 14, 2004
Whether you are looking for an NBA jersey or an NBA player, Birmingham, Michigan is your spot this week.
Read more

[ P R E - D R A F T . C A M P ]
Grading the campers

by George Rodecker / June 13, 2004
The common thought is that no one fully clinched a first-round spot with his play in Chicago. But last year no one expected Troy Bell or Dahntay Jones to go as high as they did after the pre-draft camp. Read more

[ P R E - D R A F T. C A M P ]
Splitter bombs

by George Rodecker / June 12, 2004
While Jackie Butler, Luis Flores and Damien Wilkins excelled on the last day of camp, highly touted Brazilian forward Tiago Splitter greatly disappointed in an individual workout. Read more

[ F I N A L S . D I A R Y ]
Pistons fans bring the thunder(sticks)

by Michael Eaves / June 11, 2004
Just when the Lakers thought the Wallace connection was their biggest obstacle in the NBA Finals, Pistons fans send them a loud reminder otherwise. Read more

[ P R E - D R A F T . C A M P ]
Two possible first-rounders emerge

by George Rodecker / June 11, 2004
The third day saw a series of games that finally offered up two players who have likely played themselves into the first round. Meanwhile, the workout craze lost steam. Read more

[ P R E - D R A F T . C A M P ]
Workouts steal the show

by George Rodecker / June 10, 2004
Day Two featured three games at the NBA Pre-Draft Camp, but all the attention had been shifted to the individual workouts being held at Hoops the Gym and the MetroFlex. Read more

[ P R E - D R A F T . C A M P ]
Individual workouts, then the draft camp

by George Rodecker / June 9, 2004
30 NBA teams gathered in Chicago for the pre-draft camp while individual workouts already were in motion across the city. Read more

[ F I N A L S . D I A R Y ]
Oh, the things you see at a Lakers game!

by Michael Eaves / June 7, 2004
Staples Center is by far the most star-studded arena in the NBA, and maybe that is why you can expect to see just about anything. Read more

[ B L A C K . B A S K E T B A L L ]
Hot Potato

by Bob Kuska / June 3, 2004
Most people assume that the rise of black basketball was a fortuitous accident of inner-city playgrounds. But it was in fact a consciously organized movement with very specific goals. Read more

[ A N T O N I O . R O G E R S ]
The Monkee Show

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / May 27, 2004
With his aggressive and entertaining style, Antonio Rogers, aka Monkey, has become one of the biggest basketball legends in American penitentiaries in the last decade. Read more

[ A L L - P R I S O N . T E A M ]
Who got game?

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / May 18, 2004
Certain players from the League get big props on the inside for how they play and how they carry themselves. Like they say, real recognizes real. Read more

[ P L A Y O F F S ]
Predictions from the cell

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / May 13, 2004
The inmates at FCI Gilmer in West Virginia are following the NBA playoffs closely and picking either the Sacramento Kings or the Los Angeles Lakers to win it all this year. Read more

[ W A Y N E . E M B R Y ]
The inside game

by Wayne Embry and Mary Schmitt Boyer / May 10, 2004
Wayne Embry went from being an All-Star player at Miami University to an NBA Executive of the Year. In his autobiography, The Inside Game, Embry chronicles his 40 years in the NBA and discusses the problems threatening to undermine it. Read more

[ R O C K E T S ]
The Tao of Yao

by Oliver Chin / May 9, 2004
Basketball has known great, versatile centers. But Yao Ming, selfless and fundamentally sound, has the potential to write a whole new chapter. Read more

[ B L A C K . P L A Y E R S ]
They cleared the lane

by Ron Thomas / May 4, 2004
Today, black players compose more than 80 percent of the NBA’s rosters. In the first half of the 20th century, however, pro basketball was tainted by racism, as gifted African Americans were denied the opportunity to display their talents. Read more

[ R O N . H A M M O N D ]
All he does is win

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / April 19, 2004
They call him Catch-me-if-you-can. Ron Hammond. Register number 32189-037. Federal prisoner in the War on Drugs. He's no regular inmate, though. He's a baIler. Read more

[ A L L E N . I V E R S O N ]
Fairton's favorite

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / April 13, 2004
No one can beat Allen Iverson when it comes to street credibility. But respect for AI goes well beyond the streets. At the Fairton Federal Prison in New Jersey, he is by far the most respected NBA player among inmates. Read more

[ P O R T S M O U T H ]
Final games tell a tale

by George Rodecker / April 11, 2004
The worth and skills of the players become clearer as the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament concludes.
Read more

[ P O R T S M O U T H ]
Budding stars revealed

by George Rodecker / April 10, 2004
Two semifinals matchups and a consolation qualifier set the tone with many players shining in the third day of competition at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. Read more

[ P O R T S M O U T H ]
Second day delivers good play

by George Rodecker / April 9, 2004
Three games were completed and six doubles-doubles were recorded as the quality of play took a quantum leap forward. Read more

[ P O R T S M O U T H ]
Camp kicks off

by George Rodecker / April 8, 2004
64 college seniors arrive for first audition before 30 NBA teams and several international leagues in Virginia’s Port City. Read more

[ D R A F T ]
Tourney also provides individual opportunities

by George Rodecker / April 6, 2004
Legend has always had it that the NCAA Tourney always brings out the best in guard play. This 2004 edition was no exception. Read more

[ O S C A R . R O B E R T S O N ]
The Big O

by Oscar Robertson / April 5, 2004
Basketball legend Oscar Robertson attracted as much attention for his on-court magic as he did for his controversial stances and uncompromising personality. In "The Big O," Robertson speaks out for the first time.
Read more

[ J A I L . B A S K E T B A L L ]
Championship dreams

by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / March 31, 2004
Seth M Ferranti is the inmate number 18205-083 at the Fairton prison. He is also a talented basketball writer whose articles have been published in Slam and other magazines. From now on, his work will see the light here too. Read more

[ P I S T O N S ]
Wallace a hit in D-Town

by Bruce Meyer / March 23, 2004
While Rasheed Wallace had his problems in Portland, so far he's been more than welcomed in Detroit, where the Pistons are the hottest team in the NBA. And his coach and teammates say he's a big reason why.
Read more

[ D R A F T . P R O S P E C T S ]
Waiting for Rudy

by David Carro / March 19, 2004
If they want Rudy Fernandez in the draft this year, the NBA scouts should start rooting for his club. The Spanish version of Emanuel Ginobili – already considered a potential lottery pick next June – will only declare himself eligible if his team wins the title. Read more

[ W A R R I O R S ]
Cardinal takes flight

by AJ Hayes / March 18, 2004
Warriors forward Brian Cardinal – twice rejected by other NBA teams – has climbed from end-of-the-bench status to earn minutes and the love of the Golden State fans. Read more

[ H A W K S ]
Not playing like losers

by Gery Woelfel / March 11, 2004
The Atlanta Hawks are currently residing in the low-rent district of the Eastern Conference and have about as much of a chance of making the playoffs as Al Sharpton has of being the Democrats' presidential nominee. But they haven't thrown in the towel yet. Read more

[ H E A T ]
Butler puts work ethic on overtime

by Gery Woelfel / March 1, 2004
Heat forward Caron Butler has been plagued by knee and back issues this season, but that hasn't altered his positive outlook. Butler is healthy now and firmly believes there's plenty of time for him to help the Heat reach the playoffs. Read more

[ D R A F T ]
What the scouts think

by Jose Ajero / February 28, 2004
The Spanish Cup has become one of the biggest basketball events in Europe. NBA scouts always pack the stands and this year is no exception. We asked five of them – Gary Brokaw, Danny Ferry, Masai Ujiri, Jason Filippi and Steve Young – about their thoughts on the draft. Read more

[ C H E R O K E E . P A R K S ]
In the paint

by Andrew Gottlieb / February 27, 2004
Former Clipper Cherokee Parks may not have become the star some people expected him to be, but that doesn't mean he is not admired around the league. Read more

[ A L L - S T A R ]
Stars answer

by Juan Pipkin / February 15, 2004
We asked Jason Kidd, Tracy McGrady, Andrei Kirilenko, Dirk Nowitzki and Ben Wallace about their thoughts on the All-Star Weekend. This is what the five NBA stars said. Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
LeBron's show

by Juan Pipkin / February 14, 2004
Suns sophomore Amare Stoudemire was named MVP of the Rookie Challenge, but from the very first moment it was clear who the real star was. Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
Fashion victims

by Enrique Peinado / February 13, 2004
Other than the Jam Session, there was not much All-Star related activity going on in L.A. on Thursday. And what could you do in the Jam Session? You could either watch Frankie Muniz play or buy clothes. Most chose the latter. Read more

[ L E B R O N . J A M E S ]
The rise of a star

by David Lee Morgan, Jr. / February 10, 2004
The odds were against LeBron. Born in poverty to a 16-year-old single mom, without a father, raised only with the help of various family and neighbors ... he could have become just one more scarred product of a rough childhood in the projects. Instead, he's the darling of the sports world – and he plays the part well. Read more

[ L A M A R . O D O M ]
What, me worry?

by Jason McIntyre / February 5, 2004
Miami Heat forward Lamar Odom was left off the All-Star team. Possible reasons: The Heat don't have the wins, and he hasn't shed his checkered past. Odom didn't complain. He'll let his game do the talking. Read more

[ D A V I D . T H O M P S O N ]

by David Thompson / February 3, 2004
Basketball legend David Thompson had a career full of high and low points. Same can be said with his life off the court. He recently recounted all his experiences in his autobiography, "Skywalker." This is an excerpt of the book. Read more

[ W A R R I O R S ]
Dampier whets All-Star appetite

by AJ Hayes / January 13, 2004
The Warriors lost Monday, but Erick Dampier had yet another big game – which only adds fuel to the fire that the 6-11 center is a legitimate All-Star candidate. Read more

[ L A D È . M A J I C ]
A woman in a men's world

by Enrique Peinado / January 10, 2004
She is the first woman to play, coach and run the basketball operations for a men's team. From the playgrounds to the world tours with the Harlem Ambassadors, Ladè Majic has overcome all the prejudices. Read more

[ J O S H . H O W A R D ]
Worth the wait

by Gery Woelfel / January 3, 2004
While the Dallas Mavericks had the last pick in the first round of the 2003 NBA Draft, they still got the player they coveted: Josh Howard. The 6-foot-7 swingman from Wake Forest hasn't disappointed. After starting the season as a backup, he has stepped into the starting lineup and provided the Mavs with some much-needed defense. Read more

[ P A C E R S ]
O'Neal doubles his pleasure

by Gery Woelfel / December 28, 2003
The Indiana Pacers have a new coach and several new players, but they still have Jermaine O'Neal, one of the biggest stars in the NBA. O'Neal is enjoying another banner season and has helped guide his team to the top in the Eastern Conference standings. Read more

[ G R I Z Z L I E S ]
The new J-Will

by Jason McIntyre / December 5, 2003
Jason Williams has vaulted himself into the elite class of point guards in the NBA. Credit an old school coach and Williams' young son for taming the loose cannon. Read more

[ B U C K S ]
Hard-working Redd rises in the ranks

by Gery Woelfel / November 25, 2003
If the Bucks are one of the surprise teams in the NBA this season, that is greatly thanks to Michael Redd. Through hard work, this former second-round pick has continually improved his play and is now striving to become one of the premier guards in the league. Read more

[ A R V Y D A S . S A B O N I S ]
No way back

by Linas Kunigelis / November 24, 2003
At 38 and in decent basketball shape, Arvydas Sabonis is still one of the most coveted centers in the game. Several NBA teams (namely the Blazers) are interested in him. But the interest is no longer reciprocal.
Read more

[ B A R O N . D A V I S ]
The best PG?

by Jason McIntyre / November 20, 2003
Now in his fifth NBA season, Baron Davis of the New Orleans Hornets may be ready to emerge as the best point guard in the league. How did this tiny kid from South Central, L.A. do it? Read more

[ L E B R O N . J A M E S ]
Fitting in nicely

by Bruce Meyer / November 12, 2003
Thus far, LeBron James has brought the Cavaliers points, rebounds, assists and thousands more fans. But as a rookie, he has to bring one more thing: the doughnuts. Read more

[ A A R O N . W I L L I A M S ]
Not a star, just a winner

by Jason McIntyre / November 10, 2003
Nets forward Aaron Williams got a late start to his basketball career, hardly was recruited, and spent time in the CBA and overseas. Now he's looking at a third trip to the NBA Finals. Read more

[ J A S O N . R I C H A R D S O N ]
"I want to take it up another notch this year"

by AJ Hayes / November 6, 2003
After serving a sobering three-game suspension for domestic violence, high-flying Jason Richardson shook off some rust and returned to action this week with a renewed enthusiasm for the game and a fully forged plan to win the NBA's Slam Dunk contest for a record third time in a row. Read more

[ S T E V E . F R A N C I S ]
Bouncing around, never giving up

by Jason McIntyre / November 5, 2003
Steve Francis is in a pivotal year with the Rockets. He's got a new coach (Jeff Van Gundy) who favors a slow-down, pound-it-inside game (to Yao Ming). Just another obstacle Francis will have to overcome. Read more

[ B R Y A N T . C A S E ]
Facing the media storm

by Michael Eaves / October 11, 2003
When it comes to sports and entertainment, few cities in the world can amass a media frenzy quite like Hollywood. Kobe Bryant can definitely attest to that reality as he faces a felony sexual assault charge on the eve of his 8th season on the NBA’s most popular team. Read more

[ D E R M A R R . J O H N S O N ]
"I never doubted I would play again"

by DerMarr Johnson (as told to Jeff Sinomada) / October 7, 2003
On September 13, 2002, Atlanta Hawks guard DerMarr Johnson fell asleep at the wheel and drove his car into a tree on his way home from a night out with two friends. Just over a year later, he is completely healed from the broken neck suffered in the accident and recently signed a free agent make-good contract with the Phoenix Suns. Read more

[ A M A R E . S T O U D E M I R E ]
One for the ages

by Steven Koek / September 10, 2003
Reigning NBA Rookie of the Year Amare Stoudemire is nearly ready to take to the court for five-on-five full-court action after offseason toe surgery and has his sites set on making the Phoenix Suns a perennial contender.
Read more

[ N E M A N J A . A L E K S A N D R O V ]
The next Milicic?

by Enrique Peinado / August 12, 2003
When the search for the next LeBron James has just begun, the quest for the new Darko Milicic might already be over. His name is Nemanja Aleksandrov and some think he will be the No. 1 pick in the 2005 NBA Draft.
Read more

[ R O N . P A U L ]
"Jail" Jordan

by Enrique Peinado / July 30, 2003
He has never played organized ball. He has never been interviewed. He has never received public recognition. But if you ask for the best basketball player in prison, they'll tell you about Ron "The Abuser" Paul. A legend behind bars. Read more

[ B R Y A N T . C A S E ]
The players' point of view

by Morris O'Kelly / July 23, 2003
A number of players expressed shock and disbelief at the sexual assault charge levied against Kobe. There was a feeling that he was above the situations that get many athletes into trouble. And there were those who weren't sure what to think. Ultimately, it rang a bell whose message was loud and clear for all to hear. Read more

[ S U M M E R . P R O . L E A G U E ]
Where history and future come together

by Morris O'Kelly / July 21, 2003
The SPL just concluded its 34th season and whereas you had your usual parade of NBA stars, Hall of Famers and dignitaries, it had its usual fair share of players whose careers had gone awry or not happened at all.
Read more

[ L A K E R S ]
"Kobe will get through this"

by Morris O'Kelly / July 15, 2003
The Lakers’ assistant coaches are responsible for the team at the Summer Pro League. HoopsHype caught up with them after one of the games to get their thoughts on the Kobe Bryant incident. Read more

[ O R L A N D O . P R O . S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
Things got better

by Mike Tuck / July 14, 2003
Even without LeBron James for the last three days, this year's Orlando Pro Summer League was much improved from last season's version. The play was much better and the stars were more abundant. Read more

[ L E B R O N . U P D A T E ]
King James hits the big time

by Mike Tuck / July 9, 2003
It felt as though he had been playing professionally for many seasons now, but it was only his first game, and a summer league game at that. LeBron James made his pro debut for the Cleveland Cavaliers in Orlando Tuesday night in front of over 15,000 extremely loud and supportive fans. And he looked every bit like a No. 1 pick.
Read more

[ R U C K E R . T O U R N A M E N T ]
Asphalt gods

by Vincent M. Mallozzi / June 29, 2003
On the fabled courts of Harlem, the legendary Rucker Tournament has influenced everything from NBA-style playing to urban hip-hop culture. Now, a new book looks at the pros and playground legends who helped turn basketball into an art form. Read more

[ L E B R O N . U P D A T E ]
A vision in white

by Bruce Meyer / June 28, 2003
LeBron James wore a custom-tailored all-white suit to set himself apart as he walked across the stage for the anti-climactic handshake with Commissioner David Stern. Now that much of the pomp and circumstance is over, LeBron can get back to what he likes most: playing basketball. Read more

[ F I N A L S . D I A R Y ]
Maximum concentration

by David Carro / June 14, 2003
Conscious of the importance of Game 5, the Spurs and Nets players were so concentrated on what was to come that they were not on the mood of talking with the reporters. In the end, all that concentration only paid off for San Antonio. Put part of the blame on Steve Kerr. Read more

[ F I N A L S . D I A R Y ]
New York believes

by David Carro / June 13, 2003
The Lakers were too much. The Spurs are within reach. That's why, unlike last season, those in New York and around have hope the Nets can win it all. Read more

[ F I N A L S . D I A R Y ]
The Nets are scary

by Jesus Carro / June 7, 2003
Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin are two to be scared of while they are on the court. Ditto for K-Mart off the court.
Read more

[ F I N A L S . D I A R Y ]
From another perspective

by Jesus Carro / June 5, 2003
Kobe Bryant and many other swingmen that have to play against him on a regular basis don't like Bruce Bowen. After what happened before Game 1, we have to jump on the bandwagon. Read more

[ L E B R O N . U P D A T E ]
Cavs get their savior

by Bruce Meyer / May 23, 2003
If ever an NBA team needed one particular player to save the franchise, that team is the Cavaliers and that player is LeBron James. Now that the Cavs' prayers were answered at Thursday night's draft lottery, the team has the one thing it needed most: hope. Read more

[ D R A F T ]
Under the microscope

by Jorge Sierra / May 12, 2003
A couple of 2002 second-round picks, three potential first-round candidates in this year's draft and a teenager that could go in the lottery in the future played in front of a bunch of NBA scouts during the Final Four of the Euroleague. How did they look? Read more

[ D R A F T ]
Euroskeptics (kind of)

by Jorge Sierra / May 10, 2003
Overseas players are good and getting better, but there is more hype than substance in many cases. That's the opinion of some of the NBA scouts whom we talked to during the Final Four of the Euroleague. Read more

[ A V E R Y . J O H N S O N ]
"I was born to coach"

by Ken Turetzky / April 30, 2003
Avery Johnson is already a candidate for at least one NBA head coaching position, and with good reason. Denied a post-season roster spot, Johnson quickly found a new outlet for his considerable energy – pushing his Dallas Mavericks teammates to excel during the playoffs. Read more

[ P L A Y O F F ]
Lakers confident as postseason begins

by Ken Turetzky / April 19, 2003
The Lakers never owned a winning record this season until two days before the All-Star break, leading some opponents to suspect that the three-time defending NBA champions were finished. Now the playoffs begin, and opponents fear that the Lakers are just getting started. Read more

[ W I Z A R D S ]
The Great One bids adieu

by Bruce Meyer / April 12, 2003
As Michael Jordan played nearly every minute of every game trying desperately to keep his Washington Wizards alive in the Eastern Conference playoff race, some began to speculate that the game's greatest player may not be through. Not so, according to Wizards coach Doug Collins and Jordan's teammates. Read more

[ L E O N . S M I T H ]
Focusing on the future

by Daniel Walsh / April 10, 2003
At age 18, former Chicago basketball star and Dallas Mavericks first-round pick Leon Smith was the next Kevin Garnett, but the dream quickly ended and a bizarre journey began. Read more

[ H I G H . S C H O O L E R S ]
Not just LeBron

by Bruce Meyer / March 28, 2003
Though LeBron James clearly was the star of this week's McDonald's All American High School Basketball Game, a number of other players also were trying to catch the NBA's eye. Here's a look at some of the others on the court the other night. Read more

[ L E B R O N . U P D A T E ]
Bringin' down the house

by Bruce Meyer / March 27, 2003
Steve Martin and Queen Latifah may be starring in the hit movie, but it clearly was LeBron James who brought down the house as he took MVP honors at the McDonald's All American High School Basketball Game in Cleveland. Read more

[ M A R K . C U B A N ]
The "Maverick" owner

by Dan Wilson / March 24, 2003
Who is Mark Cuban? He used to be a fan who came into some money and decided to buy a team. He still acts like a fan. But now, as an owner, he has made some big changes. And the result is his players believe they are going to win the championship. Read more

[ W A R . I N . I R A Q ]
What players think

by HoopsHype / March 20, 2003
Mavericks guard Steve Nash has been one of few players clearly speaking his mind about the events on Iraq. But what does the rest of the league think? Here is what a handful of NBA players have to say about this delicate issue... Read more

[ P H I L . J A C K S O N ]
On a scale of 10

by Dan Wilson / March 13, 2003
In the current record books, only the legendary Red Auerbach of the Boston Celtics matches Phil Jackson. What does he do differently from the other 28 coaches that results in so many championships? Read more

[ R A F E R . A L S T O N ]
Skipping along in T.O.

by Dean Serravalle / February 17, 2003
Throughout his NBA career, Rafer Alston has been the streetball superhero trying to find his niche as Clark Kent, the professional. With tumultuous stints in Milwaukee and Golden State, “Skip to my Lou” is ready to let his pro skills take root in one place. And so far, the silky smooth ballhandler, with a reputation for “breaking ankles” on the playground, has turned heads in Toronto. Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
Retro rules

by David Carro / February 9, 2003
For all the young superstars and Asian sensations that show up in Atlanta during the All-Star Weekend, the man here is still the best player there was and the best there will ever be. Read more

[ A L L - S T A R . D I A R Y ]
Yao King

by David Carro / February 8, 2003
Friday was a hectic day in Atlanta for all those involved in the basketball business – especially for Rockets center Yao Ming. Michael Jordan was a no-show, so most of the attention was centered on the 7-6 Chinese center. Our man in the All-Star, David Carro, gives us his insight. Read more

[ L E B R O N . U P D A T E ]
Deep in controversy

by Bruce Meyer / February 6, 2003
High school basketball sensation LeBron James has hip deep in controversy over the last weeks. In the end, though, all that matters to the NBA is his game. Here's what five Cavs players who have played with him or seen him play, have to say about LeBron. Read more

[ M A G I C ]
Facing another up-Hill battle

by Mike Tuck / January 31, 2003
It’s not Groundhog Day, but Orlando certainly feels like it is living a recurring nightmare. The Magic will probably be forced to play the rest of the season without former All-Star Grant Hill… again. Read more

[ A L L - S T A R ]

by HoopsHype / January 29, 2003
Several big egos were bruised Tuesday when the NBA announced the list of reserves for the All-Star Game. Ray Allen, Jerry Stackhouse, Jalen Rose, Michael Finley, Karl Malone and some other big names were left out. This is how they handled it... Read more

[ L E B R O N . U P D A T E ]
Still riding high

by Bruce Meyer / January 8, 2003
The Scholastic Fantastic Hoops Tour featuring LeBron James moves on, as the phenom and his teammates now can boast of playing on the No. 1 high school team in the nation. Though not every game has been full of highlight reel plays, each contest has featured what's most important to LeBron – a win. Read more

[ S O F O K L I S . S C H O R T S A N I T I S ]
Don't call him Baby Shaq

by Enrique Peinado / January 2, 2003
Sofoklis Schortsanitis is not a typical player. Typical players are not projected as lottery picks at the age of 17. Typical 17-year-old kids are not usually as physically dominant as he is. And, unlike typical players his size, Sofoklis doesn't want to be the next Shaquille O'Neal. Read more

[ Y U G O . P R O S P E C T S ]
Generation next

by Aleksandar Dzikic / December 31, 2002
Three Yugoslav players were selected in the Draft last June. Many more are on the way to enter the league in upcoming years. Aleksandar Dzikic, who coaches soon-to-be NBA players Nenad Krstic and Milos Vujanic in Partizan Belgrade, introduces the new generation of Yugoslav talents that could make it in the league in a very near future. Read more

[ S U N S ]
Gaining confidence

by Steven Koek / December 17, 2002
After a disappointing 1-7 start on the road, the Suns headed out for their toughest trip of the season hoping for mere survival. Instead, they returned to Phoenix with confidence and a winning attitude after victories over some of the best teams in the East. Read more

[ L E B R O N . U P D A T E ]
King James brings his game

by Bruce Meyer / December 14, 2002
LeBron James, the 17-year-old high school sensation from Akron, Ohio, got his first dance on a national stage Thursday, and he came out a clear winner. The game also was the first chance for many fans to see for themselves if LeBron has the game to match all the hype. Read more

[ C L I P P E R S ]
10-year anniversary, but there is no celebration

by Morris O'Kelly / December 12, 2002
It's been 10 years since the Clippers last finished at .500 or better. 10 straight years that the franchise has made Secaucus, NJ and the NBA Lottery their annual vacation spot. They have to win, and win now. Read more

[ W I Z A R D S ]
Scrambling for solutions

by Gary Starikoff / December 2, 2002
Michael Jordan is retiring after this season. Really, he means it this time. Of course that hasn’t stopped him from stepping into the starting lineup, as the Washington Wizards look for something to stop their losing streak.
Read more

[ R O C K E T S ]
Rockets wing more than Ming

by Steven Koek / November 29, 2002
Though the basketball world is focusing on the progress of Yao Ming, the backcourt duo of Steve Francis and Cuttino Mobley are still the driving forces in Houston. When Mobley returns from an ankle injury, he hopes they will take their “seriously sick intuition-type thing” and end the longest playoff drought in Rocket’s history.
Read more

[ D E R E K . F I S H E R ]
No way to start a season

by Jason Levin / November 19, 2002
This was supposed to be Derek Fisher’s year, the first time the veteran point guard had been completely healthy in three seasons. After a rigorous offseason workout regimen, Fisher claimed he was better than ever. The timing seemed perfect, as his team needed him more than ever thanks to the toe injury sidelining Shaq. Not only didn’t Fisher pick up the slack, he played the worst ball of his pro career, making him the most disappointing player so far this season. Read more

[ C E L T I C S ]
O'Brien making his point

by Peter F. Stringer / November 6, 2002
It's starting to get on Jim O'Brien's nerves. It seems he can't meet the press without hearing the question, even if it is somewhat guised from time to time. The gist of it is, "how does the offense run without a legitimate point guard?". Read more

[ W I Z A R D S ]
Kwame Brown busts out

by Gary Starikoff / November 4, 2002
The biggest surprise for the Washington Wizards’ season thus far has been Kwame Brown. That’s right. For all the preseason talk about Jerry Stackhouse, Larry Hughes, and of course, Michael Jordan, it’s been the performance of the 6-11, 250-pound, 19-year-old, heretofore 2001 draft bust that has dominated so far.
Read more

[ S H A M M O N D . W I L L I A M S ]
A point to prove

by Peter F. Stringer / October 28, 2002
Vin Baker made all of the headlines in Boston this offseason when he was traded from the Sonics to the Celtics. But the "other guy" in the deal, sharp-shooting point guard Shammond Williams, looks ready to make an immediate impact. Read more

[ K N I C K S ]
Should we nix the Knicks already?

by Jon Finkel / October 4, 2002
The New York Knicks opened preseason camp missing two starters and anybody resembling a good point guard. With only two starting positions left, will they have any hope come opening day? Read more

[ C L I P P E R S ]
The doom of McAdoo

by Tim O'Sullivan / September 25, 2002
You've heard of the Curse of the Bambino, but do you know about the NBA version? It is the calamitous fate of the Los Angeles Clippers, the Doom of McAdoo. Read more

[ W O R L D . C H A M P I O N S H I P ]
Indianapolis stars
by Jorge Sierra / September 9, 2002
The U.S. team may no longer rule, but NBA players still do. Dirk Nowitzki, Predrag Stojakovic, Pau Gasol... Those who made the biggest impact in the World Basketball Championship are already established players in the league. Others, like Emanuel Ginobili or Yao Ming, are about to join it. We rank them according to their merits in Indianapolis. Read more

[ W O R L D . C H A M P I O N S H I P ]
"It's an embarrassment"
by HoopsHype / September 5, 2002
Led by Emanuel Ginobili, Luis Scola and Andres Nocioni, Argentina dominated the game offensively and defensively. The U.S. team never had a lead and finally suffered a defeat not to be forgotten. How is everybody handling it? Read more

[ W O R L D . C H A M P I O N S H I P ]
How are they doing?
by Jorge Sierra / September 1, 2002
Yao Ming, Jay Williams, Mehmet Okur, Marko Jaric, Emanuel Ginobili, Juan Carlos Navarro... Several drafted players that are yet to make their debut in the NBA are currently taking part in the World Basketball Championship in Indianapolis. We take a look at their performances in the tournament so far. Read more

[ W O R L D . C H A M P I O N S H I P ]
The biggest threat

by Jorge Sierra / August 27, 2002
With eight players who are either in the NBA or have been drafted by an NBA club, the Yugoslavs, current World and European Champions, have comprised the best ever non-American basketball squad in order to put the U.S. team to the test. For the very first time, there is a big chance that what once looked impossible finally happens.
Read more

[ S U N S ]
Hoping past is indication of future

by Steven Koek / August 26, 2002
While the Phoenix Suns work toward a return to the NBA playoffs, a glimpse at the year that started their 13-season playoff appearance streak should give some comfort. Read more

[ W O R L D . C H A M P I O N S H I P ]
Do it again

by Jorge Sierra / August 24, 2002
Heavily supported by refs and fans, the Turkish National Team reached the final of the European Championship last summer only to lose against a Yugoslavian team led by Predrag Stojakovic. In Indianapolis, they'll have to prove they can also perform well in a more hostile atmosphere. With such an amount of talent, they should.
Read more

[ J A Z Z ]
Utah’s summer ending on a sour note

by Robbie McKay / August 22, 2002
The outlook was hopeful. Utah was to improve through the draft, pull the heavily touted Raul Lopez from the clutches of his contract overseas, and ink some quality free agents in hopes of revamping a disappointing supporting cast. Unfortunately, those hopes have been left unfulfilled. Read more

[ T H E . O T H E R . F R E E . A G E N T S ]
Here today, gone tomorrow

by Stephen Siegel / August 21, 2002
Remember the good old days, when special people like Isaiah Rider were still able to make a living in the NBA? With the turnover rate on NBA rosters, names come and go about as often as a Trail Blazers drug bust. Remember Keith Closs? Well, neither does the league. Read more

[ W O R L D . C H A M P I O N S H I P ]
The good old times are gone

by Jorge Sierra / August 20, 2002
Many people in Russia tend to believe things went better before the Soviet Union imploded. That is certainly true when talking about basketball. With the significant exception of Andrei Kirilenko, no new talents have appeared over the past few years and the National Team can no longer claim to be a contender in major tournaments now. Read more

[ W O R L D . C H A M P I O N S H I P ]
You again?

by Jorge Sierra / August 13, 2002
Three years ago, a Spanish team led by Pau Gasol, Raul Lopez and Juan Carlos Navarro humiliated an American squad that featured the likes of Casey Jacobsen, Keyon Dooling and Steve Logan in the final of the World Junior Championship. Some people think the Spaniards have a chance to do that again on the highest level. We don't. But they'll be funny to watch. Read more

[ G R I Z Z L I E S ]
Questions? Gooden has answers

by Chad Rader / August 12, 2002
Former Jayhawk Drew Gooden is accustomed to questions during his career. All one has to do is just ask him.
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[ W O R L D . C H A M P I O N S H I P ]
Army of one (kind of)

by Jorge Sierra / August 9, 2002
The German team will bring probably the best player of the World Championship to Indianapolis: Dirk Nowitzki. The question is, do they have anything else? Well, most players in the German roster wouldn't even make a summer league team. But there are also some guys worth watching... Read more

[ W O R L D . C H A M P I O N S H I P ]
Breaking down Argentina

by Jorge Sierra / August 6, 2002
While not many people may have noticed it, the World Championship is due to start in three weeks. After being nearly beaten in Sydney, the United States will attend the tournament with a TEAM and not just with a bunch of stars. Who will they have to face there? This is the first of a series of articles breaking down their opponents. We start with Argentina. Read more

[ S U M M E R . A C T I O N ]
Wrapping up the Summer Pro League at Long Beach
by Jon Finkel / July 24, 2002
The Summer Pro League in Long Beach, California is NBA teams’ first chance to see if their gambles on draft day paid off. Here’s how the players and teams fared. Read more

[ S H A W ' S . P R O . S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
Hoops heat up Boston summer
by Billy Hart / July 23, 2002
Put away the suncreen and beach towel, because when it comes to success on the NBA level, there is no vacation. Already in its fourth year, the Shaw's Pro Summer League in Boston provided a stage for unsigned free agents and rookies to showcase their talents. Read more

[ W I Z A R D S ]
Capital renaissance leads to a reformation
by Joe Whalen / July 21, 2002
A renaissance took place in the nation’s capital last season when Michael Jordan ended his three-year retirement and donned a Wizards’ uniform. This year, however, with the Air Apparent’s bubble deflated and his role in doubt, Washington enters a new phase. Call it a reformation. Read more

[ O R L A N D O . P R O . S U M M E R . L E A G U E ]
Few highlights in sloppy exhibitions
by Mike Tuck / July 15, 2002
The Orlando Pro Summer League is over, and the results are in: It was ugly. Some players stepped up and showed that they were NBA material, but most of the guys can make other plans for the fall. The play was ragged, the fouls were many and the execution seemed more like an option than a necessity. Read more

[ S P U R S ]
Feeling the need for speed
by Johnnie Clay / July 13, 2002
An era coming to an end, a new one arriving via Europe, a successful draft, old faces re-signed. The San Antonio Spurs have spent the summer retooling and streamlining their team. But will that be enough? Read more

[ I N T E R N A T I O N A L . D R A F T E E S ]
Ready to go
by Jorge Sierra / July 6, 2002
Following the steps of Toni Kukoc, Predrag Stojakovic or Andrei Kirilenko, some international talents stay in Europe after being drafted until they are ready to go and play in the NBA. The time to do it so has come for some of them. Who are they? And, more important, what are their chances of making an impact in the league?
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[ J A Y . W I L L I A M S ]
Missing link

by Brian C. Hedger / July 3, 2002
Duke's Jay Williams is used to winning basketball games. He's won in high school. He's won in college. Now, he's faced with winning as a Chicago Bull post MJ style. With two young giants already in place and a load of young talent on the roster, Williams is seen as a key piece to the Bulls' puzzle. Read more

[ L O T T E R Y . P I C K S ]
Stoudemire's background checks out for Suns
by Steven Koek / July 1, 2002
As the Phoenix Suns’ first ever draft pick out of high school, 19-year old man-child Amare Stoudemire has risen above the negative influences which surrounded him and is ready to fulfill his dream of playing in the NBA.
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[ G I A N T S ]
A retrospective of other tall titans

by Faraji Whalen / June 29, 2002
Sure, Yao Ming’s amazing height and skills have wowed the Houston Rockets into selecting the 7-5 foreign phenom as their first pick in the draft. But Yao’s not the first super-size center to burst into the league amid high expectations. Read more

[ D R A F T ]
What they said

by HoopsHype / June 27, 2002
Whatever happens in draft day, everybody is happy. All the teams seem to have selected exactly the guys they wanted and most players go to squads they love. You can believe them or not, but here is what they got to say ... Read more

[ D R A F T ]
Searching the shadows for centers

by Tim O'Sullivan / June 25, 2002
Like a high school senior looking for a prom date, NBA scouts are searching above every rim and bamboo tree from here to China for a decent center. Where have all the big men gone? Read more

[ J A Z Z ]
Return to sender: The Mailman isn't happy

by Robbie McKay / June 15, 2002
Karl Malone is unhappy, and Larry Miller’s standing his ground. Malone wants a commitment, and Miller wants to what's best for the Jazz. The annual war of words has begun, but this offseason may prove to be more volatile than ever. Will the Mailman continue to deliver in Utah or oversee an entirely new postal route? Read more

[ T I M B E R W O L V E S ]
Draft day blunders continue to cost

by Matt Krumrie / June 7, 2002
Kevin Garnett apart, the Minnesota Timberwolves have been equally unlucky on draft day as in their playoff appearances. Probably one thing has a lot to do with the other. Read more

[ C O N F E R E N C E . F I N A L S ]
Back to back to Sacto back breakers
by Jon Finkel / June 3, 2002
Two years ago the Kings were beaten by a Laker team on its way to the first championship. Last year the Kings were swept by the defending World Champion Lakers. This year, the Kings were ready - just not able.
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[ E U R O P E A N . P L A Y E R S ]
The next wave

by Jorge Sierra / June 2, 2002
Pau Gasol, Andrei Kirilenko and Tony Parker established themselves as important players in the league this season. They were the main exponents of the latest generation of European talents arriving to the NBA. But the influx of players coming from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean doesn't stop. More of them are coming – and coming soon. Read more

[ J A R E D . J E F F R I E S ]
A diamond in the rough?

by David Bane / May 24, 2002
With the current expansion of NBA prospects on the international level and the ever-increasing list of early entry candidates, selecting a diamond in the rough requires even more evaluation and knowledge – along with a lucky roll of the dice. Could Indiana's sophomore forward Jared Jeffries be that diamond everybody is looking for in the league? Read more

[ D R A F T ]
The Three Wise Men
by Pete Johnson / May 22, 2002

Point guard Jay Williams, small forward Mike Dunleavy and power forward Carlos Boozer are all leaving Duke en masse. Which player has the best chance of surviving the rigors of professional basketball? And who ought to concentrate on their homework? Read more

[ J A Z Z ]
Utah's offseason of uncertainty
by Robbie McKay / May 19, 2002

With trade talks, unattainable Spanish draft picks and dizzying free agent market, the Utah Jazz are facing their most complicated offseason in franchise history. And after back-to-back first-round exits, it may be time to start making some precarious decisions. Read more

[ M O V I N G . T E A M S ]
It happened in Vancouver before
by Ed Willes / May 16, 2002

Wednesday night, the Hornets played for the last time representing Charlotte. The final game against the Nets was played 12 months and 27 days after the Vancouver Grizzlies stopped existing as a team on a basketball court. One year later, what is the feeling in the first city to lose an NBA franchise in two decades? Read more

[ L A K E R S ]
Winning is a little different this year
by Jon Finkel / May 15, 2002

The playoff race car that is the Los Angeles Lakers is on the same pace as last year, going after the same goal. But if you check under the hood, you'll notice the engine is a little different from that of the last two championship runs. Read more

[ T I M B E R W O L V E S ]
Answers are not encouraging in Minneapolis
by Matt Krumrie / May 8, 2002

The big question in Minnesota remains, will the Timberwolves ever win a playoff series? Given the current situation in the club, the likeliest response should be "not anytime soon." Read more

[ P A C E R S ]
Major change, slight improvement
by Les Morris / May 6, 2002

For the second consecutive year, Indiana turned over its roster. And for the second consecutive year, Indiana played .500 ball during the regular season and exited the playoffs in the first round. Next year, the expectations will be greater for a team poised to take the next step. Read more

[ M A V E R I C K S ]
No doggin' Dallas as favorites
by Gary Clemente / May 4, 2002

The Dallas Mavericks may be the faves with a better head to head record over the Kings, but why is Sacramento the underdog considering their league best overall record? Read more

[ H O R N E T S ]
It's a pride thing in Charlotte
by Pete Johnson / April 29, 2002

Their top scorers are quite banged up, most of their fans don’t care and many people in the league have counted them out in the battle for the Eastern Conference championship. So why is it that these Charlotte Hornets still have their sting? Read more

[ R A P T O R S ]
The in-Vince-able ones again?
by Dean Serravalle / April 26, 2002

After having come so close to earning a split in Game 2 at the Palace of Auburn Hills, the Raptors cue talk of a comeback. But is it possible? Can we expect another late round rally similar to the season ending push that vaulted a Vince-less Raptor team into the playoffs? Read more

[ S U N S ]
Sunset for "Thunder" Dan
by Steven Koek / April 19, 2002

The Thunder has been silenced and the sun has set on a most improbable and remarkable 14-year NBA career for shooting guard Dan Majerle. Read more

[ S U P E R S O N I C S ]
They go marching on
by Jeremy Storey / April 17, 2002

No one gave the Sonics a chance for the 2002 season. Apparently their star players were past their prime, the rest of the team was too inexperienced and first year coach Nate McMillan was still raw. Now the question is, how did they make the playoffs? Read more

[ N U G G E T S ]
The team of the future, eight years later
by Eric Peterson / April 17, 2002

The fans of the Denver Nuggets - the few that are left, that is - are itching for the team to make some progress. Unfortunately, the organization has demonstrated nothing but ineptitude for nearly 10 years running.
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[ L A K E R S ]
Still favorites?
by James Escarcega / April 16, 2002

Now that the Sacramento Kings have clinched the Western Conference and Shaq's toe keeps on hurting bad, can the Lakers claim to be the top contenders for the NBA title again? Read more

[ R I C K Y . D A V I S ]
Jordan's most unlikely heir
by Brian Lester / April 13, 2002

Having spent most of your life in the NBA sitting on the bench, it must be kind of strange to hear your coach say you can be the next MJ. That's exactly what John Lucas said of swingman Ricky Davis, likely to be a star some day – but not MJ yet. Read more

[ T I M B E R W O L V E S ]
Familiar spot heading into the playoffs
by Matt Krumrie / April 12, 2002

The once mighty Timberwolves no longer look like a squad to be afraid of. Kevin Garnett is not really an MVP contender now, the team seems to lack chemistry some nights, everybody misses Terrell Brandon and the atmosphere could certainly be better. Will they ever see the second round? Read more

[ H A W K S ]
Are the Hawks an endangered species?
by Faraji Whalen / April 6, 2002

After their usual dismal start, the Hawks have made a roaring comeback following the All-Star break. Despite a 15-11 record since mid-February, the Hawks are once again out of the playoffs. Does the team still even matter? Read more

[ N U G G E T S ]
Bateer getting a good look in Denver
by Eric Peterson / April 5, 2002

In the midst of another humdrum finale to a Nuggets season, the team is taking a long look at Mengke Bateer's game. The raw Chinese center has an intriguing upside - if Nuggets brass has the patience. Read more

[ H O R N E T S ]
First in flight
by Pete Johnson / April 4, 2002

North Carolina loves basketball. Which is precisely why widespread ambivalence to the Hornets’ departure is so baffling. Yes, they were an expansion team, and yes, they weren’t a highly successful one at that, but where’s the loyalty? The commitment? And why doesn’t anyone seem to care? Read more

[ M A V E R I C K S ]
No defense equals trouble in Dallas
by Gary Clemente / March 29, 2002

Go figure, the Dallas Mavericks' goldrush of scoring from a high-octane offense is squandered by a puzzling profusion of points allowed. Read more

[ T R A I L . B L A Z E R S ]
Back in the saddle again
by Stephen Siegel / March 25, 2002
Who would have thought this was possible? The Blazers, once seemingly on the road to Clipperdom, have managed to pull themselves from the brink of the abyss into contention for home-court advantage in the playoffs.
Read more