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TJ Ford: "I don't think Michael made the pick"
by Mike Tuck / July 11, 2003

Tell me about how excited you are to accomplish a lifelong dream to play in the NBA.

TJ Ford: Man it’s a dream come true. Just being able to live it, it’s great. But now its finally here and I accomplished that. Now I have to work to stay in the NBA and get better.

What are your thoughts on Milwaukee moving Cassell and losing Payton?

TF: That’s out of my control. I’m not the one making the calls in the organization. The only thing I can do is go out and give my best effort and go along with everything they do.

You have to be excited though that you are now in line to be the starting point guard.

TF: Well, I am excited because I am just here working out with all the guys. I am just here trying to get a job.

In a summer league like this, what do you work on?

TF: Just really trying to get the feel of the NBA game. Just trying to see what I can do, and what I can’t. That’s basically it.

What the biggest difference so far?

TF: The 24-second shot clock (laughing).


TF: Golly! (laughing) Man. It goes quick. So the game is a lot faster.

Your thoughts on the rumors that when Michael Jordan was trying to buy the Bucks, that he made the draft choice for the team...

TF: The Bucks organization made the pick. I can’t control what happened with Jordan behind the scenes.

Do you think Michael made the pick?

TF: Nah. The Bucks told me they wanted me all along and if I was there then they were going to take me.

Are you happy in Milwaukee?

TF: Yeah. Yeah, of course. Great group of guys. Really young and talented team.

What is the biggest thing you need to work on in your game?

TF: My overall game. My whole game. I’m not going to just say my jumper; it’s my overall game. Even the greatest shooters have to work on their shot.

Are you tired of the criticism about your shot?

TF: I’ve been hearing that a lot, but I still find a way to win. I’ve been hearing that since college, high school. It’s just a motivation.

How tough was the decision to leave Texas and turn pro?

TF: It was tough. The University of Texas was great. I mean I miss the college lifestyle (laughing). I miss my teammates. I had a real good relationship with them while I was there.

Mike Tuck is a producer/on-air talent for 740 The Team in Orlando and a regular contributor to HoopsHype.com

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