Editor Jorge Sierra chatted Tuesday afternoon with HoopsHype readers. Read the full conversation below.

Joey Dyson @Saintspride87

The key to this series for the spurs is slowing down and containing Lebron, who do you think the spurs throw at him the majority of the time? Kawaii Leonard?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

It's going to be a team effort, but Kawhi Leonard is the most qualified Spur to somewhat slow him down, obviously. He has the length, athleticism, strength and foot quickness to do a good job on him. But he has to make him work on the defensive end too. San Antonio needs Leonard's defense, but they need him to be active offensively also so that LeBron James can't save a lot of energy.

The trouble with LeBron is that even when he has off nights offensively (and he had a bunch in the 2013 Finals, where he shot just 44.7 percent from the field), he still manages to make a huge impact on the game. He averaged 10.9 rebounds and 7 assists per game in last season's championship series.

Jamie Williams

Can the Hall of fame potential in this finals Match up rival that of the Celtics/Lakers finals Match up?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

No. Nine Hall of Famers played in the 1984 and 1985 Finals. That means almost half the players that hit the court in those series ended up being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, which is pretty wild. Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are locks to make it. Chris Bosh... probably. But who else?

Those Celtics-Lakers Finals are just at another level.


If Spoelstra prevails once again vs Popovich, will everyone please acknowledge he is a hell of a coach?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

With some coaches, it takes time. Remember how little credit Gregg Popovich got back in the day? It was all Tim Duncan and David Robinson and he took a bit of heat when the Spurs where losing easily against Phil Jackson's Lakers. But then he kept on winning with roster changes and even with a new basketball philosophy, very different from the grind-it-out San Antonio basketball of a decade ago. Now look at the respect Popovich commands.

Could be the same with Erik Spoelstra, who's one of the finest coaches in the NBA. Then again, let's not forget Spoelstra wins big because of great personnel first and foremost, not because of his coaching acumen. And the same applies to the rest of the coaches, including Popovich.

Oleg Dudkin

Hey Jorge. Appreciate your work, great website. This time the Finals will be played in 2-2-1-1-1 format. What difference do you think it will make? And which team will benefit most from this format?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Thanks for the nice words, Oleg.

I believe this is a better system. Under the previous format, teams would not benefit from home-court advantage unless it was a long series. The change will have a positive effect on the team with the best record in the regular season... and that's the way it should be.

Collateral damage? Makes life more complicated for the media. That's potentially two extra flights. Keep in mind some of the journalists covering the event come from Europe, Asia or South America. It's going to be quite a grind for them.


What is the greatest mismatch of the Finals?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Tony Parker-Mario Chalmers if Parker is healthy. That's a big if, though. The state of his ankle is going to be central to the outcome of the series. I can't picture the Spurs winning if Parker is limited and shooting 41 percent from the field like in the 2013 Finals.

pioga @pioga

Whos legacy is more at stake this finals. LeBron's or Duncan's?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Those two have well-established legacies. Along with Shaquille O'Neal, they have been the best two players in the game post-Michael Jordan, in my opinion. Both crazy successful individually and team-wise. Nothing at stake here but a championship...

Jack Bing

Which Miami player is going to randomly have a 7/7 3-pt shooting game at a critical game this series?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Well, 7 of 7 might be a lot to ask, but you can pretty much count on Mario Chalmers shooting blanks one game and then ripping the Spurs' heart out with clutch three-point shooting the following one. That's what he does.

Albi Jones

Why are Spurs being picked to win the series? DWade looks much healthier this time, Rashard has suddenly taken up some of the Mike Miller slack and Tony Parker is banged up far more than last year. Thanks!

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

I hear you. Chalk it up to the Spurs having home-court advantage. Maybe an anti-Heat bias factors in too. I have Miami winning again, but it could go either way.

Fatmir Azemi @FatmirAzemi

Who do you pick for the finals? As well as the finals MVP?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Prediction: LeBron James doesn't play his best and still wins MVP.

Edu @edorzz

hola! seeing the changes made on both teams the last poostseason what team do you think have been more improved?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

I don't think any of the offseason additions moved the needle. There's been some in-house improvement in San Antonio, though. Patty Mills has become a pretty solid backup point guard, which is something the Spurs didn't have last year. And then you have Manu Ginobili, who has rebounded nicely after struggling in last season's playoffs. That's been a feel-good story for San Antonio. I was ready to give up on him.

Guillermo Ramón

Who is more hungry for the tittle, the veteran Spurs in their last attempt to win the championship or Miami for reaching the Olimpus with a trheepeat?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

The team that won last is rarely the hungriest. I'd go with San Antonio here, especially with the way they lost the Finals last season.

Hunger guarantees nothing, though. The hungriest teams will watch the Finals on TV.

Al @Ballsohard818

We just finished an incredible Playoffs out West and another disaster in the East, why can't we just put the top 16 Teams in the Playoffs?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

I'd stick with the current system and hope the Eastern Conference turns the corner eventually. East teams have the Top 4 picks in the draft, so there's potentially going to be a great influx of talent there. Besides, I like rivalries, teams that despise each other meeting often in the postseason. We'd lose that to a great extent with a Top 16 format.

I see where you're coming from, though. The East playoffs were disappointing. I would go further and say watching Eastern Conference basketball is hard to stomach, especially when you get the chance to watch the Spurs, Clippers, Thunder, etcetera, later in the night. But the East has to get better at some point. Can't get much worse than this, right?

Pat Ralph @Pat_Ralph

Do you think the Oklahoma City Thunder will re-sign Thabo Sefolosha?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

I believe he has played his last game with the Thunder. And for what I read at the Oklahoman, Thabo Sefolosha is under the same impression too. His regular season was subpar and it only got worse in the playoffs. He just stopped making those open three-pointers.

Guille Soler @guille4s

Is the Thunder window still open? This summer Thabo Sefolosha and Caron Butler ends their contracts and it may be a spot to start over again

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Wide open. The Thunder are so close. Their Top 3 players are in their prime and they have young guys like Reggie Jackson, Steve Adams and Jeremy Lamb that are only going to get better. I wouldn't do anything radical. Just add to this great core. A good outside shooter with nice defensive skills to replace Sefolosha. A backup big man. More depth. That's about it.

I don't believe their issue is the lack of pieces, anyway. They could have won with what they have now. Every team has shortcomings roster-wise. It's more about making those pieces work better together. That falls onto the coaching staff, which I think is usually overmatched when they have the San Antonio and Miamis in front. It's a bit surprising that a front office that's been so good at acquiring talent is still sticking with Scott Brooks.

Javier @_Javier_romero

Hi! Who do you think it's going to be the most dominant point guard in the league? Thank you!

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

You mean when Chris Paul is no longer No. 1 at the position? I'd go with Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry and John Wall in that order. The thing with Paul is he's both the best player at the position and the best playmaker in the NBA right now. I don't think the latter will ever be true for any of those three guys.


What's going to happen with Nando De Colo this summer?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Staying in the NBA is his priority, we're told. I just don't think he's done enough to warrant many offers in the States. No shame in returning, proving yourself again and giving the NBA another try down the road. Ersan Ilyasova did just that and has had a solid career in the league.

If he goes back to Europe, the Spanish League will be his first option.

David Bermudez @iHypeTV

I've heard that before the early season injury, Harrison Barnes was supposed to start over Klay Thompson, but do you think the Iguodala signing was one of the reasons for why Harrison Barnes regressed a little season? And do you see Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson having the better career?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Oh, absolutely. They have a logjam at the swingman position and there's just not enough minutes to go around. Harrison Barnes got squeezed out and that's why teams have been calling about him so much. He's too good to be playing just 20-something minutes.

Klay Thompson may not be as versatile as Barnes, may not bring as many different things to the table, but his one outstanding skill – shooting – will allow him to have a better NBA career, in my opinion.

Zee @zmann09

Why isn't Terry porter getting a chance to coach again, since he did a decent job with Phoenix few years ago

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

There's only 30 head coaching jobs. Coaches with a much better resume than Terry Porter are unemployed. The trend now is for many general managers to hire rookie head coaches that are easier to handle (and cheaper). It's nothing against Porter, who was pretty decent in Milwaukee too. It's just that jobs are hard to come by and previous head coaching experience doesn't help as much as it used to in order to land those coveted gigs.

Thanks for the questions, guys. Hope you're as excited about the NBA Finals as I am. Let's do this again next week, when the series travels to Miami and everybody is already complaining about the officiating.