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Stars answer
by Juan Pipkin / February 15, 2004

- What's your favorite moment in the history of All-Star Weekends?

Jason Kidd: My first All-Star. It was in San Antonio. Every time I remember that moment I tremble. The biggest thing was being able to share that moment with Michael Jordan.

Tracy McGrady: The last All-Star with Michael Jordan. Knowing that would be his last, I felt I was becoming a part of the history of the event.

Ben Wallace: I loved the Slam Dunk contest in which Spud Webb did his thing. Or maybe that other one with Dominique and Michael.

Andrei Kirilenko: To me, they are all special. I just come here with the goal of enjoying each moment.

Dirk Nowitzki: My first All-Star. I remember I went there and I saw Shaq and Kobe joking. It was great.

- Would you change anything about the All-Star Weekend? Anything you would add or remove?

Kidd: I like it the way it is. I would even say that since the NBA created the game between rookies and sophomores, the excitement is bigger.

McGrady: The rhythm of the whole thing falls a little bit when these team competitions come. The buzz in the crowd is not the same as in games. I don't know, maybe they should think about creating something new.

Wallace: It's not something I have to make a decision about. That's about the audience and it's up to the NBA if they want to change anything. I just play.

Kirilenko: Remove? Nothing! If it was up to me, I would make the All-Star last seven days instead of just three.

Nowitzki: As long as it is a show, I'll like it. I don't think there's a reason to think about changing or adding any other thing.

- Which players not selected for the All-Star Game you miss the most?

Kidd: Oh, man... What a question! There are so many names I could tell you that I wouldn't finish today. Maybe... Well... It's impossible to give you just a couple of names.

McGrady: Difficult question. Billups, Payton, Carmelo, LeBron of course...

Wallace: I would've loved to see Karl Malone here.

Kirilenko: I would say Elton Brand, Steve Nash, Karl Malone...

Nowitzki: I'm surprised -- especially given the impact they've had -- that Carmelo and LeBron are not here for the game.

- Who's your favorite for MVP of the All-Star Game?

Kidd: I don't know. But I have the gut feeling that it could be a very big guy that plays in the West.

McGrady: Me! And if it's not me... Garnett!

Wallace: I have no idea.

Kirilenko: I'm going to try to be the MVP. I'll use all my defensive skills and if I can block some shots, that will be much better.

Nowitzki: The level of these players is so high that anyone having a good day could take it. Maybe Tim Duncan.

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