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Jerome Beasley: "Give me a year or two and I could be starting"
by Steven Koek / May 28, 2003

How has the workout structure worked for you so far in trying to showcase your talent to some of the top evaluators in the league?

Jerome Beasley: I’m not really trying to showcase. I’m just trying to show that I can play and that I can play with the big boys and I can compete. I just try to do well every time I go out there and just give my all, and play hard.

What was your experience playing for North Dakota like?

JB: I had a great time there and I wouldn’t take anything back. It’s a great program as far a Division II basketball. It was exciting and I had a great season there.

What do you think the scouts are looking for in you as you go from city to city?

JB: If I had to guess, somebody that can run the floor and just bring energy and play hard, somebody like that. Maybe hit a couple of jump shots and just try to be a presence on the floor.

What do you think of the competition you’ve faced in the workouts so far?

JB: Great players. I respect them and I’m sure they respect me. I hope they do well.

Did your success at Portsmouth change your perspective of what might happen this summer?

JB: No, not really. My coaches, my agent told me to just go out there and play well and do what you can do. Don’t try and step outside your game. Once you try to step outside your game, that’s when you start to go downhill. I’ve been just staying within myself and I’ve been doing well so far.

Have your people told you what to expect on draft day at this point?

JB: To be honest, I haven’t been asking anybody and I really don’t want to know. I just want to keep playing and we’ll see where it goes from here and just hope my name gets called.

Do you see yourself more as a power or small forward?

JB: A combination. When people ask me that, I say a combination, someone like a Dirk Nowitzki. If you’re smaller, I take it to the block, if you’re a big man I feel I can take you outside on the perimeter, so it’s a combination of three-four.

You went to the same school as Phil Jackson. Have you heard from him or are there any other NBA players that you’ve gotten to talk to?

JB: I haven’t had a chance to talk to Phil, but I have had a chance to talk to Quentin Richardson, Darius Miles and Corey Maggette and just tell them how it’s going. It’s a great atmosphere, play hard and nothing comes easy. You have to always strive to get there and you have to always work, work, work. Once you stop working, that’s when you’re beat.

What is your schedule like these next few weeks?

JB: I’ve got a real big schedule. I’ve got a lot of teams that have said they’re interested in me. They just want to bring me in and see what I can do. I’m looking forward to it. My body’s holding up real good. I’m excited and I’m ready.

Do you feel that you can fit in right away and get some playing time on the NBA level?

JB: Yes. I believe I can. I’m not going to come right in and start and get 20 minutes, but give me a year or two, maybe less, and I could be starting. I just want to get my foot in the door and once I get my foot in the door, I’ll just take it on from there.

You are a very vocal guy out on the court. Where did that come from?

JB: From school. I’ve always been a leader. If I’m doing good and I’m vocal, people thrive off of that and go off that. At the same time, you don’t want to set your man up with nothing where he gets knocked out, so you try to help him as much as you can. I picked that up before, plus I’ve been in situations before where no one said anything to me and I got hurt. I just try to be vocal and talkative and just try to keep a smile on my face at all times to let people know I’m enjoying the game and playing.

What about when the vocalizing becomes trash talking?

JB: I do a little bit just to show I’m there, to let them feel me. Nothing major, just a little bit like, “You better get up on me.” Something simple, nothing vulgar, just to let you know I’m there.

Steven Koek is a regular contributor to HoopsHype.com

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