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Carlos Callejo @carlosc_delgado

Hi, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions! Do you think the Lakers should try to re-sign Pau Gasol after the season? And do you think Pau will want to stay with the Lakers?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

They don't need each other. Pau Gasol and the Lakers have had a good run together, but the relationship has been lousy for quite a while now. Lakers can do without a high-priced player with diminishing skills that's not on the same page with the coaching staff. Gasol can still be very successful as a starter for some team that's playing for something meaningful. It doesn't look like that's going to happen with the Lakers for some time. There will be no shortage of options for him because he remains a high-quality big man in the NBA. There will be good situations available for him away from Kobe Bryant.

When it comes to Gasol and free agency, I always say keep an eye on the Clippers. He likes living in L.A. and the Clips, a true contender, could use another big like him for the right price. Gasol has made a combined $156 million on NBA contracts alone and probably won't be chasing the money like other players with a more lavish lifestyle. I can see him taking a big pay cut for the right fit.

Vincent Allen @TheFirstVino

Which players on the Lakers current roster will still be with the team next year.

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Oh, they will clean house, which was the plan all along with all those one-year contracts (http://hoopshype.com/salaries/la_lakers.htm). Other than Kobe Bryant, nobody is a lock to stay. Robert Sacre maybe? I'll go out on a limb and say Chris Kaman will not stay a Laker.

Julian @Mrjzs

Some of my friends think the heat would be better with Kevin Love instead of Chris Bosh. I think they're morons. What do you think?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

That's a very interesting debate. I'd say Kevin Love is the better player of the two, but there's no question Chris Bosh has been a fantastic fit with the Heat. He's had no problem taking on a third wheel role in Miami. You can't miss with any of the two. Anyway, Love has a better chance of making the playoffs this year than of joining the Heat down the road.


Your thoughts on the Spurs?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

They are better than they should be yet another season. There must be something with the water in San Antonio that makes guys age slower there. Or maybe it has something to do with minute restrictions and days of rest for key players. Anyway, what they are accomplishing is amazing. Chemistry and execution are fantastic and that makes up for many shortcomings. Plus they are beating the good teams now too, unlike early in the season. Those wins against Clippers, Blazers and Heat in the last three weeks must have added to their confidence.

Dejan K aka sloveninan translator :)

Hi Jorge aka the man with the best job ever! :) I want to ask you about Dragic and the scorching suns. On a scale of 1 to 10, how surprised are you with the development of G.Dragic this year and the way Suns are playing? Thanks and see you in Spain for world cup!

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Short story: Dejan is a HoopsHype reader that played cicerone to me in Ljubljana during last summer's Eurobasket in beautiful Slovenia. I vividly remember talking with him about what a miserable season was coming for fellow Slovenian Goran Dragic playing for a team with no hopes that had just acquired (and appeared to have handed the keys to the franchise) to the up-and-coming Eric Bledsoe, who played the same position.

Can you be any more wrong?

Dragic is having a career year for a squad that's wildly overachieving and his play is the main reason why. He has outshined oft-injured Bledsoe too. So my Surprise Level is at 10 of 10.

Jeff Hornacek for president!

How far do you see the Phoenix Suns going in the playoffs?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

World might implode if they make it out of the first round. That would be too big of a surprise. I say one-and-done if they finally get one of the final playoff spots.

Ro @otherrondo

The Rockets have something great going- in the event of a less than finals appearance, do you believe Morey will go "Morey" in the offseason for that all-star PF or PG? Or timely vet that fits?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Daryl Morey has completed close to 40 trades in less than seven years as general manager of the Houston Rockets. Since past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, it's safe to say he will once again be aggressive this offseason. That's his mindset and the team has valuable assets to make things happen in the market. That said, you can't pull coups like James Harden or Dwight Howard every summer.

Stephen Cardamone @Stevooo34

Could we possibly have another Heat-Spurs Finals 2 years in a row...cause the Spurs are.5 a game out of first right now behind the Thunder

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Should be a cakewalk for Miami till the Conference Finals, but 2013-14 Indiana is tougher than last year's entry. For San Antonio, it's going to be an even more bumpy road. Memphis in the first round? That's a tough possibility. Then you have to go through the likes of Rockets, Clippers, Thunder... It's too wide open in the Western Conference to predict a repeat of last year's Finals. I just don't see it happening.

Alberto Luque @muertedeatenas

Hi Jorge. What do you think of Jerry Sloan? Where might he rank in your best coaches list? Thank you

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

One of the great ones in the NBA. But a couple of things to keep in mind when evaluating him: 1. No ring. 2. He was lucky enough to be part of an organization in Utah that always had his back. That makes coaching a team a lot easier. (Although it's fair to say he earned that confidence).

Marcos @Mrmlo42

Do you think Rudy Gay will opt out after this year? Does it make sense financially to stay in Sac?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Depends on the vibes he gets from Kings management. He has played pretty well in Sacramento. If the team is committed to keeping him long-term with a rich salary, he could opt out of that $19 million contract. I'm sure it will be a well-informed decision with so much money on the line.

Edgar Ayala @EddieNoNose

Chances of Melo leaving NY for Chicago to partner up with Noah & Rose? If it happens, do they have enough to beat the Heat?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Like most, I don't see Carmelo Anthony leaving all that New York money on the table. And if he decides to go, you have to wonder if Chicago is the right place. Can he live with Tom Thibodeau's micro-managing? Can he co-exist with a player that needs the ball as much as Derrick Rose (assuming he's healthy)? Rose-Melo-Noah looks great on paper, but a lot of "ifs" in there. Plus they'd be no better than Wade-LeBron-Bosh to me.


Would you consider Robin Lopez for Most Improved player?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

No. But his play the last two years caught me by surprise.


Can the Chicago Bulls compete with the Pacers in a 7 game series without Rose?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

They will compete because they are terrific competitors, but they can't win.

Adam Pennell @Penlog84

My question has to do with the Detroit Pistons. How likely do you think it will be the Detroit Pistons are able to move Josh Smiths contract in the off season? Do you feel this is the only way the Pistons can retain rights to free agent Greg Monroe?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Josh Smith will be shopped, but his market value is at an all-time low. He's making the most money in his career while putting up his worst numbers in the NBA. His PER this year is worst than his rookie season. That's a tough contract to trade. The situation in Detroit is very fluid with changes in management probably coming this summer after yet another year of failure for Joe Dumars. Very hard to envision what will happen in Detroit. Andre Drummond is a cornerstone of the franchise, but the rest of the guys... No one can know for sure.


How would you slot these wing players in terms of the contract offers they'll get this offseason? T. Ariza A. Bradley L. Deng L. Stevenson

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Lance Stephenson: Long-term contract upwards of $10 million a year. Luol Deng: Shorter contract with a similar amount per season. Avery Bradley: Mid-level money. Trevor Ariza: Tough one to predict, but a pay cut is coming even with his strong play this year.

On a sidenote, very interested to see how the big money affects Stephenson.


How do you feel about Ricky Rubio as an overall player?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

Big strengths and obvious flaws. He's a wizard with the ball and everybody can see that. Love the steals. But the problems with his game remain the same: Can't shoot and can't finish at the basket.

For a great take on Ricky Rubio's flaws, take a look at this article from shooting guru David Nurse that we published a few weeks ago: http://hoopshype.com/columns/david-nurse/how-to-fix-ricky-rubios-shot

Mr. Ohio

Can the Cavs turn their season around or is it over?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

As in making the playoffs? Could happen.They're only 3.5 games behind No. 8 Atlanta. This season is an unmitigated disaster, anyway.

Roger Ford @rford

What do the Rockets need to do to seriously contend for a title? Melo? New coach? Or are they there now?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

In my opinion, the Rockets have an outside chance with their current makeup. They should have parlayed that Omer Asik contract into a quality power forward or point guard to have a better shot at it. Guess the offers were not that exciting.

Penney Libao @penneyloafers

Do you think NCAA players should be required to stay at least 2 years before entering the NBA? Why or why not?

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

There's a vast amount of guys that have proved you can be successful with little or no college experience. The 15 players featured in the All-NBA teams last season combined for 20 years of college experience. Take away David Lee and Tim Duncan and that's 12 seasons of college ball for the 13 players remaining – less than one NCAA year on average. Two years is too long of a stay for many players that are obviously ready for the pros.


Do you think a team built around Carmelo Anthony could end up Winning a championship? My conviction is that his only path for winning would be to become a second option as he does not make his teamates better...

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype

I agree. You can say the same thing about 99 percent of the players in the NBA, though. It's not a knock on him. He's fantastic... although a bit of a ball-stopper. (Now that's a knock on him).

Thanks a lot for the questions, loyal HoopsHype readers. Hope your weekend goes better than the Lakers' Thursday night.