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Ray Allen: "The pain keeps increasing"
by Araz Gulekjian / March 23, 2002

How is the knee today?

Ray Allen: It's awful. Before the pain kind of went away or diminished, but here I feel it all the time. It keeps increasing.

Will you be able to play the remaining games of the regular season?

RA: Right now, I have to take it as day-to-day. But you always want to go beyond your limit as an athlete and not listen to your body sometimes for the sake of the team.

Not counting your injury out, why has this team been so inconsistent this season?

RA: I couldn't tell you right know. If I could, I would nail it down and change it. Right now, it's hard to say. We've been injury-riddled throughout the whole season. We have guys here who want to win, want to play hard and want
to do the right thing but it's just not happening. We have to figure out why that is. If you have an answer, send us a memo.

What is really lacking?

RA: I don't know. We're all trying to look in the mirror at ourselves and see what we're lacking. Right now, it's just gotta take one breakthrough game for us and we have to ride the wave.

Has frustration crept in a little bit?

RA: Yes, I think that's attitude to a lot of our downfall. A lack of success. Guys have gotten frustrated. When you miss shots, you get frustrated, you don't pass the ball as much. When you lose games, you lose confidence. You can never stay negative in this industry because you've got to continue the next game. You're not done until the season is over.

Despite the up-and-down season, do you feel that Milwaukee could turn it up a notch come playoff time?

RA: I am by no means discouraged. We've always hit another gear in postseason. Everybody knows what they're playing for. Stakes are high. But you've got to make it happen.

Did George Karl's comments over Doc Rivers have an negative impact on the team?

RA: No, because we know the type of guy George is. He wants to win. He wants us to be successful. We all do stupid things and say stupid things at times when we get in trouble for off the court annex. George has gotten himself in a situation where he knows he said something to a newspaper and they took it at random with it. But that's kind of the cross he had to bear for even up until know.

Araz Gulekjian is the correspondent of "L'Equipe" in New York and a regular contributor to HoopsHype.com

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