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The Nets are scary
by Jesus Carro / June 7, 2003 - Quotes Game 2

Who said Tim Duncan doesn't have a nickname? Chuck Person dubbed him as "The Waiter" -- because he hands wins on a plate. That nickname worked for Game 1. In Game 2, a Jason Kidd android lookalike had other plans. Haven't you noticed? Kidd pretty much resembles a robot when he is on the floor. Always the same face, the same dark and penetrating eyes... It's almost scary. Once the game is over, everything changes. Kidd looks like a normal "daddy" with his son TJ next to him in press conferences.

But make no mistake, these Nets are fierce. And Kenyon Martin is the fiercest of them all. Not even after the victory over the Spurs is he in the mood of talking with the press in the locker room. He goes to the media room only when NBA officials tell him to do it. No way he is going to speak with the reporters in the locker room. When you get too close to him, he casts a threatening glance at you. In a few seconds, there is nobody around him. And with good reason. He, too, is scary...

In the first chapter of the Finals Diary, we talked about the awful kicks Lucious Harris was rocking. OK, is the NBA going to fine him or what? They did just that in the first round of the playoffs with Tracy McGrady, who was wearing his new blue adidas at the time.

If anyone was to be fined, that should be Dikembe Mutombo, anyway. His voice is so hoarse, you can't hardly understand what he is saying... You should have seen the face and the gestures of the translator in the postgame press conference. Funny stuff.


The fans were left stunned after the defeat in Game 2. The city is really living the event. San Antonio is filled with banners supporting the team. They are fully behind the Spurs -- and fully behind Manu Ginobili.

"Sold out." That's the answer you'll get when you ask for Manu's jersey in every shop. Finding one of his jerseys is pretty much like hitting the jackpot, for what we are told. The "Manumania" is spreading fast. In case you don't get the picture, let's just say that only David Robinson gets ovations similar to Ginobili's at the SBC Center.


The SBC Center is not the only place where you can easily spot David Robinson. We met him at the famous, exclusive (and expensive) restaurant "Morton's." Danny Ferry and Gregg Popovich were also in attendance. (in different tables). Worth noting: one of the wines in the restaurant is named after Pop. Same goes for Sean Elliott, who goes there very often.

Talking about Popovich... He is very angry because his assistant PJ Carlesimo has received no serious offers to coach any NBA team next season. Meanwhile, Eddie Jordan, Scott's assistant, has already talk with the Sixers...

The day before the Nets beat the Spurs, the San Antonio Silver Stars defeated the Phoenix Mercury 70-55. Nothing special here if it wasn't for the fact that we were invited to watch the game next to David Stern in one of the luxury suites of the SBC Center. In case you've never been in one these suites, you should -- if you have the money.

David Stern himself told us the Spurs will be playing against the Grizzlies in Paris next season. Tony Parker probably has something to do with that.

First, he will have to some job to do against the Nets. According to the team, they won thanks to the good weather. Apparently, the Nets players believe there is no way they can lose on the road when the weather is good. Maybe that's why they struggled so much in Game 1... They have just come off a scare in their trip from New Jersey to San Antonio, when a storm aborted the landing three times.

What will the weather be like at home? We'll see.

Jesus Carro is a regular contributor to HoopsHype.com

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