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Pistons not media friendly
by David Carro / June 15, 2005

- When fans see Ben Wallace's afro in the the Jumbotron, The Palace of Auburn Hills goes crazy. Just like in last year's Finals – but not quite the same. This time the Pistons were 2-0 down and everybody knew it's going to be hard to get the back-to-back.

- From the never-thought-I-would-see-this department... Scottie Pippen smiling and shaking hands with everybody in Detroit – including those wearing Billy Laimbeer jerseys.

- The NBA is definitely going international. You can see plenty of foreign players on the floor, and also some in the stands. Gianmarco Pozzecco, who won the silver medal in Athens last year with the Italian National Team, is sitting near former teammate Carlos Delfino.

- While Delfino is not even on the playoff roster, fellow Argentinean Emanuel Ginobili is the star of the Finals. You could hear the MVP chants all the time at the SBC Center. Manu has the San Antonio fans at his feet.

- Bruce Bowen has been one of the media darlings in the series so far. He's one of the most sought-after players in the locker room. You have to give him credit. First it was Ray Allen, then Shawn Marion and now Richard Hamilton. Great playoffs for Bowen. Best perimeter defender in the league this season, no doubt.

- Bowen is much more cooperative with the media than the Pistons' players. They let us know very clearly they don't want to deal with us. Blank stares. Short, angry answers. Ben Wallace doesn't even want to respond most questions. Same thing with Rasheed Wallace. But that was hardly a surprise, right?

- Hey, maybe the Pistons know journalists are not rooting for them to win. We made a quick survey around the SBC Center asking the media guys if they wanted Detroit to get their second championship in a row. Typical answer: "Nah! I don't like their game. And I prefer to deal with easygoing guys like Tony Parker or Manu.”

- There was more sympathy towards the Pistons among NBA officials. "I'm happy for Detroit," one of them said. "They play this game the way it should be played. They are hard workers and I like that.”

- One of the guys who could help the Pistons – if you choose to ignore Larry Brown didn't play him much while they were both in Indiana – is Jalen Rose. We spotted him a lot of times in San Antonio. In the hotel lobby. In the swimming pool. And he was always alone.

- Time may be mellowing Gregg Popovich a little bit. This Popovich has nothing to do with the one we met two years ago in the Finals against the Nets. He talks about being a happy man like Robert Horry and smiles a lot. No surprise. His third ring may be just around the corner.

David Carro writes for Gigantes and is a regular contributor to HoopsHype.com

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