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Remon Van de Hare: "I don't think much about the NBA"
by Jorge Sierra / July 20, 2003

How did you start playing basketball?

Remon Van de Hare: Well, I liked basketball and I was tall... My friends played basketball, too. So that was it pretty much it.

How did you get the chance to join FC Barcelona, probably the best team outside the NBA?

RVDH: I was playing with the Dutch Junior National Team in a tournament in France and they saw me play. Barcelona invited me to a camp, I did well there and they signed me to a contract four years ago.

What do you think the Raptors saw in you?

RVDH: I can't say. I really can't. I'm not going to say that I am the boss (laughs). Maybe it was because I run the floor well for my size, because I'm well-coordinated. And I'm very tall. That counts, too.

Your name hadn't surfaced as a potential draftee, but you did not pull your name out of the draft. Did you get a promise from the Raptors that they would select you?

RVDH: No, they didn't tell me anything. I didn't care much about it, in fact. Well, I care about it a little bit. Sometimes I thought about it. But the Raptors didn't tell me anything [about the possibility of being drafted]. My agent told me there was a chance for me, so I decided not to pull my name out of the draft.

So when did you learn you have been selected?

RVDH: I was in Holland at the time. My agent and Francisco Elson [Dutch center drafted by the Nuggets in 1999] called me at 5 AM and told me that I have been selected in the draft.

And what was your reaction?

RVDH: I was trembling. It was really cool. That an NBA team expresses such interest in me... It was great.

Do you follow the NBA much?

RVDH: I follow the NBA when I can. Games here [in Spain] are broadcasted late at night and I have to go to practice early in the morning, so it's not possible for me to see many games. Sometimes I see games in the afternoon, though.

Which NBA players do you like?

RVDH: Well, I like Shaq, Divac, Duncan... Those are guys that are really impressive centers.

How was your experience with the Raptors in the Summer Pro League in Long Beach?

RVDH: It was OK. I learned some things. I learned about the NBA rules -- the three seconds rule on the defensive end and some other rules I didn't know... They taught me typical things for centers, some moves and stuff...

Anything that surprised you?

RVDH: Those guys in the States are very impressive physically. All of them. They are really strong.

Anybody in special that caught your attention?

RVDH: Chris Bosh, the No. 4 pick in the draft. He is very good. He did really well in the summer league and they told me he was really good in college, too.

Can you see yourself playing in the NBA in the near future?

RVDH: I don't know. I don't really think much about that. I only think about Barcelona now. I can't say I'm going to be playing there in a couple of years. I have a lot to learn yet. I have to mature as a player before I can think about that.

And what do you think you have to improve the most?

RVDH: I have to get a lot stronger and learn a lot of things. It will all come with more playing time, anyway.

Jorge Sierra is the editor of HoopsHype.com.

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