HoopsHype editor Jorge Sierra will be answering your NBA questions in this chat Friday at 1 pm ET. This week, the focus will be on the trade deadline.

Deven @DParikh91

Are the Pacers locked to win the NBA title now with Turner on board. What a steal!

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

That's yet another brilliant move by the Pacers. Evan Turner can help them in the short-term more than Danny Granger could, so that's good for right now. At the same time, they put themselves in a great position for the summer. If they can't keep Lance Stephenson because offers are too good, Turner is a nice Plan B.

Let's see how it all works out, but as of now it's looking like a pretty sweet transaction to me. They made a great team even better on paper. No lock to win the whole thing, but their prospects are slightly better than they were 24 hours ago.

On a sidenote, you have to feel bad for Danny Granger. He has to spend two months in basketball Siberia and then watch his club for so many years fighting for the title on TV... Unless he's bought out, of course.

Kelvin Trotter @Ktphysiquefit

Why was Philadelphia so adamant on off loading Turner. I looked at his numbers. They improved every year. Don't get it!!!!!!

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Sixers GM Sam Hinkie is in the business of stockpiling assets and apparently wasn't thrilled about the pieces he inherited from the previous regime. At some point, he will have to turn those assets into an actual credible team. We'll see if he gets many players better than Evan Turner or Jrue Holiday. There's not that many.

Alberto Luque @muertedeatenas

We have just seen the dismantle of the 76ers' squad. Do you agree with all this tanking? I think it is bad for the game

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Wholeheartedly agree. Having just a few teams trying to win now hurts the league. Then again, good executives like Danny Ainge and Sam Presti have had great success blowing up their teams, tanking and starting from scratch, so you can see where this comes from. The NBA should do something about it, though. Trying so hard to lose games shouldn't be rewarded.


If the Knicks don't make the playoffs, who's most to blame?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Injuries would be most to blame. When you have so many players that can's stay healthy, that's going to take a toll on the team. That said, injuries are a by-product of having too many veteran players and guys that don't take good care of their bodies. So management is to blame here too.

Health problems and all, the Knicks should still be doing better than they are. It's definitely a playoff-caliber squad, especially in the Eastern Conference, where they should be fighting for a Top 4 seed. I don't think Mike Woodson has done a particularly good job in New York. When poor effort is a pattern, that's a reflection of the coaching staff too, right?

Joshua Din @JDin_

Do you think the Toronto Raptors made a good decision for the long-run to not make any major roster changes prior to trade deadline?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

If you're not in win-now mode entering the season, you shouldn't change the course just because the team is doing slightly better than expected. The Raptors are putting together a nice season, but it's not their time to be aggressive. So yes, I think standing pat was the way to go for Masai Ujiri and the Raps.

Drake Denning

Should the Jazz fire Tyron Corbin?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Not this season, in my opinion. If anything, you do it once the games are over. I guess Corbin will be judged not based on the results this year, but on the development of young players like Gordon Hayward, Alec Burks, Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter. It's been nothing to call home about, especially if you compare it to the strides Eric Bledsoe, Markieff Morris or even Miles Plumlee have made in Phoenix under former Utah assistant Jeff Hornacek. That's a very tough comparison for Corbin and it's brought up a lot by Utah fans for what I see on Twitter.

Josh Koon

Do you think the Heat made a mistake not picking up Andrew Bynum?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Greg Oden was their (cheap) big man gamble last summer. He's been with the organization all year long and doesn't have a track record of locker room trouble - unlike Andrew Bynum. We'll see who makes a bigger impact in the playoffs.

Ant Samuel

Why didnt the Heat make a move after a big man? Chris Kaman in particular.

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Miami is a free agent magnet and buyout season is around the corner. Who knows? They may end up signing a decent big man without giving up anything in return.

Phillip Blake Melton

D-League vs. Europe: Why don't more players go to Europe?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

I wrote about this on HoopsHype a couple of years ago. Check this link: http://hoopshype.com/articles/sierra/nba-expats-changing-destinations

Outside of Turkey, Russia and a few traditional teams (Real Madrid, FC Barcelona), there's no big money in Europe anymore. These days, fringe NBA players are more inclined to join the D-League and wait for a call-up or go to China, where competition is weak but contracts are great, than go to Europe, where teams are often late paying players, if at all. Talent goes where there's money or opportunity. There's neither in Europe right now for the most part.

Luigi Pergamo @Aluisis

Are there suitors for Earl Clark?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

I spoke with Kevin Bradbury, Earl Clark's agent, and he's expecting several playoff contenders to express interest, but it's very preliminary at this point since Clark has not even cleared waivers. What I can tell you is that the trade caught them a bit off guard. His name wasn't popping up in trade rumors that much and it was all a surprise.


What do you think about Byron Mullens?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Big man with good shooting skills that's not much of a physical presence. Poor man's Channing Frye would be a good definition.

On an additional note, I wasn't expecting a BJ Mullens question.

The Al

What do you make of the Nets' interest in Jason Collins?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

This obviously goes beyond a team adding a big man for its bench. If the Nets go ahead and sign Jason Collins, it's going to be news world-wide because having an openly gay player on your team is not a normal thing to this day. Never been a big fan of Collins (was anybody?), but his was a courageous move. Showing other players there's no punishment in coming out would be a big step for the NBA. Another ramification: The owner of the team (potentially) signing the first openly gay player comes from Russia, where the government/parliament approves anti-gay laws. It would send a strong message.

Willie @canadabucks

Any sense of whether Caron Butler gets bought out?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

He's not a happy camper in Milwaukee, that's for sure. You just have to check his Instagram account: http://instagram.com/p/kphLJAgjCA/

It was a nice story: A player with a great career returning to his old stomping grounds to be a leader in the locker room and contribute to a rebuilding team. But pretty much nothing has gone right in Milwaukee this season. It's a little sad.

If the Bucks waive him, expect Miami to express interest.


Do you see the Warriors making the playoffs?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

They have to. How many teams on talent alone are better than Golden State? The Warriors are better on paper than last season, but they have not been able to duplicate the chemistry they enjoyed in 2012-13. But playoffs? That should be out of the question. It's an epic failure if they don't qualify for the postseason.

Mertcan Tanık @mrtcntnk

So what now? Will Nando become a star in Toronto?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

That's funny. He has two months left to prove he belongs in the NBA. Let's see how many chances he gets on a team where the two best guys - DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry - play guard positions. So far, I have not been impressed with his play in the league.

Romney Galvao

Trade Deadline or Free Agency? Which one gives you guys more work lol

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Free agency gives us a lot more work, but there's not a day in free agency that's more hectic than trade deadline day. It's also fun, though. We enjoy it much better than draft night, for example.

That will be all for today, guys. Another chat coming next Friday. Thanks everybody for your questions. Hope your weekend goes better than the Bucks' regular season. Bye!