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Earl Boykins: "We still have to learn how to play together"
by Morris O'Kelly / December 1, 2003

It seems like things were just getting good for you in Golden State when you signed with Denver. How did that affect you?

Earl Boykins: This is a business. That’s just something you have to be ready for.

What do you think will happen in Golden State with all of their changes?

EB: I’m not sure, but I wish them well.

Now that you’re in Denver, what do you think so far?

EB: This is a really good situation. There’s a lot of talent here and we’re still getting better.

As of now, the team is 10-6 and was impressive in beating the Clippers from beginning to end. Isn’t that a good sign?

EB: It’s a great sign. But we still have to learn how to play together.

What stands out most with you as what the team is lacking?

EB: We haven’t gotten to the point where we’re solid all the way through games. I need to be consistent in my play and we need to be consistent as a team.

That was my next question, but you already answered it. So would you say you’re satisfied overall with the way you’re playing personally?

EB: I don’t think you’re ever satisfied. We’re not beating everybody so there’s always room for improvement. I want to be solid in all facets of my game.

How do you feel you best contribute to the Nuggets?

EB: I can change the tempo of a game. Maybe if we need a boost or need to push the ball, that’s where I come in and get us going.

Are you happy overall with your role in Denver?

EB: Yes. I’m part of the rotation. I know my role, and I know I’m going to play each night.

How would you say Carmelo is coming along?

EB: He’s doing well. He has his rough spots, but that’s true for all of us. This is just his first time around the league and he’s still learning the other players.

Right now, the Nuggets are one of the surprises of the league at 10-6. That’s got to make you feel good.

EB: Absolutely, but it’s real early. It’s a long season and if you don’t focus as a team it gets real long, real quick.

But it’s no small accomplishment so far. You’re doing it in a conference with the Lakers, the Spurs, the Kings and the Mavericks all over your schedule.

EB: Like I said, the season can get real long if you don’t focus. They’ve already proven they can play with consistency. We’re just trying to get to that point.

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