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Dejan Bodiroga: "You can never say no to the option of the NBA"
by Jorge Sierra / May 15, 2003

How's been the aftermath of the victory in the Euroleague?

Dejan Bodiroga: We are very happy because we have reached a very important goal... So we are very happy.

What does this title have in special compared to the others you've won?

DB: Each one is special. Each one is beautiful in his own way. I'm very happy to have won this with Barcelona because it was the first one for FC Barcelona. I'm very happy.

Having won everything in Europe, what are your motivations to keep on playing Euro basketball?

DB: There are always new motivations -- improving, doing the maximum... If you win one, you have to try to win another one. And if you win another one, then go for another.

Where do you see yourself playing in a couple of years?

DB: Well, I don't know. Now I'm thinking on Barcelona. I'm under contract with Barcelona and I only think about Barcelona.

Is the NBA an option for you in the near future?

DB: You can never say no. It might be an option. But we'll see.

Do you like the type basketball that is played in the NBA?

DB: Yes, yes.

Any team you like in special?

DB: Sacramento.

They still hold your rights. Have you been in touch with anybody in the team management as of late?

DB: (Two seconds of silence) No.

And with Stojakovic and Divac?

DB: Yes. I've been in touch with them.

Have they tried to convince you to sign with the Kings?

DB: No, we have talked about other things.

This summer you said two NBA teams tried to sign you. Was that the closest you got to join an NBA team?

DB: No. I've had offers other years.

What should a team offer to convince you to play in the NBA?

DB: Like I said, I'm just focused on Barcelona. We'll see what happens.

Jorge Sierra is the editor of HoopsHype.com.

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