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Todd MacCulloch: "We have a lot of momentum right now"
by Billy Hart / May 28, 2002

To be up 21 points, as the Nets were in Game 3, and lose can be devastating. How was the team able to regroup and produce again?

Todd MacCulloch: It was a very, very tough loss and no doubt the guys were down, but I think guys regrouped and realized that we still had an opportunity to make this a successful road trip. They (Boston) came down and got a win on the road and I am sure they were happy with their road trip, and we are happy with this one.

You have evened the series at 2-2 and regained home court advantage, what is the mentality heading into Game 5 on Wednesday?

TM: We have a lot of momentum right now and we have to take advantage of this. We can’t start thinking the series is over, I mean we are not even up in the series were tied. We are glad to get back on even ground and we’ll start fresh with a new game on Wednesday.

Every youngster dreams about the situation Paul Pierce faced, being on the free throw line with the game hanging in the balance. Have you ever had an opportunity to win a game on the line?

TM: Well I have seen those situations, but I have never been the one shooting. No doubt those are important free throws and there was a ton of pressure. Paul’s a good free throw shooter; even good free throw shooters feel pressure and are more likely to miss in a situation like that. Being on the other side of it, I was glad he missed one.

You had a tremendous impact on the Nets early season success and then you were forced to sit with an injury. Talk about your performance so far in these playoffs.

TM: I don’t think I have really been playing all that well. I have made some mental mistakes I need to correct. I think the effort has been there, I would be happier if I had not made so many mistakes, but they are correctable.

Aaron Williams has been very effective in the early rounds of the playoffs, how has this effected the big man rotation?

TM: For the most part it is a pretty set rotation. Aaron is in during the fourth quarter and I usually start the game, finish out the first half and then start the third quarter. So it has been pretty consistent, but you know down the stretch it depends on matchup and who is in the game for the opposing team.

OK dream scenario: The Nets finish off the Celtics and land in the NBA Finals. Which team would you rather face, LA or Sacramento?

TM: I just want to pick us. I can even begin to think about any other teams, or matchups. We just have to try to take care of this series and then move on from there.

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