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Patrick Ewing: "No decision about retirement till the end of the season"
by Araz Gulekjian / April 10, 2002

Are you going to retire after the end of the season?

Patrick Ewing: I'm not going to make that decision until after the season's over. Right now, I'm concentrating on the end of the season and seeing how far we can go in the playoffs. Then myself, my family and David Falk will sit down and make a decision.

What will you be your biggest factor that you'll weigh in as far as coming back?

PE: I'll let you all write about it. I'll let all the people speculate. But the decision is my decision.

What keeps you going?

PE: I've accomplished everything that needs to be done. It would be nice to end it by getting a ring. That's what I'm aiming for.

How did it feel coming back to Madison Square Garden?

PE: It felt good coming back. The fans have been terrific. They showed that they appreciated what I did throughout my 15-year career here.

If this was your last game at the Garden, would this be the way you imagined it?

PE: No, I imagined I was still in a Knick jersey. But that's water under the bridge. If it was up to me, my last game would be winning the championship. I thought the atmosphere was great, the fans were great. I appreciate what Doc did. He started me and gave the fans an opportunity to show their appreciation.

Do you still have some revengeful feelings towards the Knicks?

PE: I have no ill-feelings toward the Knicks. I always wish them the best, except for when they play us.

Were you surprised that Doc Rivers threw you back into the game with less than a minute to go?

PE: I didn't want to go back in. I appreciated once I got back in. I felt the fan reaction was great.

What happened on the last shot you took?

PE: I figured if (Tracy McGrady) gave it to me I would take one of my patented fade-away jump shots from almost the three-point line.

What's your best memory as a Knick here at the Garden?

PE: My best memory of the Garden was when we beat Indiana to make it to the Finals. And I got on top of the scorers table with my hands raised."

Araz Gulekjian is the correspondent of "L'Equipe" in New York and a regular contributor to HoopsHype.com

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