Larry Harris
Seasons: 5
Playoffs: 2
Division Titles: 0
Conference Titles: 0
NBA Titles: 0
  Best transaction: Traded guard Steve Blake to the Denver Nuggets for guards Earl Boykins and Julius Hodge and cash on January 11, 2007
Worst transaction: Selected center Andrew Bogut (1st overall pick) in the 2005 NBA Draft
Executive of the Year: Never
SEASON 2008-09
November 11 2008
Named assistant coach by the Golden State Warriors in November 2008.
SEASON 2007-08
March 19 2008
Fired as general manager.
March 14 2008
Waived forward David Noel.
October 17 2007
Waived forward Samaki Walker.
September 25 2007
Signed forward Samaki Walker.
September 24 2007
Waived guard Lynn Greer.
September 22 2007
Signed forward Michael Ruffin.
September 20 2007
Matched the offer sheet tendered by the Miami Heat to guard Charlie Bell.
September 18 2007
Signed guard Royal Ivey.
September 14 2007
Named Jarinn Akana assistant coach/player development.
September 11 2007
Signed guard Ramon Sessions.
September 7 2007
Waived forward Damir Markota.
August 29 2007
Signed forward Yi Jianlian.
August 7 2007
Signed guard Awvee Storey.
July 24 2007
Re-signed guard Maurice Williams.
July 23 2007
Signed guard Desmond Mason.
July 20 2007
Signed center Jake Voskuhl.
Draft 2007
Selected forward Yi Jianlian (6th overall pick) and guard Ramon Sessions (56th overall pick).
June 21 2007
Exercised the contract options on forward Charlie Villanueva and center Andrew Bogut through 2008-09.
June 15 2007
Named Jim Todd assistant coach.
June 5 2007
Named Tony Brown assistant coach.
June 4 2007
Named Bill Peterson assistant coach for player development.
SEASON 2006-07
March 14 2007
Fired head coach Terry Stotts and named Larry Krystkowiak head coach.
March 1 2007
Signed center Jared Reiner for the remainder of the season.
February 19 2007
Signed center Jared Reiner to a second 10-day contract.
February 8 2007
Signed center Jared Reiner to a 10-day contract.
February 7 2007
Waived guard Julius Hodge.
January 11 2007
Traded guard Steve Blake to the Denver Nuggets for guards Earl Boykins and Julius Hodge and cash.
January 4 2007

Waived guard Chris McCray.
October 28 2006

Waived center Ha Seung-Jin.
October 25 2006
Waived forward Mike Harris.
September 21 2006
Signed guard Chris McCray and forward Mike Harris.
August 10 2006
Traded forward Joe Smith to the Denver Nuggets for forward Ruben Patterson.
July 31 2006
Traded center Jamaal Magloire to the Portland Trail Blazers for guard Steve Blake, forward Brian Skinner and center Ha Seung-Jin.
July 25 2006
Signed forward Damir Markota.
July 18 2006
Signed guard Lynn Greer.
July 3 2006
Signed forward David Noel.
June 30 2006
Traded guard TJ Ford and cash to the Toronto Raptors for forward Charlie Villanueva.
June 29 2006
Exercised the contract option on center Andrew Bogut through 2007-08.
Draft 2006

Selected forward David Noel (39th overall pick).
Traded a future second-round pick to the San Antonio Spurs for the draft rights to forward Damir Markota.
June 23 2006

Name Larry Krystkowiak assistant coach.
SEASON 2005-06
March 7 2006
Named Scott Howard to the scouting staff.
December 15 2005

Signed guard Jermaine Jackson and waived Josh Davis.
December 5 2005

Signed forward Josh Davis.
November 24 2005

Waived forward Josh Davis.
October 28 2005

Exercised the contract option on guard TJ Ford through 2006-07.
October 27 2005

Waived guard Andre Barrett and forward Tommy Smith.
October 26 2005

Traded guard Desmond Mason, a 2006 first-round pick and cash to the New Orleans Hornets for center Jamaal Magloire.
October 23 2005

Waived forward Brandon Hunter.
October 2 2005

Signed forward Josh Davis.
September 29 2005

Signed forward Brandon Hunter.
September 27 2005

Signed guard Andre Barrett and forward Tommy Smith.
August 29 2005

Signed center Ervin Johnson.
August 23 2005

Signed forward Ersan Ilyasova.
August 18 2005

Signed guard Charlie Bell.
August 15 2005

Waived center Calvin Booth.
August 13 2005

Re-signed guard Michael Redd.
August 12 2005

Re-signed center Dan Gadzuric.
August 8 2005

Signed forward Bobby Simmons.
August 5 2005

Re-signed forward Toni Kukoc.
July 25 2005

Named Lester Conner assistant coach.
July 20 2005

Named Brian James assistant coach.
July 8 2005

Named Terry Stotts head coach.
July 1 2005
Signed center Andrew Bogut.
Draft 2005
Selected center Andrew Bogut (1st overall pick) and forward Ersan Ilyasova (36th overall pick).
June 28 2005
Traded a second-round pick in 2006 to the Cleveland Cavaliers for guard Jiri Welsch.
June 27 2005

Tendered qualifying offers to centers Dan Gadzuric and Zaza Pachulia.
June 22 2005

Fired head coach Terry Porter.
June 7 2005

Named Mike Sanders assistant coach.
May 6 2005

Fired assistant coaches Mike Schuler and Jerome Kersey.
SEASON 2004-05
March 7 2005
Signed guard Anthony Goldwire for the remainder of the season.
February 25 2005

Waived forward Alan Henderson.
February 24 2005

Traded forward Keith Van Horn to the Dallas Mavericks for forward Alan Henderson, center Calvin Booth and cash; traded guard Mike James and center Zendon Hamilton to the Houston Rockets for guard Reece Gaines and second-round picks in 2006 and 2007.
January 5 2005

Waived guards Eddie House and Kendall Gill.
December 17 2004

Signed guard Eddie House.
December 6 2004

Signed guard Kendall Gill.
November 29 2004

Waived guard Anthony Goldwire.
November 4 2004

Signed forward Marcus Fizer and waived forward Marcus Haislip.
November 3 2004

Signed guard Anthony Goldwire.
October 30 2004

Waived center Lonnie Jones.
October 29 2004

Waived guard Brandon Williams.
October 28 2004
Waived guard Tommy Adams, forward Juaquin Hawkins and center Jelani McCoy.
October 4 2004
Signed guard Brandon Williams and forward Juaquin Hawkins.
September 30 2004
Signed guard Tommy Adams.
September 23 2004
Signed center Jelani McCoy.
August 23 2004
Re-signed forward Toni Kukoc.
August 21 2004
Signed guard Maurice Williams.
August 7 2004
Signed guard Maurice Williams to an offer sheet.
August 5 2004
Signed guard Mike James and centers Zendon Hamilton and Lonnie Jones.
July 15 2004
Signed forward Etan Thomas to an offer sheet.
July 3 2004
Named Jim Boylen assistant coach.
July 2 2004
Named Jerome Kersey assistant coach.
June 23 2004
Traded the 45th overall pick to the Charlotte Bobcats for center Zaza Pachulia.
SEASON 2003-04
March 5 2004
Signed guard Brevin Knight for the rest of the season and released guard Anthony Goldwire.
February 28 2004

Signed guard Anthony Goldwire to a 10-day contract.
February 15 2004

Traded forward Tim Thomas to the New York Knicks and center Joel Przybilla to the Atlanta Hawks for forward Keith Van Horn from the New York Knicks.
January 6 2004

Waived forward Dan Langhi.
December 5 2003

Signed forward Dan Langhi.
October 27 2003

Signed guard Desmond Mason to a three-year contract extension.
October 23 2003

Waived guard Lynn Greer and forward Greg Stempin.
October 22 2003

Waived forward Antonio Meeking.
October 16 2003

Waived forward Jason Caffey.
October 10 2003

Waived forward Anthony Mason.
September 30 2003

Signed guard Lynn Greer and forwards Antonio Meeking and Greg Stempin.
August 14 2003

Named Jim Todd assistant coach.
August 13 2003

Named Mike Schuler assistant coach.
August 6 2003

Named Terry Porter head coach.
July 23 2003

Signed guard Damon Jones.
July 20 2003

Fired head coach George Karl.
July 17 2003

Signed guard Erick Strickland, forward Brian Skinner and center Daniel Santiago.
July 7 2003

Waived guard Anthony Peeler.
July 2 2003

Signed guard TJ Ford.