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The streets are watching
by Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti / August 1, 2005

Ron Paul
Ron Paul.

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It's all good when you're a prison basketball legend. If you're the best on the pound, you're the best on the pound. Unless someone snatches your title, that is. And if you get transferred, you got to prove your skills all
over again by snatching someone else's crown. The word spreads within the fences, within the system. And dudes know.

When you hit the pound, they just might concede that title if your legend is big enough. But what happens when the prison basketball legend is released to the streets when he is still in his basketball playing prime? Can he live up to the hype and the buzz he created in prison? Especially when that buzz landed him in Slam, Don Diva, HoopsHype.com or Liberation, and even generated documentary and Hollywood movie interest.

That is crazy hype for a prison basketball gangsta. You know when he gets out, all types of cats will be gunning for him. They'll be hating and saying, "You ain't shit out here" or "Go back to prison." But if anyone can make the transition, handle all the pressures and live up to the hype generated by years of dominance behind bars, Ron Jordan is the one to do it. Because for real, this kid is the truth.

In Philly they got AI, the Answer, but in Harlem they got their own legend – Ronald Paul aka Ron Jordan aka The Abuser aka The Legend. After an eight-year stay in the feds, he's going home in November. Watch out because this cat is ready to explode.

On the basketball court, that is.

"Honestly speaking," Ron says. "I don't know what I'm going to do basketball-wise, but whatever opportunity presents itself, I'm definitely trying to pursue it.”

"I love playing basketball," he says. "And to play in Europe and get paid to play, that would be sweet."

But his aspirations are also a little closer to home.

"You might definitely see me in the Rucker," Ron says. "Because not only is cats dying to see my game, but they want to get at me too."

Every baller on every corner and at every park in New York wants to take a shot at the Abuser. Because he was in prison – not the NBA, and legend or no legend – cats will be trying to see what he’s about. Basketball-wise, that is. But these days, the Abuser is about way more than just basketball.

"I’ve obtained my Associates Degree in Business Administration and am currently in pursuit of my Bachelors," Ron says. "I’m trying to compose a movie script of my own too and have a certain production company look it over, and possibly make something happen."

Will Hollywood further fortify the legend?

But back to basketball...

"I believe my game will speak for itself," Ron says of his pending freedom and basketball future. "And opportunities will arise. Street-wise, I think I will have something to prove because you’re only as good as your last game. So I'm going to have a lot of people that didn’t get to see me play and want to play against me, so I’m going to have to show them it’s for real."

On future success, Ron says: "I can see it. I just have to network and take one task at a time and see how it plays out."

Things should play out fine because Ron Paul's talent is for real. He is a magician with the ball and his scoring ability is off the hook. Plus his game was forged in the burning battles of prison ball, so the streets better be ready because you know they’ll be watching.

"I never thought I could get this kind of exposure in prison and all this has definitely been an experience in my life that I’ll never forget," Ron says. "It definitely inspired me to do more positive things in my life. Also, to recognize the potential I have to accomplish anything I set out to achieve."

His family and friends are looking forward to his homecoming. "They are happy for me and excited to see what I’m going to do when I get home," he says.

On all the hype he’s received, Ron says: "I think all that is good because hopefully I will be seen and heard, which will enable me to get a chance to do something positive with my life. Also, I'm looking forward to getting the chance to live up to this hype."

And major hype it's been, but the Abuser can live up to it.

"Most of the people that see me play give me my props, but the ones that hate, I just have to prove to them what the hype is all about."

With that attitude, Ron can't help but succeed. It’s all about the PMA-positive mental attitude. Because prison or no prison, it’s all about making forward progress. Ron realizes that with his talent and exposure he has opportunities to make his mark in the real world just like he made his mark in the Bureau of Prisons as a go-hard, penitentiary, b-balling legend. Ain't no faking it. His return will be televised.

Seth "Soul Man" Ferranti, federal prison number 18205-083, is housed at FCI Loretto. Previously he resided at FCI Fairton, FCI Fort Dix, FCI Beckley and FCI Manchester. He has been a regular contributor to HoopsHype.com since 2003

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