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Fashion victims
by Enrique Peinado / February 13, 2004

The day before the beginning of the All-Star events was all about fashion in Los Angeles. The first thing you can see when you get to the corner of Olympic Boulevard and Figueroa is an amazing hand painted mural the size of a two-flat building advertising the new NBA clothing line: D’Funkd.

Yes, retro fever is everywhere.

If there's one place where you can clearly see that, that's the Jam Session. The throwback jerseys of the Boston Celtics and the Denver Nuggets fly off the stands. There is a lot to see and do here other than buying clothes, though. You can even watch Frankie Muniz from "Malcolm in the Middle" play in one of the basketball courts. Although he's damn good, we soon get tired of it.

With not much to do till Friday, you can't help but start thinking about all those parties that will be thrown Saturday night. There is a lot of speculation about which one will be the big one. Certainly the party that will take place at 6356 Hollywood Boulevard looks fine. Baron Davis, Derek Fisher, Lamond Murray, Rodney White, Stacey Augmon, Sean Rooks, Terrell Brandon, Derek Anderson, Reece Gaines, Jerome Moiso, Chris Mills and Bruce Bowen are all expected to be there. Here is hoping that Bowen is more entertaining off the court than on it.

More fashion

The NBA has truly gone global and you can see that in the media hotel. Foreign journalists are all over the place. Fashion-wise, they set the trend with their classic style. There are some exceptions, though. We spot Slam magazine's editor Russ Bengston dressed in a Thierry Henry jersey.

But the Arsenal soccer star is a nobody in La-La land. Kobe is the man here -- for now, at least. Although he's nowhere to be found in posters advertising the All-Star Weekend, 20 percent of those with NBA jerseys wear Kobe jerseys. No Garnett, Duncan or McGrady. They are only visible in those beautiful adidas ads. "Impossible is an opinion," they say. Yeah, right. Then ask T-Mac about the playoffs.

Enrique Peinado writes for Gigantes and is a regular contributor to HoopsHype.com

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