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by Better Basketball / Endorsed by NBA stars Gilbert Arenas, Mike Bibby and Chauncey Billups

.Better Shooting - Order Now
Better Shooting is the only basketball instructional or enhancement product ever endorsed by SLAM, the world's largest basketball magazine.
Lead instructor Rick Torbett's teams recently shot over 40% from 3 for three straight years, a feat zero NBA teams have accomplished the last two seasons. Bottom line, his techniques work.
There are so many revolutionary techniques that many NBA and college coaches consider it their "shooting bible."
Better Shooting is 60 minutes long.
Customers also receive a pamphlet to help make the video easy to learn from.
Better Shooting is considered by many to be the greatest sports instructional video ever made.
Gilbert Arenas: "The Better Basketball videos will explode your game and take you to the next level. The techniques on these videos are used by NBA's best players."

.Better Ball Handling - Order Now
Better Ball Handling - Dribble Like The Pros covers everything you need to develop great handles.
115 dribbling drills - and that's just one of the video's seven chapters.
The secrets to basketball's most unstoppable moves.
Workouts & training methods.
Entire sections on the Crossover, Spin, Behind the Back, Power Spin, Stutter Step, Pull-Back Crossover, Half-Spin and Lean-In, and more.
Better Ball Handling is 47 minutes long.
All the basics for youngsters, then dives into advanced concepts for older players & pros.
Techniques and drills demonstrated by the most electrifying guards in America.
Customers receive a pamphlet that makes the video easy to learn from.
Eric Musselman: "I have picked up several of Coach Torbett's techniques that I will use in the future for years to come."

.Better 1 on 1 Defense - Order Now
Better 1 on 1 Defense details the keys to shutting down every type of scorer - penetrating guards, post players, slashers, and shooters.
This unique video focuses on the essence of the defensive end - 1 on 1 defense.
Explains, in detail, how to defend the toughest moves (such as the crossover) and most frustrating situations (such as a bigger player slowly and deliberately backing you down).
Better 1 on 1 Defense is 47 minutes long.
Better 1 on 1 Defense was written, filmed, and edited with the goal of helping players who have a true desire to do whatever it takes to take their game to the next level.
Gilbert Arenas: "The Better Basketball videos will explode your game and take you to the next level. The techniques on these videos are used by NBA's best players."

.Better 1 on 1 Offense - Order Now
Better 1 on 1 Offense details all the tools any player needs to build a perimeter scoring repertoire.
This includes the basics from triple threat, a chapter on maximizing your quickness potential, working the ball screen, and learning to read and react to the defender whether you're working from a pivot, off the dribble, pressured tightly, or finishing at the goal.
The video includes bonus sections from:
Sue Bird, who has won a championship in high school, college, the WNBA, and in the Olympics.
Chauncey Billups, who has improved statistically every year he's been in the pros, and was the 2004 Finals MVP
Hall-of-Famer Rick Barry, a man who has put four sons into pro basketball, and the only man to lead the NCAA, ABA, and NBA in scoring.