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Kris Humphries: "I have the skills to play small forward"
by Jorge Sierra / March 30, 2004

It's been a great year for you in Minnesota. Did you expect to play so well before the season began?

Kris Humphries: I prepared myself for the season, so I am not surprised.

Is there anything that has surprised you about the college experience?

KH: Being double- and triple-teamed as a true freshman.

What has been the biggest positive of this year playing in Minnesota?

KH: The opportunity to play in front of friends, fans and family.

You've been asked all year if you were going to enter the draft. Did you get tired of it?

KH: Coach Monson did a great job of shielding me from those questions involving the draft.

What would you tell to those fans who have said that you chose Minnesota to put up numbers and increase your draft stock?

KH: I did what the coaches asked me to do and that entailed rebounding and scoring. That was my role on the Gopher team.

When are you going to make an official announcement on your decision to declare for the draft or not?

KH: Within a couple of weeks.

And right now, what is the percentage of possibility of going to the NBA next season?

KH: No comment.

What is going to be the main factor in your decision?

KH: Input from coaches and mentors.

Other than your parents, who will be the most influential person in your decision?

KH: God.

In case you declare, would you hire an agent right away or would you leave your options open?

KH: Right away.

In the Gophers' website you said that you have patterned your game after Paul Pierce. Do you think you can play small forward on the next level?

KH: Yes, because I have the skills to do so.

Your coach Dan Monson has compared you to Karl Malone. As a player, do you think you are more similar to Malone or Paul Pierce?

KH: I can be compared to many different players because I do many different things on the floor. It is a compliment to be compared to either Paul Pierce or Karl Malone.

Rick Rickert was the last Gopher drafted, but it was in the second round. What do you think you have that Rick Rickert didn't have that could make you a first-round pick if you finally declare?

KH: I don't know the details of Rick's situation, so I'm not in a position to compare.

Jorge Sierra is the editor of HoopsHype.com

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