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Antonio Daniels: "The Lakers are still the team to look out for"
by Johnnie Clay / April 23, 2002

The Spurs had a remarkable turnaround over the past two months. How did you contribute to it?

Antonio Daniels: Mainly, it’s finally getting used to working altogether as a unit. We have nine new faces, it took some time… But we finally got it together now and it shows.

David Robinson's back has now become an issue once again. How will this team adjust should he go down again during the playoffs?

AD: It's an obvious blow to our lineup when Dave isn't in there. But when one goes down, we all have to step up. That's the character of this team. We need a healthy Dave to move further down the road in the playoffs.

Any idea on who the MVP this year is?

AD: (Looking over at Tim Duncan) That’s your MVP right over there, no doubt. I don't care what the voters say, Tim's MVP. Period.

Rookie Tony Parker, have you ever seen someone so good at such a young age?

AD: No not really, he's only going to get better. He had a case of the jitters at the start, but it's a new experience for him, too.

How does it feel to have your own hour-long show once a week? (Daniels hosts a one-hour call-in show weekly on Ticket-760 in San Antonio.)

AD: It's cool, lot people calling in saying, "you should do this" and "what's wrong with Pop", and I like it. It's been real fun... Have you called in?


AD: Well… Call in sometime.

Any predictions on how the first round of the playoffs will go? You see any upsets?

AD: There will be no upsets in the first round, all the top teams will move on. From there on, I don't know.

Few weeks ago, Tony Parker had a breakaway dunk, which appeared on the set to be layup. What's your two cents on it?

AD: That was a layup; he can say whatever he wants, that wasn't a dunk... No sir.

Are the Lakers still the team to beat even though they're the third seed in the West?

AD: They're dangerous. No doubt. As long as Kobe and Shaq are there, they're still the team to look out for. Hopefully, we'll have a hand in determining all that.

Last question Antonio, the Lakers swept you guys four straight... Is that going to happen again?

AD: Hard to say, they were on a roll last year and no one was going to stop them. We won't know until we get on the court with them and see whose the best team. Anything can happen in a seven game series.

Johnnie Clay is a regular contributor to HoopsHype.com

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