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Marcus Camby: "I need to get my shots"
by Morris O'Kelly / March 22, 2003

How are you feeling about the team in Denver?

Marcus Camby: I feel good. There is some good talent here. Many nights it's not that we didn't play good, it's because other teams manage to play better. We have to play very good every time out to win.

Are you happy with the minutes you're getting? As of late you've been used sparingly.

MC: I just want to play. I don't want to be sitting on the corner of the bench. I just want to play.

Lately you've played well in spurts, where maybe you start off poorly but pick it up at the end or you start off well but finish off poorly. What do you think is the reason for that?

MC: I've got to get the minutes. I've got to get the opportunity to shoot.

Will an increase in minutes mean more shots for you?

MC: Not necessarily, but I've got to have both to make a difference.

You recently have been added to the starting lineup. Isn't that a step in the right direction?

MC: Yes, but I still need to get my shots. It's not enough to just be on the court, I've got to be able to do my thing too. So starting, coming off the bench, it doesn't matter.

Really, it doesn't matter if you start or not? You're OK with coming off the bench?

MC: Really I am. If I know that when I step on the court I'll get some real minutes and some looks at the basket I can make a difference. But either way, I don't want to be sitting on the end of a bench for a whole half.

Are you comfortable within Denver's offensive set?

MC: I'm comfortable. I'm comfortable with everything.

Are you speaking of everything on the court and off as well?

MC: Everything. The city, the team, the organization... I just want to win.

What do you think is the biggest difference between New York and Denver?

MC: The toughest adjustment is coming to a team with all this youth. In New York we had a lot of veterans and they'd police themselves. They'd already know what to do. Here, it's like my role has changed.

How so?

MC: It's like I'm more of a teacher now. I'm trying to get these guys to play the right way.

Can this team win? Is it a matter of time or talent?

MC: A little bit of both. The organization is probably banking more on next year. Get into the free agent market this summer and find a player or two to help us. But the core we have right here and the young guys are learning on the job. We'll definitely be a whole lot better team next year.

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